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singh rajendra - soil and water conservation structures design

Soil and Water Conservation Structures Design

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 02/2023
Edizione: 1st ed. 2023


The book is designed to serve as a textbook for graduate and undergraduate courses on soil and water conservation engineering for students of agricultural engineering, civil engineering, environmental engineering and related disciplines. The book presents the basics of soil and water erosion, and describes the measures to control erosion, focusing on structures to prevent and control erosion. The chapters dedicated to erosion control structures provide a detailed view of each structural construction, covering the function, design and elements of each type of structure. Some common type of structures covered in the book are terrace, bunds, vegetated waterways, and gully control structures, including spillways. The book also covers wind erosion and control structures to prevent wind erosion. Each chapter includes pedagogical elements such as examples, practice questions, and multiple-choice-type questions to improve understanding and aid in self-study. Besides serving as a textbook university coursework, the book can also serve as a supplementary or primary text for professional development courses for practicing engineers engaged in soil and water conservation or watershed management. The book will also serve as a reference for professionals, environmental consultants, and policy makers engaged in soil and water conservation related fields.







Soil and water conservation is essential to tackle the global challenge of soil erosion, which is negatively impacting food productivity, water security and environmental quality. This chapter traces the history of soil erosion and introduces the principles of soil and water conservation. It highlights the challenges involved in adopting appropriate measures for preventing and minimising soil erosion. The chapter also discusses the types of soil erosion and their causes. The impacts of soil erosion are analysed from a global in general and Indian perspective in particular. The current and emerging trends in soil and water conservations research are highlighted.




     1.1       Soil and Water Conservation

                         1.1.1   Principles of Soil and Water Conservation

                         1.1.2   Challenges in Soil and Water Conservation

      1.2       Soil Erosion

      1.3       History of Soil Erosion

      1.4       Agents of Soil Erosion
      1.5       Types of Soil Erosion

                         1.5.1   Geological Erosion

                         1.5.2   Accelerated Erosion      Water Erosion      Wind Erosion

      1.6       Effects of Soil Erosion

                         1.6.1   Global Perspective

                         1.6.2   Indian Perspective

      1.7       Causes of Erosion

1.7.1   Destruction of Natural Protective Cover

1.7.2   Improper Land Use

1.7.3   Improper Cultivation or Cropping Pattern

      1.8       Factors affecting erosion

                         1.8.1   Climate

                         1.8.2   Topography

                         1.8.3   Vegetation

                         1.8.4   Soil

      1.9       Recent Trends in Soil and Water Conservation

      Practice Questions

      Multiple Choice Questions














Water erosion encompasses the detachment of soil particles primarily by raindrops and flowing water and their transport by runoff.  Comprehending the mechanics of water erosion is essential to develop measures to control erosion. This chapter describes the principal types of water erosion, viz., raindrop splash erosion, sheet erosion, interrill erosion, rill erosion, gully erosion, tunnel erosion and streambank erosion, and explores the mechanics of each type.  The chapter also describes various agronomical and biological measures employed to control water erosion. It also introduces popular engineering erosion control measures like terracing, bunding, vegetated waterways and gully control structures.




2.1     Water Erosion

2.2       Types of Water Erosion

                         2.2.1   Raindrop Splash Erosion

                         2.2.2   Sheet Erosion

                         2.2.3   Interrill Erosion

                         2.2.4   Rill Erosion

                         2.2.5   Gully Erosion

                                   Processes of Gully Erosion

                                   Stages of Gully development

                                   Classification of Gully

                         2.2.6   Tunnel Erosion

                         2.2.7   Streambank Erosion

      2.3       Mechanics of Water Erosion

                         2.3.1   Detachment

                         2.3.2   Transportation

                         2.3.3   Deposition

      2.4       Control of Water Erosion



Dr. Rajendra Singh has been a faculty in the Agricultural and Food Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur since 1989.  He  has  been  associated  with  the  Soil    Water  Conservation Engineering discipline of the   Department  (presently  known  as  Land    Water  Resources Engineering), and has taught “Soil & Water Conservation Engineering” at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He  has  contributed  significantly  to  the  Agricultural  Engineering  profession  through  teaching, research  and  technology  transfer.  

He  has  developed  and  popularised  five  software packages, including  the  Soil  Conservation  Structure  Designer  (SCS_Designer)  to  improve  the  agricultural engineering education and research. Dr. Singh has guided 17 PhD and 75 MTech students, with an h-index of 33 and i-10-index of 51.   He  has  received  several  national  and  international  honours  and  awards  including BOYSCAST Fellowship, AICTE Career Award for Young Teachers, ICAR Young Scientist Award, DAAD Research  Fellowship,  DAAD  Visiting  Professorship; and held important positions like Member, Board of Governors, Dean (Undergraduate Studies) and Head of Department at IIT Kharagpur, and Member of Research and Technical Advisory Committees of several National bodies. Dr Singh has also won the “Recognition Award” in the area of ‘Soil & Water Conservation Engineering’ from the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

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