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izutsu t. - the theory of beauty in the classical aesthetics of japan

The Theory of Beauty in the Classical Aesthetics of Japan

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 11/2013
Edizione: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1981


The Japanese sense of beauty as actualized in innumerable works of art, both linguistic and non-linguistic, has often been spoken of as something strange to, and remote from, the Western taste. It is, in fact, so radically different from what in the West is ordinarily associated with aesthetic experience that it even tends to give an impression of being mysterious, enigmatic or esoteric. This state of affairs comes from the fact that there is a peculiar kind of metaphysics, based on a realization of the simultaneous semantic articulation of consciousness and the external reality, dominating the whole functional domain of the Japanese sense of beauty, without an understanding of which the so-called 'mystery' of Japanese aesthetics would remain incomprehensible. The present work primarily purports to clarify the keynotes of the artistic experiences that are typical of Japanese culture, in terms of a special philosophical structure underlying them. It consists of two main parts: (1) Preliminary Essays, in which the major philosophical ideas relating to beauty will be given a theoretical elucidation, and (2) a selection of Classical Texts representative of Japanese aesthetics in widely divergent fields of linguistic and extra-linguistic art such as the theories of waka-poetry, Noh play, the art of tea, and haiku. The second part is related to the first by way of a concrete illustration, providing as it does philological materials on which are based the philosophical considerations of the first part.


One: Preliminary Essays.- I. The aesthetic structure of waka.- II. The metaphysical background of the theory of Noh: an analysis of Zeami’s ‘Nine Stages’.- III. The Way of tea: an art of spatial awareness.- IV. Haiku: an existential event.- Two: Texts, translated by Toshihiko and Toyo Izutsu.- I. Maigetsush?.- II. The Nine Stages.- III. ‘The Process of Training in the Nine Stages’ (Appendix to ‘The Nine Stages’).- IV. Observations on the Disciplinary Way of Noh.- V. ollecting Gems and Obtaining Flowers.- VI. Record of Nanb?.- VII. The Red Booklet.

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