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inamuddin (curatore); thomas sabu (curatore); kumar mishra raghvendra (curatore); asiri abdullah m. (curatore) - sustainable polymer composites and nanocomposites

Sustainable Polymer Composites and Nanocomposites

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 02/2019
Edizione: 1st ed. 2019


This book presents emerging economical and environmentally friendly polymer composites that are free of the side effects observed in traditional composites. It focuses on eco-friendly composite materials using granulated cork, a by-product of the cork industry; cellulose pulp from the recycling of paper residues; hemp fibers; and a range of other environmentally friendly materials procured from various sources.

The book presents the manufacturing methods, properties and characterization techniques of these eco-friendly composites. The respective chapters address classical and recent aspects of eco-friendly polymer composites and their chemistry, along with practical applications in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, automotive and other sectors. Topics addressed include the fundamentals, processing, properties, practicality, drawbacks and advantages of eco-friendly polymer composites.

Featuring contributions by experts in the field with a variety of backgrounds and specialties, the book will appeal to researchers and students in the fields of materials science and environmental science. Moreover, it fills the gap between research work in the laboratory and practical applications in related industries.


Chapter 1


Ecofriendly polymer composites state of arts, opportunity, and challenges

Chapter 2


Proceesing and Structural Protocol  for sustainable polymer composites

Chapter 3


Extraction of cellulose fibers   and their Eco-friendly polymer composites

Chapter 4


Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Hemicellulose  based eco-friendly polymer composites

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of chitin & chitosan-based eco-friendly polymer composites

Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of lignin-based eco-friendly polymer composites

Chapter 7

Processing, characterisation and application   of Mico and Nanocellulose   based Environmentally friendly polymer composites

Chapter 8

Processing, characterisation and application   of Biomass-based environmentally friendly polymer composites

Chapter 9

Processing, characterisation and application   of Natural rubber based environmentally friendly polymer composites

Chapter 10

Processing, characterisation and application   of PCL and PLA based Micro and Nano fibrillar green in-situ Polymer composites

Chapter 11

Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of polyolefin based Eco-friendly polymer composites

Chapter 12

Eco-Friendly Single Polymer composites

Chapter 13

Biodegradability and Biocompatibility of Green Polymer Composites

Chapter 14

Effect of Plasticizer and Compatibilizer on the properties of Recycled Plastic Composites

Chapter 15

Sustainable Polymer Composites based on Biocompatible Nanofiller 

Chapter 16

Spectroscopy and Microscopy of Ecofriendly polymer composites

Chapter 17

Static and Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Eco-friendly Polymer Composites

Chapter 18

Rheological study  of 
Green polymer   composites

Chapter 19

Rheological study of 
Green polymer   composites

Chapter 20

Thermal and Crystallization Behaviour of Eco-friendly polymer composites

Chapter 21

Diffusion, Transport, and Water Absorption Properties Eco-friendly polymer composites

Chapter 22

Life Cycle Analysis of 
Eco-friendly polymer composites


Inamuddin is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Chemistry, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Aligarh, India. He has extensive research experience in multidisciplinary fields of Analytical Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, and Electrochemistry and, more specifically, Renewable Energy and Environment. His research interest includes ion exchange materials, sensor for heavy metal ions, biofuel cells, supercapacitors and bending actuators.

Sabu Thomas is a Professor of Polymer Science and Engineering at the School of Chemical Sciences, as well as the Director of Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Mahatma Gandhi University, India. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, London and a member of the American Chemical Society. His research group focus on Polymer blends, Fibre filled polymer composites, Particulate-filled polymer composites and their morphological characterization, Ageing and degradation, Pervaporation phenomena, sorption and diffusion, Interpenetrating polymer systems, Recyclability and reuse of waste plastics and rubbers, Elastomer crosslinking, Dual porous nanocomposite scaffolds for tissue engineering, among others.

Raghvendra Kumar Mishra is a Visvesvaraya Senior Research Fellow at the International and Interuniversity Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Mahatma Gandhi University, India. His research interests include Polymer Recycling, Polymer blends, Fibre filled polymer composites, Particulate filled polymer composites and their morphological characterization, Ageing and degradation, Carbon nanotubes, Graphene, Conducting polymer blends and composites .

Abdullah M. Asiri is the Head of the Chemistry Department at King Abdulaziz University since October 2009 and the founder and the Director of the Center of Excellence for Advanced Materials Research (CEAMR) since 2010. He is a Professor for Organic Photochemistry. His research interest covers color chemistry, synthesis of novel photochromic, thermochromic systems, synthesis of novel coloring matters and dyeing of textiles, Materials Chemistry, Nanochemistry and nanotechnology Polymers and plastics.

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