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paul akshat; nalwaya abhishek - react native for mobile development

React Native for Mobile Development Harness the Power of React Native to Create Stunning iOS and Android Applications


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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 06/2019
Edizione: 2nd ed.


1. Learning the Basics: A Whistle-Stop Tour of React.js

2. The Simplest Program: Hello World with React Native

3. Solving Problems Differently with Flux and Redux

4. Canvas, Brush, and Paint: Working with the User Interface

5. Exploring Device Capabilities

6. Communicating with Servers

7. Native Bridging in React Native

8. Testing

9. Getting Ready for the World

10. The Ecosystem: Extending React Native


Develop native iOS and Android apps with ease using React Native. Learn by doing through an example-driven approach, and have a substantial running app at the end of each chapter. This second edition is fully updated to include ES7 (ECMAScript 7), the latest version of React Native (including Redux), and development on Android.  

You will start by setting up React Native and exploring the anatomy of React Native apps. You'll then move on to Redux data flow, how it differs from flux, and how you can include it in your React Native project to solve state management differently and efficiently. You will also learn how to boost your development by including popular packages developed by the React Native community that will help you write less; do more. Finally, you'll learn to how write test cases using Jest and submit your application to the App Store. 

React Native challenges the status quo of native iOS and Android development with revolutionary components, asynchronous execution, unique methods for touch handling, and much more. This book reveals the the path-breaking concepts of React.js and acquaints you with the React way of thinking so you can learn to create stunning user interfaces. 

What You'll Learn

  • Build stunning iOS and Android applications
  • Understand the Redux design pattern and use it in your project
  • Interact with iOS and android device capabilities such as addressbook, camera, GPS and more with your apps
  • Test and launch your application to the App Store
Who This Book Is For

Anyone with JavaScript experience who wants to build native mobile applications but dreads the thought of programming in Objective-C or Java. Developers who have experience with JavaScript but are new or not acquainted to React Native or ReactJS.


Akshat Paul is a Software Architect and author of the books “React Native for iOS Development” and "RubyMotion for iOS Development Essentials". He has extensive experience of mobile & web development and has delivered many enterprise and consumer applications over the years. In other avatars, Akshat frequently speaks at conferences and meetups on various technologies. He has given talks at React Native Conference EU, Devops@scale Amsterdam, TheDevTheory Conference, RubyConfIndia, #inspect-RubyMotion Conference Brussels and was the KeyNote speaker at technology leadership events in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. Besides writing code, Akshat spends time with his family, is an avid reader, and obsessive about healthy eating.

Abhishek Nalwaya is the author of three books and has spoken at many conferences and meetups, such as RubyConf India and RubyMotion conference. He has extensive experience in DevOps, web, and mobile development. Besides programming, Abhishek loves to run a few miles and cook healthy food. 

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Formato: Brossura
Illustration Notes:115 Illustrations, black and white
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