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schneier bruce - secrets and lies

Secrets and Lies Digital Security in a Networked World

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 01/2004


Bestselling author Bruce Schneier offers his expert guidance on achieving security on a network
Internationally recognized computer security expert Bruce Schneier offers a practical, straightforward guide to achieving security throughout computer networks. Schneier uses his extensive field experience with his own clients to dispel the myths that often mislead IT managers as they try to build secure systems. This practical guide provides readers with a better understanding of why protecting information is harder in the digital world, what they need to know to protect digital information, how to assess business and corporate security needs, and much more.
* Walks the reader through the real choices they have now for digital security and how to pick and choose the right one to meet their business needs
* Explains what cryptography can and can't do in achieving digital security

Note Libraio

The author has writen this book partly to correct a mistake. In his Applied Cryptography he argued cryptography, and, in general, technology was The Answer to protect every systems. The error of Applied Cryptography was that the author didn't talk at all about the context. This book argues that in order to understand the security of a system, you need to look at the entire system, and not at any particular technologies. Security itself is an interconnected system.

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Dimensioni: 227 x 30.83 x 158 mm Ø 550 gr
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