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jones 97811385604 - mechanical creations in 3d

Mechanical Creations in 3D A Practical Look into Complex and Technical Setups for Animation & VFX

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 11/2018
Edizione: 1° edizione

Note Editore

Cogs, cranks, wheels, plates, chains, springs and pistons - a nightmare for animators. This book shows 3D artists how to create, setup, control and automate movements for complex and technically challenging mechanical structures all while working on a super-detailed steampunk train! This book will specifically implement current industry trends and techniques for animated mechanical structures. We will be using Autodesk 3ds Max only, with no plugins and no additional software required. Readers will close out this book with a completed steampunk train for their portfolios and practical knowledge to combat other tricky hard-surface rigging and animation challenges. Key Features This is the only book available for mechanical setups in Autodesk 3ds Max. Although 3ds Max specific, the techniques and foundations will work for any 3D application. By following the step-by-step guides in this book, you can finish and complete a portfolio-ready steampunk train. Each chapter will include an introduction and a summary, giving significance to the start and end of each section where readers can rest! Boxed step-by-step guides will be used for the creation of technical setups in 3ds Max. A "Memory Refresh" section is included in each chapter, this gives short and quick reminders for the stages needed to complete the chapter setup - helpful as a reference guide for those that have already read the book and just need a reminder, saving them time as they won’t have to re-read the whole thing!


TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface Acknowledgements About the Author Contributors CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION Chapter Overview Preparation Art and Science Principles Naming Conventions Layered Setups 3 Stage Asset Build (3SAB) Colors Companion Website Memory Refresh Summary CHAPTER 2: MODEL Conceptualization Reference Scribbles and Concepts Building the Model Technical Considerations Rough Blocking Refinement Polish Naming of the Steampunk Locomotive Memory Refresh Summary CHAPTER 3: RIGGING PREPARATIONS Model Breakdown Redundant Geometry Removal Setting the Scale Geometry and Wireframe Colors (Optional) Names, Names and Naming Creating the Geometry Hierarchy Resetting and Aligning Pivots Reset the Transforms Cleaning Up the Scene Setting the Display Layers (Layers Explorer) Memory Refresh Summary CHAPTER 4: COMMON RIGGING TECHNIQUES Hierarchies Skeletons Forward and Inverse Kinematics Skinning Constraints Controllers Interactive Viewport Controllers (Animation) On-Screen/On-Viewport Controllers (Animation) Reaction Controllers (Transform) General Controllers (Transform) Wire Parameters Custom Attributes Modifiers Pivots and Movable Pivots Memory Refresh Summary CHAPTER 5: BASE RIG ROOT Node Controller Group, Rigging Group, WIP Group BRANCH Nodes Component Breakdown Norah #1 – BRANCH The Bell The Bumper The Joiner The Valves Front and Rear Budge The Cogs Chains Pistons Wheels and Beams Side Pistons First Carriage Tubes/Hoses Norah #2 – BRANCH Bogie, Wheels and Joiners Chains and Suspension Tender and Fans Second Carriage Tubes/Hoses Norah #3 – BRANCH Frame and Joiners Front and Rear Budge Bomb Norah #4 – BRANCH Front/Rear Budge and Joiner Attaching the Geometry Adding the Controllers Memory Refresh Summary CHAPTER 6: ANIMATION AND AUTOMATION RIG – PART 1 Norah – Carriage #1 The Bell The Bumper The Joiner The Valves Front and Rear Budge The Engine Cogs Chains Pistons Wheels Beams Side Pistons Budge Wheels Memory Refresh Summary CHAPTER 7: ANIMATION AND AUTOMATION RIG – PART 2 Norah – Carriage #2 Tender Fans Suspension Rods Chains Tubes/Hoses Bogie Norah – Carriage #3 The Frame (Main) Bomb Front and Rear Budge Wheels Norah – Carriage #4 Linking Up The Cleanup Crew Hierarchies, Hiding and Locking Display Layers Display Tab Controller Cleaning Memory Refresh Summary CHAPTER 8: DEFORMATION RIG Automated Wheel Rotation Technically Accurate Chain Rigging Dynamic Rope and Wires Rumble and Vibration Controls Memory Refresh Summary CHAPTER 9: MORE MECHANICAL RIGGING Train Tracks Hydraulic Pistons Animating Pivot Points Soft Tire Rigging Memory Refresh Summary CHAPTER 10: CONCLUSION Resources and Included Rigs Norah – The Front Cover Render Memory Refresh is missing! What Next? A Quick Note Goodbye and Good Luck


An accomplished creative professional with experience in film, television, commercials, video games and augmented/virtual reality. Jones is a writer, producer and director, with a background in animation and visual effects where he has worked internationally for most of his career. His previous roles have included everything from Character TD/Animator to CG Supervisor and Production Manager to Head of 3D. He is a full member of the Writer’s Guild GB, a journal-published MBA graduate, and holds various speaking engagements, lectures and workshops throughout the year at various conferences and colleges worldwide.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Dimensioni: 9 x 6 in Ø 0.77 lb
Formato: Brossura
Illustration Notes:11 tables, 8 halftones and 91 color halftones
Pagine Arabe: 170
Pagine Romane: xviii

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