Turbulent Shear Flows 8 - Durst Franz (Curatore); Friedrich Rainer (Curatore); Launder Brian E. (Curatore); Schmidt Frank W. (Curatore); Schumann Ulrich (Curatore); Whitelaw James H. (Curatore) | Libro Springer 11/2011 - HOEPLI.it

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durst franz (curatore); friedrich rainer (curatore); launder brian e. (curatore); schmidt frank w. (curatore); schumann ulrich (curatore); whitelaw james h. (curatore) - turbulent shear flows 8

Turbulent Shear Flows 8 Selected Papers from the Eighth International Symposium on Turbulent Shear Flows, Munich, Germany, September 9 – 11, 1991

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 11/2011
Edizione: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1993


I Wall Flows.- Introductory Remarks.- Effects of Adverse Pressure Gradients on Mean Flows and Turbulence Statistics in a Boundary Layer.- Three-Dimensional Vortical Structure of a Large-Scale Coherent Vortex in a Turbulent Boundary Layer.- On the Origin of Streaks in Turbulent Shear Flows.- Turbulence in High-Frequency Periodic Fully-Developed Pipe Flow.- A Model Equation for Transitional and Turbulent Plane Channel Flow.- Contribution to the Modelling of Near-Wall Turbulence.- Direct Numerical Simulation of Low Prandtl Number Thermal Field in a Turbulent Channel Flow.- II Separated Flows.- Introductory Remarks.- Flow around Surface-Mounted, Three-Dimensional Obstacles.- Measurements and Modelling of the Turbulent Near Wake Flow of a Disk with a Central Jet.- Large-Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flow Over and Around a Cube in a Plane Channel.- Large-Eddy Simulation of a Turbulent Flow with Separation.- Calculation of Vortex Shedding Past a Square Cylinder with Various Turbulence Models.- Second-Moment Modelling of Recirculating Flow with a Non-orthogonal Collo-cated Finite-Volume Algorithm.- III Compressibility Effects.- Introductory Remarks.- An Experiment on Free Turbulence/Shock Wave Interaction.- Compressible Homogeneous Shear: Simulation and Modeling.- Simulation and Modeling of Homogeneous Compressible Turbulence Under Isotropic Mean Compression.- Compressible Turbulence Subjected to Shear and Rapid Compression.- The Effect of Compressibility on Conserved Scalar Entrainment in a Plane Free Shear Layer.- IV Buoyancy, Rotation, and Curvature Effects.- Introductory Remarks.- Some Further Exploration of Turbulence Models for Buoyancy Driven Flows.- Large-Eddy Simulation of the Convective Boundary Layer: A Comparison of Four Computer Codes.- Effects of Solid Body Rotation on the Transport of Turbulence.- Scaling and Structure of Turbulent Eddies in Curved Sheared Flows.- Experimental Investigation of the Three-Dimensional Boundary Layer on a Rotating Disk.- Reorganization of Coherent Vortices in Shear Layers under the Action of Solid-Body Rotation.


This volume contains a selection of the papers presented at the Eighth Symposium on Turbulent Shear Flows held at the Technical University of Munich, 9-11 September 1991. The first of these biennial international symposia was held at the Pennsylvania State Uni­ versity, USA, in 1977; subsequent symposia have been held at Imperial College, London, England; the University of California, Davis, USA; the University of Karlsruhe, Ger­ many; Cornell University, Ithaca, USA; the Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France; and Stanford University, California, USA. The purpose of this series of symposia is to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of new developments in the field of turbulence, especially as related to shear flows of importance in engineering and geo­ physics. From the 330 extended abstracts submitted for this symposium, 145 papers were presented orally and 60 as posters. Out of these, we have selected twenty-four papers for inclusion in this volume, each of which has been revised and extended in accordance with the editors' recommendations. The following four theme areas were selected after consideration of the quality of the contributions, the importance of the area, and the selection made in earlier volumes: - wall flows, - separated flows, - compressibility effects, - buoyancy, rotation, and curvature effects. As in the past, each section corresponding to the above areas begins with an introduction by an authority in the field that places the individual contributions in context with one another and with related research.

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