Professional Dnn7 - Walker Shaun; Rover Nathan; Sellers Mitchel; Shiao Dennis; Strohl Will; Van Ballegoij Erik; Willhite Scott; Jr. Williams Ralph; Chapman Bruce; Connolly Cathal; Donker Peter; Martinez Israel; Nurse Charles; Paterra Chris; Bland Clinton; Prasad Ashish | Libro Wrox 06/2015 -

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walker shaun; rover nathan; sellers mitchel; shiao dennis; strohl will; van ballegoij erik; willhite scott; jr. williams ralph; chapman bruce; connolly cathal; donker peter; martinez israel; nurse charles; paterra chris; bland clinton; prasad ashish - professional dnn7

Professional DNN7 Open Source .NET CMS Platform

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 06/2015

Note Editore

Your complete insiders' guide to learning DNN7

DNN7 is the result of significant transformation and capability expansion. The entire platform has migrated to C#, the user interface has undergone a drastic overhaul, and functionality has been dramatically improved with new tools and features. This book is the straight–from–the–source solution for getting up to speed, with clear instruction and key insights from DNN founder Shaun Walker and well–known contributors from the DNN team. From the move to ASP.NET 4.0, to the DNN App Store, to insider advice on the business side of software, this book is the ultimate handbook to the latest iteration of DNN.

Professional DNN7 shows you how to:

  • Install DNN, manage users, and keep the DNN installation secure with expanded functionality
  • Administer and host a DNN site, and install and configure modules using brand–new features
  • Localize a DNN site for multiple languages, and utilize third–party commercial add–ons supported by hundreds of ISVs
  • Build custom DNN modules in C# or VB, using the model of separation of database, business logic, and database layers
  • Customize the look of DNN with skinning, and exploit new support for social collaboration and mobile devices

Wrox Professional guides are planned and written by working programmers to meet the real–world needs of programmers, developers, and IT professionals. Focused and relevant, they address the issues technology professionals face every day. They provide examples, practical solutions, and expert education in new technologies, all designed to help programmers do a better job.




From Humble Beginnings 2

The Dot–Com Era 4

IBuySpy Portal 5


IBuySpy Portal Forum 8

IBuySpy Workshop 9

Subscription Fiasco 11

Microsoft 13

DotNetNuke 14

Licensing 15

Core Team 17

XXL Fork 19

Trademarks 20

Sponsorship 21

Enhancements 22

Security Flaw 24

DotNetNuke 2.0 25 Website 26

Provider Model 27

Open Source Philosophy 27

Stabilization 28

Third–Party Components 28

Core Team Reorganization 29

Microsoft Membership API 30

Breaking Changes 30

Web Hosters 31

DotNetNuke 3.0 32

Release Schedule 33

DotNetNuke Projects 34

Intellectual Property 35

Marketing 36

Microsoft Hosting Program 38

Infrastructure 39

Branding 40

Tech Ed 43

Credibility 44

Trademark Policy 45

ASP.NET 2.0 46

Reorganization 47

Microsoft Conferences 48

DotNetNuke 4.0 49

Slashdotted 52

Benefactor Program 52

Opportunists 56

Yin and Yang 57

A New Company 58

Larry Augustin 59

Performance 60

DotNetNuke Marketplace 61

Free Module Promotion 63

Conferences 64

Microsoft Valuable Professionals 65

Fundraising 65

Awards and Accolades 66

DotNetNuke OpenForce 07 66

SLA Program 67

More Fundraising 68

CodePlex 69

Security Issues 70

IP Disputes 71

Term Sheets 73

DotNetNuke OpenForce 08 75

DotNetNuke Professional 76

Series A Announcement 78

Physical Offices 79

DotNetNuke 5.0 80

Day of DotNetNuke 80

DNN–Europe 81

Snowcovered Acquisition 81

Telerik Partnership 82

Series B 83

Open–DocumentLibrary Acquisition 84

DotNetNuke Enterprise Edition 84

POET Vulnerability 85 Overhaul 85

Active Modules Acquisition 87

Nik Kalyani Leaves DNN Corp 87

Cloud. Mobile. Social. 88

DotNetNuke 6.0 88

DotNetNuke World 2011 89

DotNetNuke Gets Social 90

Microsoft Azure Partnership 91

DNN World 2012 92

DotNetNuke 7.0 92

iFinity Acquisition 93

10–Year Anniversary 93

DNN Social 94 Hacked 95

Rebranding 95

DNNCon 98

Scott Willhite Moves On 98

DNN 7.x Releases 99

My Departure from DNN Corp 99

Summary 102


What You Need to Install DNN Platform Version 7 104

Installing the DNN Platform Using the Installation Package 104

Step 1: Download the Software 104

Step 2: Unzip the Package 105

Step 3: Create a Database in SQL Server 106

Step 4: Create a Database Account 106

Step 5: Configure IIS 107

Step 6: Set File and Folder Permissions 107

Step 7: Perform the Installation 107

Installing the DNN Platform Using the Web Platform Installer 110

Downloading the Software 111

Installing the DNN Platform 111

Upgrading the DNN Platform to Version 7 114

Getting a Trial Version of Evoq Content 115

Common Installation Issues 116

Summary 117


Core Platform Objects 119

Sites (Portals) 119

Pages (Tabs) 122

Theme (Skin) 124

Modules 125

Security 127

Users 128

Roles 128

Host 130

Admin 130

Summary 130


What Is Site Administration? 131

Common Administrative Tasks 132

Control Panel Sections 132

Admin 133

Tools 134

Help 134

Modules and Pages 134

Users 134

Edit Page 135

Admin Menu Features 135

Common Settings 135

Event Viewer 136

File Management 139

Page Management 148

Recycle Bin 151

Security Roles 155

Site Settings 162

User Accounts 181

Advanced Settings 185

Advanced Configuration Settings 185

Device Preview Management 186

Extensions 187

Google Analytics 187

Languages 188

Lists 189

Newsletters 189

Search Admin 190

Search Engine Site Map 191

Site Log 191

Site Redirection Management 191

Site Wizard 192

Skins 193

Taxonomy 194

Vendors 194

Best Practices for Site Administrators 195

Getting User Registration Right 195

Having a Naming Convention 195

Never Sharing User Accounts 196

Editing as a Content Editor 196

Fewer Administrators, Not More 197

Fewer Permissions, Not More 197

Never Using User Permissions 198

Having a Process and Standards 199

Getting to Know Your Features 199

Summary 199


Why Do You Need the Host? 202

What Is Host Administration? 202

Host Attributes 203

Host Menu Pages 203

Dashboard 204

Extensions 205

Tab: Installed Extensions 205

Tab: Available Extensions 208

Tab: Purchased Extensions 208

Tab: More Extensions 209

Buttons: Install Extension Wizard 209

Buttons: Create New Extension and Create New Module 210

File Management 210

Host Settings 210

The Buttons 210

Basic: Configuration 212

Basic: Host Details 213

Basic: Appearance 213

Basic: Payment Settings 213

Advanced: Friendly URL Settings 214

Advanced: Proxy Settings 214

Advanced: SMTP Server Settings 214

Advanced: Performance Settings 215

Advanced: jQuery Settings 216

Advanced: CDN Settings 216

Advanced: Client Resource Management 217

Advanced: Membership Management 218

Advanced: Login IP Filters 218

Advanced: Search Settings 218

Other: Request Filters 219

Other: Site Log 219

Other: Auto–Unlock Accounts After 219

Other: Allowable File Extensions 220

Other: Auto–Sync File System 220

Other: Allow Content Localization 220

Site Management 221

Configuration Manger 222

Device Detection Management 222

HTML Editor Manager 222

Lists 224

Schedule 224

Schedule Item Details 225

Configuration 227

SQL 227

Vendors 228

Additional Host Features on Admin Site Settings 228

Event Viewer 228

Site Settings 229

Advanced: Site Aliases 229

Advanced: SMTP Server Settings 230

Advanced: SSL Settings 231

Advanced: Messaging Settings 232

Advanced: Host Settings 232

Page Management 233

Advanced Configuration Settings 233

Languages 234

Additional Host Features on the Control Panel 235

Tools Menu 236

Modules Menu 236

Host Options on the Module Actions Menu 236

Integrating with a Third–Party Provider 238

Installing the Facebook Provider 238

Setting Up the Facebook Application 240

Activating the Facebook Provider 241

Summary 242


What Is a Module? 243

Where Do Modules Live on a Page? 244

Adding a Module to a Page 245

One Module Across Multiple Pages 246

One Module Across Multiple Sites 246

Working with Modules 247

Moving Modules 247

Module Settings and Action Menus 248

The Module Settings Tab 249

The Permissions Tab 249

The Page Settings Tab 251

Where to Get Modules 252

The DNN Store 252

Forge 252

Developing Your Own Modules 253

Viewing Modules and Extensions 253



About the authors and technical editors:

Shaun Walker is the original creator of DNN, the founder of DNN Corp., a Microsoft MVP since 2004, and is currently the Director & Innovation Group Lead at Arrow Consulting & Design.

Clinton Bland, Bruce Chapman, Cathal Connolly, Charles Nurse, Chris Paterra, Ashish Prasad, Nathan Rover, and Dennis Shiao each work at DNN Corp. on the DNN product.

Erik van Ballegoij, Peter Donker, Will Strohl, and technical editor Brian Dukes are each DNN MVPs, nominated by other DNN users and recognized as exceptional community leaders.

Israel Martinez, Mitchel Sellers, DNN Corp. co–founder Scott Willhite, Ralph Williams, Jr., and technical editor Sebastian Leupold are each DNN community members who contribute greatly to the DNN ecosystem.

Visit us at where you have access to free code samples, Programmer to Programmer forums, and discussions on the latest happenings in the industry from around the world.

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