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critchley sarah - dynamics 365 ce essentials

Dynamics 365 CE Essentials Administering and Configuring Solutions

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 11/2018
Edizione: 1st ed.


Introduction – Pages - 5

Chapter Goal: Discuss what Dynamics 365 CE is, the latest news e.g. version 9.0 and the unified client (mention web refresh) , what the sections will cover. This book will be split into two – ‘Setup’ and ‘Configuration’ – the fact that you should be looking at best ways to do it and less technical debt.

Part I - SETUP

Chapter 1:  Customer Management

Chapter Goal: For the reader to learn about how customers are used within Dynamics 365 CE, what they link to and how they operate in the context of Activities and Microsoft Outlook

No of pages 20

Sub -Topics

1.      Account and Contacts

1.      Outlook Integration for Dynamics 365 CE Online

2.      Timeline and Activity Management

Chapter 2:  Customer Service

Chapter Goal: For the reader to learn how to deliver a more omni channel customer service experience using the standard features of Dynamics 365 CE

No of pages: 40

Sub - Topics

1.      Case Management (including Categories)

2.      Routing and Queues

3.      Knowledge Base Implementation and Feedback

4.      Microsoft Portals Configuration for Self-Service

5.      SLAs and Entitlements

6.      Social Engagement

7.      Setting up Cognitive Services for Knowledge Article Suggestions


Chapter 3: Sales

Chapter Goal: For the reader to learn what the standard sales lifecycle is, common customization points and how-to setup the standard Product Catalog

No of pages : 25

Sub - Topics:           

1.      Product Catalog Setup and Management

2.      Leads to Invoice Sales Lifecycle with Product Catalog Integration

2.      Setting up Product Suggestion Model using Cognitive Services

3.      Creating Microsoft Word Templates for Quotes, Orders and Invoices

Chapter 4: Security Model

Chapter Goal: For readers to understand how the Dynamics 365 CE Security Model works and operates

No of pages:10

Sub - Topics:

1.      1.Security Model Overview

2.      Business Units, Teams and Users

3.      Access Teams

4.      Hierarchal and Positional Security


Chapter 5: Field Service and Resource Scheduling

Chapter Goal: For readers to understand the basics of Field Service and Resourcing Capability which comes as standard

No of pages: 15

TBC. This is changing and will need to be updated

Chapter 6: Mobile Application

Chapter Goal: For readers to learn how to setup Dynamics 365 CE for Mobile

No of pages: 20

1.      Setup

3.      Task Flows

4.      Offline

   Chapter 7: Reporting

Chapter Goal: For readers to understand the capabilities of Dynamics 365 CE Reporting

No of pages: 20


6.       Dashboards

7.       Reports in Dynamics 365 Online

8.      Charts


Chapter 8: Processes

Chapter Goal: For readers to understand the capabilities for configuring Dynamics 365 CE through custom processes

No of pages: 30

1.      Business Process Flows

2.      Business Rules

3.      Workflows

4.      Actions

Chapter 9: UI Customization and Relationships

Chapter Goal: For readers to learn how to customize the user interface of Dynamics 365 and the relationships

No of pages: 15

1.      Forms

2.      Relationships

3.      Custom Controls

4.      Mobile


Chapter 10: App Framework

Chapter Goal: For readers to understand what the App Framework is and how to create ‘Apps’ within Dynamics 365

No of pages: 15

1.      App Framework Overview

2.      App Designer

3.      Site Map Designer

4.      Configuration


Chapter 11: Microsoft Flow

Chapter Goal: For readers to understand Microsoft Flow’s basic capabilities

No of pages: 20

This is changing and will need to be updated

Chapter 12: Common Data Service for Apps

Chapter Goal: For readers to understand what the Common Data Service is and how to get started with integrations through the UI.

No of pages: 20

This is changing and will need to be updated

Chapter 13: Dynamics 365 for Marketing


Discover how to set up core Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement functionality and learn how to build more customized processes on top of the standard capabilities. This book starts by showing you how to set up the Dynamics 365 Online system for sales, customer service, marketing, field service, and Outlook integration. 

In the second section, you’ll work through UI customizations, process automation and reporting in Dynamics 365 CE. Learn about the App Framework, how to create model-driven apps and how to get started with the Common Data Service for Apps. Leverage Microsoft Flow within Dynamics 365 CE to create loosely coupled business applications using automation from Microsoft and third-party services.

After reading Dynamics 365 CE Essentials, you will have mastered the core functionality available in Dynamics 365 CE and be able to set it up for a number of different scenarios. 

What You Will Learn
  • Set up the core standard features of Dynamics 365 CE
  • Create model-driven apps within Dynamics 365 customized to specific business needs
  • Customize Dynamics 365 CE and leverage process automation functionality through the UI
  • Learn about the Common Data Service for Apps 

Who This Book Is For 

Consultants, business analysts, administrators, and project managers who are looking for more information about Dynamics 365.


Sarah Critchley is a Microsoft Dynamics Business Applications MVP and an experienced technical consultant who has worked on numerous business system implementations, now working as the research and development industry solutions lead in an established worldwide business applications practice. Having led software projects in numerous industries including healthcare and the public sector, she works across all areas of the project life cycle from demonstrations, design, architecture, documentation, customization, and development. She gets involved in the technical community through chairing the CRM user group in the UK, running technical events, and presenting on technical and functional topics at conferences around the world.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Dimensioni: 254 x 178 mm Ø 1193 gr
Formato: Brossura
Illustration Notes:668 Illustrations, black and white
Pagine Arabe: 613
Pagine Romane: xxi

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