Recent Advances In Operator Theory And Related Topics - Kerchy Laszlo (Curatore); Foias Ciprian I. (Curatore); Gohberg Izrael (Curatore); Langer Heinz (Curatore) | Libro Birkhauser Basel 10/2001 -

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kerchy laszlo (curatore); foias ciprian i. (curatore); gohberg izrael (curatore); langer heinz (curatore) - recent advances in operator theory and related topics

Recent Advances in Operator Theory and Related Topics The Béla Szökefalvi-Nagy Memorial Volume

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 10/2001
Edizione: 2001


Inverse problems associated to a canonical differential system.- Construction of Schwarz norms.- On the class of extremal extensions of a nonnegative operator.- On Livšic—Brodskii nodes with strongly regular J-inner characteristic matrix functions in the Hardy class.- Scalar perturbations of the Sz.-Nagy—Foias charac-teristic function.- Inequalities for eigenvalues of sums in a von Neu-mann algebra.- Weighted variants of the Three Chains Completion Theorem.- Semigroups in finite von Neumann algebras.- Singly generated algebras containing a coin-pact operator.- Analytic extension of vector valued functions.- On quotient modules.- On the structure of spherical contractions.- Apostol’s bilateral weighted shifts are hyper-reflexive.- Wielandt type extensions of the Heinz—Kato—Furuta inequality.- Logarithmic order and dual logarithmic order.- On the generalized von Neumann inequality.- Ultraproducts of C*-algebras.- Intertwining extensions and a two-sided corona problem.- On self-polar Hilbertian norms on (indefinite) inner productspaces.- Schur norms and the multivariate von Neumann inequality.- Spectral properties of selfadjoint Jacobi matrices coming from birth and death processes.- On the hyperinvariant subspace problem for asymptotically non-vanishing contractions.- Unstable dynamics on a Markov background and stability in average.- A relation for the spectral shift function of two self-adjoint extensions.- Beppo Levi and Lebesgue type theorems for bundle convergence in noncommutative L2-spaces.- *-semigroup endomorphisms of B(H).- Spectral singularities, Szökefalvi-Nagy—Foias functional model and the spectral analysis of the Boltzmann operator.- Uniqueness of invariant measures for the stochastic Cauchy problem in Banach spaces.- The Friedrichs operator of a planar domain. II.- Localization of the Wielandt—Wintner Theorem.- Order and square roots in hermitian Banach *-algebras.- Unitary dilation of several contractions.- Inequalities for semibounded operators and their applications to log-hyponormal operators.- Operator moment problems in unbounded sets.- The argument principle and boundaries of analytic varieties.- Conference Program.- List of Participants.


These 35 refereed articles report on recent and original results in various areas of operator theory and connected fields, many of them strongly related to contributions of Sz.-Nagy. The scientific part of the book is preceeded by fifty pages of biographical material, including several photos.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Operator Theory: Advances and Applications
Dimensioni: 235 x 155 mm Ø 1460 gr
Formato: Copertina rigida
Pagine Arabe: 670
Pagine Romane: l

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