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tinnirello paul c. (curatore) - systems development handbook, fourth edition

Systems Development Handbook, Fourth Edition

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 08/1999
Edizione: Edizione nuova, 2° edizione


The Systems Development Handbook provides practical guidance for the range of new applications problems, featuring contributions from many industry experts. The book provides step-by-step charts, tables, schematics, and a comprehensive index for easy access to topics and areas of related interest. Topics include cooperative processing; the transition to object-oriented development; rapid application development tools and graphical user interfaces (GUIs); database architecture in distributed computing; development tools and techniques, including design, measurement, and production; and more.


Section I Management and Planning I-1 Project Meetings: A Communication and Coordination Tool Ulla Merz I-2 Project Assessment: A Tool for Improving Project Management Russell L. Purvis and Gordon E. McCray I-3 Managing Systems Requirements Polly Perryman I-4 Managing the Risks of Outsoucing Development Ken Doughty and Franke Grieco Section I Checklist Section II Development Strategies II-1 Six Myths about Managing Software Development in the New Millenium Linda G. Hayes II-2 Rapid Application Development and Management Mike Glassey II-3 Leveraging Developed Software: Organizational Implications Hal H. Green and Ray Walker II-4 Developing Workstation-Based Client/Server Applications Steve Rabin II-5 The Influence of Software Design on Human-Computer Interaction Joanna S.P. Shum and Eva Y.W. Wong II-6 Effective Systems Development Management: The Experts Advise Tom L. Roberts, Jr., Michael L. Gibson, and William N. Ledbetter Section II Checklist Section III Tools, Tips and Practices III-1 Ten Steps to Realizing Application Code Reuse Richard T. Dué III-2 Components: Reuse in Action Janet Butler III-3 Managing Object Libraries Polly Perryman III-4 Converting Spreadsheets to Tiered Enterprise Applications Dan Fobes III-5 Management Skills Needed in a Packaged Software Environment Janet Butler III-6 Web-Based Customer Self Service: Justifying and Planning Applications John Care III-7 Software Metrics: Quantifying and Analyzing Software for Total Quality Management Bijoy Bordoloi and Joe Luchetski Section III Checklist Section IV Programming Techniques IV-1 Performance of Object-Oriented Programs: C++ Paul J. Jalics and Ben A. Blake IV-2 Java and C++: Similarities, Differences, and Performance Adam Fadlalla, Paul J. Jalics, and Victor Matos IV-3 Web and Java Risk Issues Louise Soe and Frederick Gallegos IV-4 Java's Role in Distributed Computing J.P. Morgenthal IV-5 Component Architectures with JavaBeans Doug Nickerson IV-6 Programming Components: COM and CORBA T.M. Rajkumar and David K. Holthaus IV-7 Automatically Migrating COBOL Indexed Files: A Case Study Andrew J. Swadener and Lee Janke IV-8 Building Database-Enabled Web Applications with IDC Ido Gileadi IV-9 Creating Effective Batch SQL Jobs Len Dvorkin IV-10 Improving Performance in New Programming Environments: Java Paul J. Jalics and Donald Golden Section IV Checklist Section V Database Functionality and Design V-1 Knowledge Discovery, Data Mining, and Database Management Patricia L. Carbone V-2 Critical Factors in Developing a Data Warehouse Duane E. Sharp V-3 Web-Enabled Data Warehousing Nathan J. Muller V-4 Software Architectures for Distributed DBMSs in a Client/Server Environment James A. Larson and Carol L. Larson V-5 Component Design for Relational Databases Ashvin Iyengar Section V Checklist Section VI Operating Platforms VI-1 Evaluating Object Middleware: DCOM and CORBA T.M. Rajkumar and Richard J. Lewis, Jr. VI-2 Transitioning to Windows NT Nathan J. Muller VI-3 Windows NT Architecture Gilbert Held VI-4 NetWare/IP James E. Gaskin VI-5 Software Configuration Management in a Client/Server Environment: A Case Study John McMullen Section VI Checklist Section VII Networking and Connectivity VII-1 The Mainframe as Enterprise Server Brian Jeffrey VII-2 Developing a Trusted Infrastructure for Electronic Commerce Services David Litwack VII-3 Integrating Electronic Messaging Systems and Infrastructures Dale Cohen VII-4 Understanding Public Key Cryptology Gilbert Held Section VII Checklist Section VIII Testing Software Applications VIII-1 Reinventing Testing in the Age of Convergence Shari Dove VIII-2 Year 2000 Testing on Client/Server Database Applications Martin D. Solomon and Scott C. Blanchette VIII-3 Software Testing to Meet Corporate Quality Goals Polly Perryman VIII-4 Testing Disaster Recovery Plans Leo A. Wrobel Section VIII Checklist Section IX Quality and Productivity Initiatives IX-1 Measuring Program Performance Paul J. Jalics and Santosh K. Misra IX-2 Creating a Development Environment for Quality: A Case Study John Care IX-3 Telecommuting: Distributed Work Programs Richard Bellaver Section IX Checklist Section X Leveraging Staff Resources X-1 Fostering Loyal and Long-Term Employees by Raising Organizational Identification Carl Stephen Guynes, J. Wayne Spence, and Leon A. Kappelman X-2 Successfully Hiring and Retaining IT Personnel John P. Murray X-3 Training Options in a Technical Environment Gilbert Held X-4 A Worksheet for Goals and Skills Assessment Kenneth P. Prager X-5 Project Teamwork: How To Make It Happen James R. Coleman Section X Checklist Section XI Supporting Existing Software XI-1 Refurbishing Legacy Systems: An Effective Approach to Maintenance William F. Lenihan XI-2 Interfacing Legacy Applications with RDBMSs and Middleware Dan Fobes XI-3 Critical Success Factors in Reengineering Legacy Systems Patricia L. Seymour XI-4 A Systems Approach to Software Maintenance John G. Burch and Fritz H. Grupe Section XI Checklist Section XII Post Development Administration XII-1 Delivering Support Services Through the World Wide Web Nathan J. Muller XII-2 File Retention and Backup Bryan Wilkinson XII-3 Managing Database Backup and Recovery Michael Simonyi Section XII Checklist

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