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sloot peter m.a. (curatore); abramson david (curatore); bogdanov alexander v. (curatore); dongarra jack j. (curatore); zomaya albert y. (curatore); gorbachev yuriy e. (curatore) - computational science — iccs 2003

Computational Science — ICCS 2003 International Conference, Melbourne, Australia and St. Petersburg, Russia, June 2–4, 2003, Proceedings, Part IV

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 05/2003
Edizione: 2003


The four-volume set LNCS 2657, LNCS 2658, LNCS 2659, and LNCS 2660 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third International Conference on Computational Science, ICCS 2003, held concurrently in Melbourne, Australia and in St. Petersburg, Russia in June 2003.

The four volumes present more than 460 reviewed contributed and invited papers and span the whole range of computational science, from foundational issues in computer science and algorithmic mathematics to advanced applications in virtually all application fields making use of computational techniques. These proceedings give a unique account of recent results in the field.


Australian Track.- A Model for Predicting the Optimum Checkpoint Interval for Restart Dumps.- Terascale I/O Solutions.- Scaling Molecular Dynamics to 3000 Processors with Projections: A Performance Analysis Case Study.- Real-time Terascale Implementation of Tele-immersion.- Performance Analysis of PHASTA on NCSA Intel IA-64 Linux Cluster.- Performance Instrumentation and Measurement for Terascale Systems.- Logging Kernel Events on Clusters.- Recent Advances in QM and QM/MM Methods.- UTChem — A Program for ab initio Quantum Chemistry.- Local Correlation Models.- Multiresolution Quantum Chemistry in Multiwavelet Bases.- Management of Web and Associated Grid Technologies for Quantum Chemistry Computation.- The Extensible Computational Chemistry Environment: A Problem Solving Environment for High Performance Theoretical Chemistry.- Computational Quantum Chemistry Experiments via the Web.- Tonto: A Fortran Based Object-Oriented System for Quantum Chemistry and Crystallography.- Explicitly Correlated Second Order Perturbation Theory with Frozen Gaussian-Type Geminals.- Molecular Potential Energy Surfaces by Interpolation.- NWChem: New Functionality.- Interfacing Computer Aided Parallelization and Performance Analysis.- Dynamic Performance Tuning of Distributed Programming Libraries.- Parallel Program Debugging with MAD — A Practical Approach.- Enhancing Prediction Accuracy in PCM-Based File Prefetch by Constained Pattern Replacement Algorithm.- Parallel I/O Scheduling in Multiprogrammed Cluster Computing Systems.- Design and Evaluation of Distributed Smart Disk Architecture for I/O-Intensive Workloads.- An Adaptive Load Balancing Algorithm for Large Data Parallel Processing with Communication Delay.- A Flexible Multiagent Parallel File System for Clusters.- A New Proportional-Share Disk Scheduling Algorithm: Trading-Off I/O Throughput and QoS Guarantee.- Computational Aspects of Chemical Data Assimilation into Atmospheric Models.- Virtual Telemetry for Dynamic Data-Driven Application Simulations.- Tornado Detection with Support Vector Machines.- Computational Science Simulations Based on Web Services.- DDEMA: A Data Driven Environment for Multiphysics Applications.- Discrete Event Solution of Gas Dynamics within the EVS Framework.- Data Driven Design Optimization Methodology A Dynamic Data Driven Application System.- Derivation of Natural Stimulus Feature Set Using a Data-Driven Model.- Performance Evaluation of Generalized Polynomial Chaos.- Driving Scientific Applications by Data in Distributed Environments.- Simulating Sellers’ Behavior in a Reverse Auction B2B Exchange.- Rapid Real-Time Interdisciplinary Ocean Forecasting Using Adaptive Sampling and Adaptive Modeling and Legacy Codes: Component Encapsulation Using XML.- A Computational Infrastructure for Reliable Computer Simulations.- Automating Metadata Web Service Deployment for Problem Solving Environments.- Building Problem Solving Environments with Application Web Service Toolkits.- GSF: A Problems Solving Environment Supporting Multi-models Parallel Grid Programming.- Implementation of a Grid-Enabled Problem Solving Environment in Matlab.- GSiB: PSE Infrastructure for Dynamic Service-Oriented Grid Applications.- Partial Dual Unicasting Based Handoff For Real-Time Traffic in MIPv6 Networks.- Simulations on Batching in Video-on-Demand Transmissions.- The Design of XML-Based Internet Security Integrated System Architecture.- Performance Analysis of a Mobility Support Scheme between Subnetworks in Differentiated Services.- Performance Analysis for Real-Time Grid Systems on COTS Operating Systems.- Scalable Keyframe Extraction Using One-Class Support Vector Machine.- A Design and Performance Evaluation of 2-Level Call Admission Control Scheme in Mobile Multimedia Networks.- Performance Evaluation of a Relocation Method for Mobile Computing Maintaining Data Consistency.- Reliability Problem on All Pairs Quickest Paths.- A Concurrency Control Algorithm for Firm Real-Time Database Systems.- Secure Firewall Traversal in Mobile IP Network.- Buffering Management Scheme for Multimedia Synchronization in Mobile Information System.- Resource Reservation and Allocation Based on Direction Prediction for Handoff in Mobile Multimedia Networks.- Petri-Net Model of Multimedia Synchronization in Mobile Environment.- New Mobility Scheme for Reducing Location Traffic in Mobile Networks.- Mobile Animation Algorithm for Cyber Museum.- Certificate Management Client System for E-transactions on Internet.- Threat Description for the PP by Using the Concept of the Assets Protected by TOE.- Real-Time Data Management for Network Information System.- Efficient Migration Algorithm for Mobile Agents in Wired/Wireless Internets.- OpenMP in the Field: Anecdotes from Practice.- OpenMP and NUMA Architectures I: Investigating Memory Placement on the SGI Origin 3000.- Poor Scalability of Parallel Shared Memory Model: Myth or Reality?.- Asynchronous Execution of OpenMP Code.- Virtual Reef: A Visualisation Framework for Marine Simulation Models.- Modelling Developmental Regulatory Networks.- A Biomechanical Imitative Model for Pulsatile Morphogenesis.- Using Computational Plant Science Tools to Investigate Morphological Aspects of Compensatory Growth.- 3D Visualization of Complex Surfaces Using Dynamic Delaunay Tessellation.- CODELAB: A Developers’ Tool for Efficient Code Generation and Optimization.- A Knowledge Discovery Methodology for Behavior Analysis of Large-Scale Applications on Parallel Architectures.- Performance Modeling for Dynamic Algorithm Selection.- Self-Adapting Numerical Software and Automatic Tuning of Heuristics.- Computer Simulation of Multi-dimensional Bone Deformity Correction and Lengthening by Unilateral External Fixator.- Problems and Prospects for Quantum Computational Speed-up.- A Configuration Algorithm for Provisioning of Cell-Based MPLS Network.- Exact and Approximate Algorithms for Topological Design of Wide Area Networks with Non-simultaneous Single Commodity Flows.- Modeling and Simulation of Distributed Security Models.- An Efficient Collective Communication Method for Grid Scale Networks.- Reliability Theory Model and Expected Life Shortest Path in Stochastic and Time-Dependent Networks.- Using a GA Adaptor in Multi-applications.- Automated Debugging in Java Programs Using HDM.- Pattern Based Approaches to Pre-processing Structured Text: A Newsfeed Example.- Evolutionary Rule Generation Classification and Its Application to Multi-class Data.- Self-Organizing Hybrid Neurofuzzy Networks.- FOM: A Framework for Metaheuristic Optimization.- ClassdescMP: Easy MPI Programming in C++.- A Novel Evolutionary Approach to Linear Time-Series Forecasting Model.- Design and Implementation of XML DBMS Based on Generic Data Model.- Developing a Unified Design Methodology Based on Extended Entity-Relationship Model for XML.- Investigating Neural Network Modeling Decisions for the Australian All-Ordinaries Index.- Rapid Prototyping Methodology and Environments for Fuzzy Applications.- Multiple Correlation Analysis of Fuzzy Sets.- An Efficient Dispersal and Encryption Scheme for Secure Distributed Information Storage.- A DTD for an XML-Based Mathematical Modeling Language.- A Compress-Based Association Mining Algorithm for Large Dataset.- Engineering Persistent Queue System for a Unified Stock Transaction Platform.- An Efficient Algorithm for Computing Inverses in GF(2m) Using Dual Bases.- Object Oriented Parallel Programming Model on a Network of Workstations.- Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation Prediction Application Using Genetic Algorithms.- A Metadata Tool for Retrieval from Heterogeneous Distributed XML Documents.- Effective Similarity Search Methods for Large Video Data Streams.- A New Method for Locating the Global Optimum: Application of the Cutting Angle Method to Molecular Structure Prediction.- Performance Characteristics of a Cost-Effective Medium-Sized Beowulf Cluster Supercomputer.- A Novel Approach to Role-

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Dimensioni: 235 x 155 mm Ø 1940 gr
Formato: Brossura
Illustration Notes:CXII, 1164 p. In 2 volumes, not available separately.
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