The Oxford Handbook Of Islamic Theology - Schmidtke Sabine (Curatore) | Libro Oxford University Press 09/2018 -

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schmidtke sabine (curatore) - the oxford handbook of islamic theology

The Oxford Handbook of Islamic Theology

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 09/2018

Note Editore

Within the field of Islamic Studies, scientific research of Muslim theology is a comparatively young discipline. Much progress has been achieved over the past decades with respect both to discoveries of new materials and to scholarly approaches to the field. The Oxford Handbook of Islamic Theology provides a comprehensive and authoritative survey of the current state of the field. It provides a variegated picture of the state of the art and at the same time suggests new directions for future research. Part One covers the various strands of Islamic theology during the formative and early middle periods, rational as well as scripturalist. To demonstrate the continuous interaction among the various theological strands and its repercussions (during the formative and early middle period and beyond), Part Two offers a number of case studies. These focus on specific theological issues that have developed through the dilemmatic and often polemical interactions between the different theological schools and thinkers. Part Three covers Islamic theology during the later middle and early modern periods. One of the characteristics of this period is the growing amalgamation of theology with philosophy (Peripatetic and Illuminationist) and mysticism. Part Four addresses the impact of political and social developments on theology through a number of case studies: the famous mi?na instituted by al-Ma'mun (r. 189/813-218/833) as well as the mihna to which Ibn 'Aqil (d. 769/1367) was subjected; the religious policy of the Almohads; as well as the shifting interpretations throughout history (particularly during Mamluk and Ottoman times) of the relation between Ash'arism and Maturidism that were often motivated by political motives. Part Five considers Islamic theological thought from the end of the early modern and during the modern period.


1 - Origins of Kalam
2 - The Early Qadariyya
3 - Jahm b. ?afwan (d. 128/745-46) and the "Jahmiyya" and .Dirar b. Amr (d. 200/815)
4 - Early Shi"i Theology
5 - Excursus I: Christian Theological Thought during the First "Abbasid Century
6 - Excursus II: Ungodly Cosmologies
7 - The Mu"tazilite movement (I): Origins
8 - The Mu"tazilite movement (II): The Early Phase
9 - The Mu"tazilite movement (III): The Scholastic Phase
10 - The Shi"i Reception of Mu"tazilism (I): Zaydis
11 - The Shi"i Reception of Mu"tazilism (II): Twelver Shi"ites
12 - The Predecessors of Ash;"arism: Ibn Kullab, al-Mu?asibi, and al-Qalanisi
13 - Ash"arism in the East and the West
14 - Iba?iyya
15 - Karramiyya
16 - Scripturalist and Traditionalist Theology
17 - ?anafi Theological Tradition and Maturidism
18 - Philosophical Theology
19 - Isma"ili Theology
20 - Sufi Theological Thought
21 - Occasionalism
22 - Abu Hashim al-Jubba"i's (d. 321/933) Theory of the States (a?wal) and its Adaptation among Ash"arite Theologians
23 - Theories of Ethical Value in Kalam: A New Interpretation
24 - Theology and Logic
25 - Theology versus Philosophy: al-Ghazali's Tahafut al-falasifa and Ibn al-Mala?imi's Tu?fat al-mutakallimin fi l-radd "ala l-falasifa
26 - Twelver Shi"ite Theology
27 - Zaydi Theology in Yemen
28 - Handbooks in the Tradition of Later Eastern Ash"arism
29 - Later Ash"arism in the Islamic West
30 - Egypt and the later Ash"arite School
31 - Excursus III: The Coptic and Syriac Receptions of neo-Ash"arite Theology
32 - Theology in the Ottoman Lands
33 - Theology in Central Asia
34 - Theology in the Indian Subcontinent
35 - ?anbali Theology
36 - al-Ma"mun (r. 189/813-218/833) and the Mi?na
37 - The Mi?na of Ibn "Aqil (d. 513/1119) and the Fitnat Ibn al-Qushayri
38 - The Religious Policy of the Almohads
39 - Interpretations of Ash"arism and Maturidism among Mamluks and Ottomans
40 - Main Trends of Islamic Theological Thought from the late 19th Century to Present Times
41 - Striving for a New Exegesis of the Qur"an


Sabine Schmidtke (D.Phil. University of Oxford) is Professor of Islamic Intellectual History at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton. She has published extensively on Islamic and Jewish intellectual history.

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