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dion michel - financial crimes and existential philosophy

Financial Crimes and Existential Philosophy

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 11/2013
Edizione: 2014


The aim of this book is to deepen our understanding of financial crimes as phenomena. It uses concepts of existential philosophies that are relevant to dissecting the phenomenon of financial crimes. With the help of these concepts, the book makes clear what the impact of financial crimes is on the way a human being defines himself or the way he focuses on a given notion of humankind. The book unveils how the growth of financial crimes has contributed to the increase of the anthropological gap, and how the phenomenon of financial crimes now distorts the way we understand humankind. Using the existential philosophies of Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Jaspers, Buber, Heidegger, and Marcel, the book sheds light on how these philosophies can help to better perceive and describe financial crimes. Next it looks at prevention strategies from an organizational perspective, using concepts of Sartre, Gadamer and Tillich. The book provides readers with existential principles that will help them be more efficient when they have to design and implement prevention strategies against corporate crime.


Introduction.- Chapter 1- Existential/Existentiell Philosophy.- 1.1 The Precursors of Existential/Existentiell Philosophy (Kierkegaard, Nietzsche).- 1.2 Existentiell-Ontical Philosophy (Jaspers, Buber, Marcel).- 1.3 Existentialism (Sartre).- 1.4 Existential-Ontological Philosophy (Heidegger).- Chapter 2- Nietzsche and Informal Value Transfer Systems (IVTS).- The Will to Truth.- The Nietzschean Will to Power : The Way Beyond Morality.- The Nietzschean Way Beyond Nihilism.- Informal Value Tranfer Systems (IVTS) and Nietzsche’s interpretation of interpretation.- Chapter 3- Kierkegaard and the Aesthetic/Ethical Life-View : The Issue of Money Laundering.- 3,1 Kierkegaard’s Notions of Aesthetic and Ethical Life.- 3.2Moral Reasoning and the Phenomenon of Money Laundering.- Chapter 4- Jaspers and Buber about Communication : The Issue of Bribery.- Jaspers’ View on Truth and Communication.- Buber’s View on Dialogue.- Bribery as Distorted Communication.- Chapter 5- A Heideggerian and Marcellian View on Technology : The Philosophical Challenge of Cybercrime.- Heidegger’s View on the Essence of Technology.- Marcel’s View on Technology.- Cybercrime and the Relevance of Heidegger’s and Marcel’s Philosophy.- Chapter 6- Tillichian Courage to Be, or How to Fight Fraudulent Practices : Tillich and Existentialism.- The Courage to Resist Non-Being.- The Interdependence between the Courage to Be Oneself and the Courage to Be a Part of Conmmunity.- The Courage of Despair and the Courage to Accept God’s Acceptance.- The Courage to Be and Fraudulent Practices.- Chapter 7- Organizational Life as Narrative : A Sartrean View on Prevention Strategies Against Financial Crimes.- Organizational Life as Narrative.- Fighting Financial Crimes and Pursuing the Main Objectives of Communicational Exchanges Within Organizational Life.- The Other as Partner of Communicational Exchange Within Organizational Life.- Conclusion.- Bibliography.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Ethical Economy
Dimensioni: 235 x 155 mm Ø 4675 gr
Formato: Copertina rigida
Illustration Notes:XXI, 204 p.
Pagine Arabe: 204
Pagine Romane: xxi

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