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kanbur baris burak; duan fei - small-scale energy conversion systems combined with lng cold utilization

Small-Scale Energy Conversion Systems Combined with LNG Cold Utilization


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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 11/2022

Note Editore

Small-Scale Energy Conversion Systems Combined with LNG Cold Utilization fills the scientific and engineering knowledge gaps in small-scale LNG regasification and its combinations with various combined energy systems. Including thermodynamic, economic, environmental, thermoeconomic and lifecycle assessment techniques for performance investigations of the small-scale LNG cold utilization systems, this book highlights the real potential of systems integration involving LNG and what the advantages of small-scale LNG plants.

Consisting of different kinds of power generation systems, including Rankine cycle, Brayton cycle, thermoelectric power generation, and more with different energy systems like desalination, thermal energy storage, data center cooling, and carbon dioxide capture systems, the book emphasizes the combination of both traditional and new systems with small-scale LNG regasification.

  • Presents environmental, sustainability and lifecycle-integrated performance assessments by different combined energy system configurations
  • Features detailed and critical multi-objective optimization procedures
  • Includes case studies that give insights to apply to proposed techniques with real-time data


1. Global Trends and Fundamentals of LNG 2. Design of LNG Regasification Process 3. Thermodynamic and Economic Fundamentals of Combined Energy Systems with LNG regasification 4. Fundamentals of Environmental and Sustainability Perspectives for LNG 5. Cold Utilization Systems 6. Thermoeconomic Modeling and Optimization of LNG Cold Utilization Systems 7. Conventional Power Generation Systems with LNG Cold Energy 8. LNG Cold-Utilized Thermoacoustic Power Generation Systems 9. LNG Cold-Utilized Thermoelectric Power Generation Systems 10. LNG Cold-Utilized PEM Fuel Cell Operations 11. LNG Cold-Utilized Desalination Systems 12. Data Center Immersion Cooling Design with LNG Cold Energy 13. LNG Cold-Utilized Cryogenic CO2 Capture Systems


Dr. Baris Burak Kanbur completed his Ph.D. study on the small-scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) cold energy-utilization systems with respect to the thermodynamic, economic, thermo-economic, enviro-economic and sustainability aspects. He gained experience in the thermal process engineering of LNG systems, created new designs, proposed novel and improved methodologies, and integrated sustainability and life cycle assessment indicators into the analysis and optimization steps of the LNG cold energy utilization process. During the Ph.D. period (2015-2019), B.B. Kanbur published journal articles and conference articles in the reputable conferences and he was an active member in the application and fabrication steps of the project "LNG Power Generation from Gas Turbine and Stirling Engine .
Dr. Fei Duan is an Associate Professor of School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His main research interests are thermodynamics, transport phenomena (heat transfer and fluid dynamics). In the concept of LNG cold utilized systems, F. Duan managed the project "LNG Power Generation from Gas Turbine and Stirling Engine . The project covered a wide perspective of LNG cold utilization. In the LNG regasification part; boiling experiments, LNG vaporizer designs, heat exchanger optimization, heat transfer phenomena of the LNG in the vaporizer were investigated. Also, the cold energy of LNG was utilized in a novel thermoacoustic Stirling engine. Experimental studies and numerical simulations of the novel Stirling engine design were conducted in the project. Duan's LNG research group published 26 articles in high-impact factor journals, 11 conference articles in the reputable conferences, and 1 international patent.

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