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spellman frank r. - water & wastewater infrastructure

Water & Wastewater Infrastructure Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

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Lingua: Inglese

CRC Press

Pubblicazione: 09/2018
Edizione: 1° edizione

Note Editore

A critical aspect of sustainability associated with water and wastewater systems is to maintain and manage infrastructure in the most efficient and economical manner while complying with environmental regulations and keeping rates at acceptable levels. Given the high cost of fuel, our growing population, and the associated increase in energy needs, it is important to address energy use and future energy availability for the treatment of the water we drink and the water we pollute. Water & Wastewater Infrastructure: Energy Efficiency and Sustainability addresses these issues, detailing the processes that can assist facilities to become more energy efficient and providing guidance to ensure their sustainability.The text begins with brief descriptions of the water and wastewater treatment industries. It then describes some of the basics of energy and discusses what planning for a sustainable energy future in water and wastewater treatment plants entails. The author explores energy-saving options and provides case studies to demonstrate how some facilities have used equipment, technology, and operating strategies to save money and reduce their impact. The energy-efficient technologies include combined heat and power (CHP), gas turbines, microturbines, reciprocating engines, steam turbines, and fuel cells. The author also addresses biomass power and biogas.The section on sustainability and renewable energy covers hydropower, solar power, and wind power as well as energy conservation measures for treating wastewater. Nine appendices provide individual case studies that present evaluations of energy conservation measures, results, payback analysis, and conclusions. This book addresses the challenges faced by water and wastewater treatment facilities by examining how they can operate in ways that provide economic and environmental benefits, save money, reduce environmental impact, and lead to sustainability.


Section I The BasicsIntroductionSetting the StageSustainable Water/Wastewater InfrastructureWater/Wastewater Infrastructure GapEnergy Efficiency: Water/Wastewater Treatment OperationsReferences and Recommended ReadingCharacteristics of the Wastewater and Drinking Water IndustriesIntroductionCharacteristics of the Wastewater IndustryCharacteristics of the Drinking Water IndustryCapital Stock and Impact on Operations and MaintenanceWastewater Capital StockDrinking Water Capital StockCosts of Providing ServiceReferences and Recommended ReadingWater, Wastewater, and EnergyIntroductionEnergy BasicsRenewable and Nonrenewable EnergyUnits for Comparing EnergyReferences and Recommended ReadingPlanning for a Sustainable Energy FutureWastewater and Drinking Water Treatment Energy UsageFast FactsBenchmark It!Baseline AuditReferences and Recommended ReadingSection II Energy-Efficient Equipment, Technology, and Operating StrategiesEnergy-Efficient EquipmentIntroductionMotorsVariable-Frequency DrivesHVAC EnhancementsEnergy-Smart LightingReferences and Recommended ReadingEnergy-Efficient Operating StrategiesIntroductionElectrical Load ManagementBiosolids ManagementOperations and Maintenance: Energy- and Cost-Saving ProceduresInflow and Infiltration ControlReferences and Recommended ReadingSection III Energy-Efficient TechnologyCombined Heat and Power (CHP)IntroductionCHP Key DefinitionsCalculating Total CHP System EfficiencyCalculating Effective Electric EfficiencySelecting CHP Efficiency MetricsWastewater Treatment Facilities with CHPOverview of CHP TechnologiesReferences and Recommended ReadingGas TurbinesIntroductionApplicationsGas Turbine TechnologyReferences and Recommended ReadingMicroturbinesIntroductionMicroturbine ApplicationsMicroturbine TechnologyDesign CharacteristicsMicroturbine Performance CharacteristicsEmissionsReferences and Recommended ReadingReciprocating EnginesIntroductionApplicationsReciprocating Engine TechnologyDesign CharacteristicsPerformance CharacteristicsEmissionsReferences and Recommended ReadingSteam TurbinesIntroductionApplicationsSteam Turbine: Basic Process and ComponentsPerformance CharacteristicsEmissionsReferences and Recommended ReadingFuel CellsIntroductionFuel Cells: The BasicsHydrogen Fuel Cells: A Realistic ViewCHP ApplicationsReferences and Recommended ReadingSection IV Biomass Power and Heat GenerationCHP and Wastewater BiogasGrasshopper GenerationBiomassBiomass for Power and Heat GenerationBiogas (Methane, CH4)Wastewater Treatment Plant BiogasCogeneration Using Landfill BiogasBiodieselReferences and Recommended ReadingSection V Sustainability Using Renewable EnergyMacro- and MicrohydropowerIntroductionHydropowerHydropower Basic ConceptsReservoir Stored EnergyHydroturbinesAdvanced Hydropower TechnologyHydropower Generation: Dissolved Oxygen ConcernsBottom Line on MacrohydropowerMicrohydropower ConceptsPermits and Water RightsReferences and Recommended ReadingSolar PowerIntroductionConcentrating Solar PowerPhotovoltaics (PV)Solar Power ApplicationsStructure DaylightingWater and Wastewater Treatment Plant ApplicationsReferences and Recommended ReadingWind PowerIntroductionIt’s All About the WindAir in MotionWind EnergyWind Power BasicsWind Turbine TypesTurbine FeaturesWind Energy and Power CalculationsSmall-Scale Wind PowerWind Power Applications in Water/Wastewater TreatmentReferences and Recommended ReadingEnergy Conservation Measures for Wastewater TreatmentIntroductionPumping System Energy Conservation MeasuresDesign and Control of Aeration SystemsBlowersReferences and Recommended ReadingSection VI AppendicesAppendix A. Magnetic Bearing Turbo Blowers at the Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District De Pere Wastewater Treatment FacilityAppendix B. Turblex® Blowers and Air Flow Control Valves on the Sheboygan Regional Wastewater Treatment PlantAppendix C. Upgrade from Mechanical Aeration to Air-Bearing Turbo Blowers and Fine-Bubble Diffusers at the Big Gulch Wastewater Treatment PlantAppendix D. Optical DO Sensor Technology and Aerator Rotor VFD Control at the City of Bartlett, Tennessee, Wastewater Treatment PlantAppendix E. Advanced Aeration Control for the Oxnard, California, Wastewater Treatment PlantAppendix F. DO Optimization Using Floating Pressure Blower Control in a Most Open Valve Strategy at the Narragansett Bay Commission Bucklin Point WTTP, Rhode IslandAppendix G. Capacity and Fuel Efficiency Improvements at Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Western Branch WWTP, Prince Georges County, MarylandAppendix H. Permit-Safe and Energy-Smart Greening of Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations at the San Jose/Santa Clara, California, Water Pollution Control PlantAppendix I. Diffuser Upgrades and DO Controlled Blowers at the Waco, Texas, Metropolitan Area Regional Sewer System Wastewater Treatment FacilityGlossaryIndex


Frank R. Spellman, Ph.D., is a retired U.S. Naval Officer with 26 years of active duty, a retired environmental safety and health manager for a large wastewater sanitation district in Virginia, and a retired assistant professor of environmental health at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia. He is the author or co-author of 75 books, with more soon to be published. Dr. Spellman consults on environmental matters with the U.S. Department of Justice and various law firms and environmental entities around the globe.

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