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frazer james george - pausanias and other greek sketches

Pausanias and Other Greek Sketches

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 06/2012

Note Editore

Sir James Frazer (1854–1941) is best remembered for his monumental study of ancient religion, The Golden Bough (of which the first and third editions are both reissued in this series). He also produced a translation of and commentary on the Description of Greece of Pausanias, the second-century CE traveller and antiquarian, and the first piece in this 1900 compilation of Frazer's 'sketches' is the introductory essay to that work. Short descriptions then follow of the present-day appearance of over ninety places visited by Pausanias, and the work ends with an essay on Pericles and the effect of the period of his rule on the art and architecture of Athens. This fascinating work is imbued with Frazer's enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, the topography of ancient Greece, and will be of interest not only to scholars but also to visitors to the country.


Preface; 1. Pausanias and his Description of Greece; 2. Oropus; 3. Rhamnus; 4. Marathon; 5. Prasiae; 6. Mount Humettus; 7. Mount Pentelicus; 8. Phyle; 9. The port of Athens; 10. The Sacred Way; 11. The Hall of Initiation at Eleusis; 12. Eleutherae; 13. Megara; 14. The Scironian Road; 15. The Isthmus of Corinth; 16. The Bath of Aphrodite; 17. The prospect from Acro-Corinth; 18. The capture of Corinth by Aratus; 19. Sicyon; 20. Phliasia; 21. Nemea; 22. The Pass of the Tretus; 23. Mycenae; 24. The end of the Mycenaean age; 25. Mount Arachnaeus; 26. Epidaurus; 27. The Temple in Aegina; 28. The Sanctuary of Poseidon in Calauria; 29. Troezen; 30. From Troezen to Epidaurus; 31. Methana; 32. Nauplia; 33. The springs of the Erasinus; 34. The Lernean Marsh; 35. The Anigraean Road; 36. The battlefield of Sellasia; 37. Sparta; 38. Mistra; 39. On the road from Sparta to Arcadia; 40. Cape Malea; 41. Monemvasia; 42. Maina; 43. Pharae and the Messenian plain; 44. Messene; 45. On the road to Olympia; 46. Olympia; 47. Phidias's image of Olympian Zeus; 48. The Hermes of Praxiteles; 49. Lasion; 50. The Erymanthus; 51. The monastery of Megaspeleum; 52. The Gulf of Corinth; 53. On the coast of Achaia; 54. Pellene; 55. The road from Argos to Arcadia; 56. Mantinea; 57. The road to Stymphalus; 58. The lake and valley of Stymphalus; 59. The lake of Pheneus; 60. From Pheneus to Nonacris; 61. The fall of the Styx; 62. The valley of the Aroanius; 63. The springs of the Ladon; 64. The gorge of the Ladon; 65. Aliphera; 66. Dimitsana; 67. Gortys; 68. The plain of Megalopolis; 69. The cave of the Black Demeter; 70. The Temple of Apollo at Bassae; 71. The Temple of Artemis at Aulis; 72. Glaucus's Leap; 73. Evening on the Euripus; 74. The Copaic lake; 75. The Great Katavothra; 76. The vale of the muses; 77. Hippocrene; 78. Lebadea; 79. The Boeotian Orchomenus; 80. The plain of Chaeronea; 81. Panopeus; 82. Near Hyampolis; 83. Tithorea; 84. From Amphissa to Gravia; 85. Daulis; 86. The Cleft Way; 87. Delphi; 88. Aeschines at Delphi; 89. The Pythian tune; 90. The Lacedaemonian trophy at Delphi; 91. The gods in battle; 92. The Sibyl's wish; 93. Orpheus in hell; 94. The Acheron; 95. A ride across Parnassus; 96. Pericles.


James Frazer (1854-1941), best remembered for The Golden Bough, also produced a translation of and commentary on Pausanias' Description of Greece, and the first piece in this 1900 compilation of Frazer's 'sketches' is the introductory essay to that work. Short descriptions follow of over ninety places visited by Pausanias.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Cambridge Library Collection - Classics
Dimensioni: 216 x 25 x 140 mm Ø 550 gr
Formato: Brossura
Pagine Arabe: 436

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