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bartlett jonathan - electronics for beginners

Electronics for Beginners A Practical Introduction to Schematics, Circuits, and Microcontrollers

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 09/2020
Edizione: 1st ed.


Jump start your journey with electronics! If you’ve thought about getting into electronics, but don’t know where to start, this book gives you the information you need. Starting with the basics of electricity and circuits, you'll be introduced to digital electronics and microcontrollers, capacitors and inductors, and amplification circuits – all while gaining the basic tools and information you need to start working with low-power electronics.

Electronics for Beginners walks the fine line of focusing on projects-based learning, while still keeping electronics front and center. You'll learn the mathematics of circuits in an uncomplicated fashion and see how schematics map on to actual breadboards. Written for the absolute beginner, this book steers clear of being too math heavy, giving readers the key information they need to get started on their electronics journey.

What You’ll Learn
  • Review the basic “patterns” of resistor usage—pull up, pull down, voltage divider, and current limiter
  • Understand the requirements for circuits and how they are put together
  • Read and differentiate what various parts of the schematics do
  • Decide what considerations to take when choosing components
  • Use all battery-powered circuits, so projects are safe
Who This Book Is For

Makers, students, and beginners of any age interested in getting started with electronics. 


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2. Before We Begin

Part I – Basic Concepts
Chapter 3. Dealing with Units
Chapter 4. What is Electricity?
Chapter 5. Voltage and Resistance
Chapter 6. Your First Circuit
Chapter 7. Constructing and Testing Circuits
Chapter 8. Analyzing Series and Parallel Circuits
Chapter 9. Diodes and How to Use Them
Chapter 10. Basic Resistor Circuit Patterns
Chapter 11. Understanding Power

Part II – Digital Electronics and Microcontrollers
Chapter 12. Integrated Circuits and Resistive Sensors
Chapter 13. Using Logic ICs
Chapter 14. Introduction to Microcontrollers
Chapter 15. Building Projects with Arduino
Chapter 16. Analog Input and Output on an Arduino

Part III – Capacitors and Inductors
Chapter 17. Capacitor Introduction
Chapter 18. Capacitors as Timers
Chapter 19. Introduction to Oscillating Circuits
Chapter 20. Producing Sound with Oscillation
Chapter 21. Inductors
Chapter 22. Inductors and Capacitors in Circuits
Chapter 23. Reactance and Impedance

Part IV – Amplification Circuits
Chapter 24. DC Motors
Chapter 25. Amplifying Power with Transistors
Chapter 26. Transistor Voltage Amplifiers
Chapter 27. Examining Partial Circuits
Chapter 28. Going Further

A. Glossary
B. Electronics Symbols
C. Integrated Circuit Naming Conventions
D. Electronics Equations and Where They Come From
E. Simplified Datasheets for Common Devices


Jonathan Bartlett is a software developer, researcher, and writer. His first book, Programming from the Ground Up, has been required reading in computer science programs from DeVry to Princeton. He has been the sole or lead author for eight books on topics ranging from computer programming to calculus. He is a technical lead for ITX, where his specialty is getting stuck projects unstuck. Jonathan regularly writes for the blog MindMatters.ai.

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