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peters tj. (curatore); nicolas a. (curatore); coleman r. (curatore) - ophiolite genesis and evolution of the oceanic lithosphere

Ophiolite Genesis and Evolution of the Oceanic Lithosphere Proceedings of the Ophiolite Conference, held in Muscat, Oman, 7–18 January 1990

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 11/2012
Edizione: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1991


Proceedings of the Ophiolite Conference, held in Muscat, Oman, January 7-18, 1990


I: Processes at Spreading Centers.- A) Crust.- Ridge Crest Magma Chambers: A Review of Results from Marine Seismic Experiments at the East Pacific Rise.- Accommodation Zones and Transfer Faults: Integral Components of Mid-Atlantic Ridge Extensional Systems.- Rooting of the Sheeted Dike Complex in the Oman Ophiolite.- Diabase Dikes Emplacement in the Oman Ophiolite: A Magnetic Fabric Study with Reference to Geochemistry.- Geometry and Flow Pattern of the Plutonic Sequence of the Salahi Massif (Northern Oman Ophiolite) — A Key to Decipher Successive Magmatic Events.- B) Mantle.- The Upward Migration of Self-Convecting Magma Bodies.- Melt Migration and Depletion — Regeneration Processes in Upper Mantle of Continental and Ocean Rift Zones.- Evidences for a Paleo-Spreading Center in the Oman Ophiolite: Mantle Structures in the Maqsad Area.- Structural and Petrological Features of Peridotite Intrusions from the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus.- Evolutional History of the Uppermost Mantle of an Arc System: Petrology of the Horman Peridotite Massif, Japan.- II: Magmatic Ores.- Cu-Ni-PGE Magmatic Sulfide Ores and their Host Layered Gabbros in the Haymiliyah Fossil Magma Chamber (Haylayn Block, Semail Ophiolite Nappe, Oman).- Platinum-Group Elements and Gold in Ophiolitic Complexes: Distribution and Fractionation from Mantle to Oceanic Floor.- Chromite-Rich and Chromite-Poor Ophiolites: The Oman Case.- Diamonds: the Oceanic Lithosphere connection with Special Reference to Beni Bousera, North Morocco.- III: Hydrothermalism.- Lithospheric Stretching and Hydrothermal Processes in Oceanic Gabbros from Slow-Spreading Ridges.- Evidences for Polyphased Oceanic Alteration of the Extrusive Sequence of the Semail Ophiolite from the Salahi Block (Northern Oman).- A Geochemical Study of a Fossil Oceanic Hydrothermal Discharge Zone in the Oman Ophiolite (Zuha Sulphide Prospect): Evidence for a Polyphased Hydrothermal History.- Lead Isotope Geochemistry of Various Sulphide Deposits from the Oman Mountains.- Hydrothermal Metamorphism in Oceanic Crust from the Coast Range Ophiolite of California: Fluid-Rock Interaction in a Rifted Island Arc.- A Sulfur Isotopic Profile Through the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus: Preliminary Results and Implications.- IV: Tectonics of Emplacement and Metamorphism.- Obduction Versus Subduction and Collision in the Oman Case and other Tethyan Settings.- The Obduction of the Northern Oman Ophiolite — Crustal Loading and Flexure.- Amagmatic Extension and Tectonic Denudation in the Kizildag Ophiolite, Southern Turkey: Implications for the Evolution of Neotethyan Oceanic Crust.- Process of Ophiolite Emplacement in Oman and Newfoundland.- Sr, Nd and Pb Isotopic Constraints in the Genesis of a Calc-Alkaline Plutonic Suite in Oman Ophiolite Related to the Obduction Process..- Mineral Equilibria in Metagabbros: Evidence for a Polymetamorphic Evolution of the Asimah Window, Northern Oman Mountains, United Arab Emirates.- V: Palaeogeographic Setting of the Oman Ophiolite.- Al Aridh Formation, Oman: Stratigraphy and Palaeogeographic Significance.- Igneous Rocks in the Hawasina Nappes and the Hajar Supergroup, Oman Mountains: Their Significance in the Birth and Evolution of the Composite Extensional Margin of Eastern Tethys.- The Uplift History of the Precambrian Crystalline Basement of the Jabal J’alan (Sur Area).- Meta-Carbonatites in the Metamorphic Series Below the Semail Ophiolite in the Dibba Zone, Northern Oman Mountains.- Chert-Hosted Manganese Deposits in the Wahrah Formation: A Depositional Model.- Tertiary Basaltic Intrusions in the Central Oman Mountains.- VI: Palaeoenvironment of Other Ophiolites.- Geology, Geochemistry, and the Evolution of an Oceanic Crustal Rift at Sithonia, NE Greece.- Upper Triassic-Early Jurassic Sedimentary Breccias in the Ophiolitic Suite of the Lesser Caucasus.- Origin of Volcanics in the Tethyan Suture Zone of Pakistan.- Time-Space Distribution and Petrologic Diversity of Japanese Ophiolites.- Tectonostratigraphic Relationships and Obduction Histories of Scandinavian Ophiolite Terranes.- Genesis and Emplacement of the Supra-Subduction Zone Pindos Ophiolite, Northwestern Greece.- The Circum-Izu Massif Peridotite, Central Japan, as Back-Arc Mantle Fragments of the Izu-Bonin Arc System.- Geology and Chemistry of the Early Proterozoic Purtuniq Ophiolite, Cape Smith Belt, Northern Quebec, Canada.- VII: Mapping Ophiolites.- The Use of Digitally Processed Spot Data in the Geological Mapping of the Ophiolite of Northern Oman.- Comparison Between Mapping at 1:25000 Scale and Decorrelation Stretched Landsat Thematic Mapper Images in the Wuqbah Block (Oman Mountains).

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Petrology and Structural Geology
Dimensioni: 235 x 155 mm Ø 1435 gr
Formato: Brossura
Pagine Arabe: 905
Pagine Romane: xv

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