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coutinho christopher - unity® virtual reality development with vrtk4

Unity® Virtual Reality Development with VRTK4 A No-Coding Approach to Developing Immersive VR Experiences, Games, & Apps

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 03/2022
Edizione: 1st ed.


Get hands-on practical knowledge of concepts and techniques for VR development using Unity® and VRTK version 4. This book is a step-by-step guide to learning VRTK 4 for developing immersive VR experiences.
Unity is a powerful game engine for developing VR experiences. With its built-in support for all major VR headsets, it's the perfect tool for developers to realize their vision in VR. VRTK is a battle-tested VR solution for Unity; VRTK 4, in conjunction with Unity, has changed the dynamics of VR development.
This book focuses on creating deep understanding of how advanced VR mechanics and techniques are built and utilized as a part of a VR framework. You will start off by setting up your devices for VR development and learn about the advantages of using VRTK 4 over alternate SDKs. You will learn to setup your very own custom VRTK Rig, find out how to setup various advanced VR mechanics and locomotion techniques, how to create several spatial UI objects, and how to setup Unity 2D UI controls. You will also cover advanced topics such as using angular and linear drives, setting up a VR Simulator to work with a XBox Controller, and realistic physics VR hands. 
By the end of this book, you will know how to create advanced VR mechanics that can be used within any VR experience, game, or App  and deployed across several platforms and hardware.

What You Will Learn
  • Understand how to develop Immersive VR experiences
  • Create a VR simulator to test your project
  • Generate advanced Spatial UI that you can interact with physically using your hands

Who This Book Is For?
Unity game developers conversant with Unity's Editor. Basic knowledge of how Unity Prefabs function, how events work in general, and programming logic would be beneficial.


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: A New Reality Through Virtual Reality
Chapter 3: Setting Up Your Project for VR Development
Chapter 4: Importing VRTK Version 4 Tilia Packages
Chapter 5: Setting Up VRTKs Camera Rigs
Chapter 6: Setting Up Interactors and Virtual Hands
Chapter 7: Configuring Interactor Functionality and Setting Up Velocity Trackers
Chapter 8: Interactable Game Objects
Chapter 9: Moving Around the Virtual World - Teleportation
Chapter 10: Seamless Locomotion
Chapter 11: Arm Swinging Movement
Chapter 12: Setting Up a Pseudo-Body
Chapter 13: Climbing in VR
Chapter 14: Movement Amplifier
Chapter 15: Distance Grabbing
Chapter 16: Snap Zones
Chapter 17: Creating Spatial 3D User Interface Game Objects
Chapter 18: Using Unity's UI Controls with VRTK
Chapter 19: Angular Drives
Chapter 20: Linear Drives
Chapter 21: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes
Chapter 22: Mini-Game


Christopher Coutinho is the founder of GameWorks, a Mumbai-based game development studio specializing in VR and virtual product development using Unity® and VRTK 4. GameWorks provides development services to clients in game creation, Unity® tools creation, and VR simulation training development. He is highly active on the VRTKs discord channel. He is also known for his online virtual reality courses using Unity® and VRTK 4 on Udemy that students have highly appreciated.

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