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galluccio ph.d. mauro - science and diplomacy

Science and Diplomacy Negotiating Essential Alliances

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 01/2021
Edizione: 1st ed. 2021


This book lays the groundwork for a new field of study and research in the intersection between science and diplomacy. It will review the multi-disciplinary research in this burgeoning area in providing the scientific foundation for the application of psychological principles to understanding and facilitating political decisions in an international context.   Focusing on how people think, act, and feel on both individual and collective levels, this book takes into account a realistic perspective from which transformative processes can emerge. It follows the ongoing debate in the EU and the world in providing a better understanding of the tools that can be deployed to improve communication and cooperation between scientists, politicians, and diplomats in this field. The failure of communication in this COVID-19 planetary crisis has not been about whether or not objectives have been achieved, but about the ability of major actors to cooperate to forge links with people. The way policymakers and scientists will manage their interpersonal negotiations will be of great importance in fostering international cooperation and coordinated problem-solving behaviours. Otherwise, science diplomacy will lose sight of its most important purpose: that of helping to solve problems, conflicts, and diplomatic processes for the sake of humanity.






Part I   Perception and misperception in science diplomacy

Chapter 1 - Introduction - Book organisation

Chapter 2 - Adaptive decision-making process in crisis situations

Part II – Science and Diplomacy: Negotiating a Joint Engagement

Chapter 3 - Science Diplomacy

1.    Introduction

2.    Defining Science Diplomacy

3.    Science Diplomacy: History and achievements

4.    Science Diplomacy as Soft Power Exercise

5.    Multilateral Science Diplomacy in Action

6.    Cooperative Advisory Mechanisms


Chapter 4 - Science Diplomacy and the EU

1.    Science Diplomacy and the EU: A Brief History

2.    Scientific Advise in the EU Institutions

3.    Responsible Research & Innovation

4.    The EU’s Strategy under Commissioner Moedas.

5.    Cutting-Edge Year: An Insight on the EU’s Actions

Chapter 5 - Evidence-Informed Policymaking 1.    Introduction 2.    Brief History of Evidence-Based Policymaking 3.    Evidence-informed policymaking in the European Union 4.    The Relation between the Scientist and the Diplomat: Recommendations 5.    Evidence-informed Policymaking in Action 6.    Standardization vs. Experience-Based Approach 7.    Evidence-informed policymaking: Leading from the shadows


Chapter 6 - Climate Change and Extreme Hazards 1.    Introduction 2.    Evidence-based Medicine and Clinical Practice 3.    Climate Change and Hydrometeorological Extreme Hazards

4.    Negotiating Global Agreements with Incomplete Evidence-Informed

5.    Climate Change: Citizens’ Resilience and Well-Being


Chapter 7 - Evidence-informed policymaking: The Way Forward

Concluding remarks to Part II

Part III - Biosecurity and Environmental Disaster: Adaptive decision-making in time of uncertainty

Chapter 8 - A major challenge to the uncertainty of modern times

1.    Introduction

2.    Crisis management

3.    Knowing how to give a feedback

4.    Risk management

5.    Bioterrorism after September 11th, 2001

6.    Potential global economic impact of agricultural bioterrorism

7.    Environmental Disaster: A major challenge to Biosafety

8.    Hyogo Framework for Action

9.    Biosafety and resilience processes


Chapter 9 - Crisis Management and Risk Assessment in the EU: A General Outline

1.    Introduction

2.    Main operational mechanisms in the EU institutional framework

3.    The European Agenda on Security

4.    Risk assessment system in the EU

5.    A brief history of the EU’s comprehensive approach

6.    The EU’s Green Paper on Bio-preparedness

7.    Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Task Force


Chapter 10 – International Cooperation

1.    Introduction

2.    European and International Projects on Risk Assessment and Crisis Management

3.    Stakeholders’ training strategy

4.    UNDP Global Risk Identification Program (GRIP)

5.    Risk communication

6.    Implementing biosafety and biosecurity preparedness in the EU

7.    Feeding the Sendai S&T roadmap on capacity development and resilience

8.    The expected Impact on the European society

Concluding Remarks to Part III


Part IV - Theory, research, and practice for Science diplomacy: An insight on cooperative processes

Chapter 11 - International Alliance for Science Diplomacy. Interpersonal skills as a predictor of a sound negotiation process: American and European self-perception

Mauro Galluccio & Mattia Sanna

Chapter 12 - Evidence-Informed Policymaking: A European Multi-Actor Innovative Project

Lodovica Maria GULLINO & Laura VIVANI

Chapter 13 - Misunderstanding the first Nuclear crisis with North Korea: The inconvenient science in negotiations.


Chapter 14 - Scientists meet diplomats: A cognitive insight on interpersonal negotiation process.

Mauro GALLUCCIO & Aaron Tim BECK



Mauro Galluccio Ph.D. is a political scientist, psychologist, and cognitive behavioural therapist in clinical practice. He completed his Post-doctoral Fellowship at the Johns Hopkins University, where he was also a Visiting Scholar for two full years, at SAIS (School of Advanced International Studies) in Washington D.C. Dr Galluccio is the president of EANAM (European Association for Negotiation and Mediation) based in Brussels. He is advisor to the Joint Research Center (JRC) on evidence-informed for policymaking and seasoned expert evaluator, ethics expert and peer reviewer to the ERC (European research Council) and REA (Research Executive Agency) for founding projects and programs of the European Union. Dr Galluccio has worked for many years within the European Institutions as political analyst and adviser. He has been a public external speaker and professorial lecturer for more than 20 years to the European Commission of the EU (DG COMM - EC Presidency), in charge of the EU Institutions and policymaking. He has been adviser to the UNDP (United Nations Development Program) on mentoring programme for trainers. He is the editor and author of the Handbook of International Negotiation: Interpersonal, Intercultural, and Diplomatic Perspectives, 2015, Springer, New York. He is co-author of Psychological processes in international negotiations: theoretical and practical perspectives (with F. Aquilar, Springer, New York, 2008) and co-editor of Psychological and Political Strategies for Peace Negotiation. A Cognitive Approach (with F. Aquilar, Springer, New York, 2011).

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