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zhang preston - practical guide to large database migration

Practical Guide to Large Database Migration

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Lingua: Inglese

CRC Press

Pubblicazione: 04/2019
Edizione: 1° edizione

Note Editore

It is a major challenge to migrate very large databases from one system, say for example, to transfer critical data from Oracle to SQL Server. One has to consider several issues such as loss of data being transferred, the security of the data, the cost and effort, technical aspects of the software involved, etc. There a very few books that provide practical tools and the methodology to migrate data from one vendor to another. This book introduces the concepts in database migration with large sample databases. It provides step by step guides and screenshots for database migration tools. Many examples are shown for migrating Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL databases.


Contents Preface Introduction to Database Migration What is Database Migration Database Migration Stages Database Migration PathsDatabase Migration Tools Sample Large Databases Summary SQL Server Database Migration SQL Server to MySQL Migration ExampleSQL Server to SQL Server Migration ExampleSQL Server to Oracle Migration ExampleSummary More About SQL Server Management Studio Visual Database DesignSQL Server Query DesignerGenerating ScriptsActivity MonitorQuery Options Template BrowserDatabase Engine Tuning AdvisorDisk Usage ReportDatabase PropertiesSQL Server BackupSummary MySQL Database MigrationMySQL to MySQL Migration ExampleMySQL to SQL Server Migration ExampleMySQL to Oracle Migration ExampleSummary More About MySQL WorkbenchMySQL Database ModelingMySQL Server ManagementMySQL SynchronizationUnique MySQL INSERT IGNORE StatementSummary Oracle Database MigrationOracle to MySQL Migration ExampleOracle to SQL Server Migration ExampleOracle to Oracle Migration Example Summary More About and Oracle SQL Developer and Oracle EMOracle Query BuilderOracle SQL Developer DBA ToolOracle 12c Enterprise Manager Database ExpressSummary Microsoft Access Database MigrationMicrosoft Access to MySQL Migration Example Microsoft Access to SQL Server ExampleMicrosoft Access to Oracle Migration ExampleSummary Index


Preston Zhang has over 20 years of experiences in database design and implementation. As a database administrator, he manages Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL database servers for university departments in Georgia. He has done many database migration projects in Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL database systems. He has written many queries in Oracle SQL, SQL Server T-SQL and MySQL to process millions of records for business reports. He has developed Web applications using Oracle database as back-end for a large health care company. He has taught undergraduate database and programming courses in private universities for over 10 years. He has a Master of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from University of Wisconsin-Parkside. He lives in Georgia with his family and can be reached at

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