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liew kim-meow (curatore); shen hong (curatore); see simon (curatore); cai wentong (curatore); fan pingzhi (curatore); horiguchi susumu (curatore) - parallel and distributed computing: applications and technologies

Parallel and Distributed Computing: Applications and Technologies 5th International Conference, PDCAT 2004, Singapore, December 8-10, 2004, Proceedings

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 12/2004
Edizione: 2005


The 2004 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing, - plications and Technologies (PDCAT 2004) was the ?fth annual conference, and was held at the Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore on December 8–10, 2004. Since the inaugural PDCAT held in Hong Kong in 2000, the conference has - come a major forum for scientists, engineers, and practitioners throughout the world to present the latest research, results, ideas, developments, techniques, and applications in all areas of parallel and distributed computing. The technical program was comprehensive and featured keynote speeches, te- nical paper presentations, and exhibitions showcased by industry vendors. The technical program committee was overwhelmed with submissions of papers for presentation, from countries worldwide. We received 242 papers and after - viewing them, based on stringent selection criteria, we accepted 173 papers. The papers in the proceedings focus on parallel and distributed computing viewed from the three perspectives of networking and architectures, software systems and technologies, and algorithms and applications. We acknowledge the great contribution from all of our local and international committee members and - perreviewerswhodevotedtheirtimeinthereviewprocessandprovidedvaluable feedback for the authors. PDCAT 2004 could never have been successful without the support and ass- tance of several institutions and many people. We sincerely appreciate the s- port from the National Grid O?ce and IEEE, Singapore for technical co-sponsorship.The?nancialsponsorshipsfromtheindustrialsponsors,Hewlett- Packard Singapore; IBM Singapore; Sun Microsystems; SANDZ Solutions; S- icon Graphics, and Advanced Digital Information Corporation, are gratefully acknowledged.


Algorithms and Applications.- Implementing a Bioinformatics Workflow in a Parallel and Distributed Environment.- Parallel Computing Platform for the Agent-Based Modeling of Multicellular Biological Systems.- Data Reduction in Human Vision System.- Mediator-Based Architecture for Integrated Access to Biological Databases.- Application of Active Database Abstraction in B2B E-Commerce.- An Algorithm for Mining Lower Closed Itemsets.- An Update Propagation Method Based on the Tree of Replicas in Partially Replicated Databases.- A Parallel Electro-Optical Computer Architecture for Artificial Intelligence.- Data Mining Techniques in Materialised Project and Selection View.- Parallel Text Categorization for Multi-dimensional Data.- Agent Based Distributed Data Mining.- A Resistant P2P-Based Cooperative Storage System.- Distributed High-Performance Web Crawler Based on Peer-to-Peer Network.- A Peer-to-Peer Hypertext Categorization Using Directed Acyclic Graph Support Vector Machines.- Architecture of Agent-Based Healthcare Intelligent Assistant on Grid Environment.- Design and Implementation of Replication Management in Main Memory DBMS ALTIBASETM.- A Distributed Ontology Framework for the Grid.- One Backward Inference Algorithm in Bayesian Networks.- Dynamic Semantic Consistency Checking of Multiple Collaborative Ontologies in Knowledge Management System.- The Practice of I/O Optimizations for Out-of-Core Computation.- A Grid Service Based Portal for Virtual Learning Campus.- Implementation of Application Collaboration Protocol.- A Componentized Approach to Grid Enabling Seismic Wave Modeling Application.- Design of Algorithm for the 3D Object Representation Based on the Web3D Using X3D.- Motion Vector Recovery by Surrounding Region Matching Based on Gradient Difference.- Computer Generated Holographic Image Processing for Information Security.- A Nonparametric Skin Color Model for Face Detection from Color Images.- An Efficient Prediction Search Pattern for Half Pixel Motion Estimation.- Analysis of Functional MRI Image Using Independent Component Analysis.- Prediction-Based Simplified Half Pixel Motion Estimation.- A New CWT-IHS Fusion Based on Edge-Intensity-Factor.- Image Segmentation Based on Fuzzy 3-Partition Entropy Approach and Genetic Algorithm.- An Optimal Broadcasting Algorithm for de Bruijn Network dBG(d,k).- Container Problem in Bi-rotator Graphs.- WNChord: A Weighted Nodes Based Peer-to-Peer Routing Algorithm.- A Congestion Control Algorithm for Multimedia Traffic.- Improved Limited Path Heuristic Algorithm for Multi-constrained QoS Routing.- Weightless Neural Network Array for Protein Classification.- Vector Quantization Using Enhanced SOM Algorithm.- An Enhanced Fuzzy Neural Network.- A Novel Anti-spam Email Approach Based on LVQ.- An Application of Hybrid Least Squares Support Vector Machine to Environmental Process Modeling.- Recurrent Neural Network for Robot Path Planning.- Normalized RBF Neural Network for Tracking Transient Signal in the Noise.- An Efficient Algorithm for Fault Tolerant Routing Based on Adaptive Binomial-Tree Technique in Hypercubes.- Genetic Local Search Based on Genetic Recombination: A Case for Traveling Salesman Problem.- Study on Data Allocation Model in Distributed Storage.- O(1) Time Algorithm on BSR for Constructing a Binary Search Tree with Best Frequencies.- Agent Based Distributed Parallel Tunneling Algorithms.- The Effect of Varying Computational Granularity and Tree Imbalance on the Performance of Parallel Tree-Based Application.- Distributed Channel Routing Using Genetic Algorithm.- Distributed Simulated Annealing for Composite Stock Cutting Problem.- Constant Time Algorithms for the 3-D All Nearest Neighbor Problem on the LARPBS.- Parallel K-Means Clustering Algorithm on DNA Dataset.- Performances of Parallel Clustering Algorithm for Categorical and Mixed Data.- Task Distribution Methods for the Reconstruction of MR Images.- A Fault-Tolerant h-Out of-k Mutual Exclusion Algorithm Using Cohorts Coteries for Distributed Systems.- Phylogenetic Analysis Using Maximum Likelihood Methods in Homogeneous Parallel Environments.- Real-Time Transcoding of MPEG Videos in a Distributed Environment.- A Communication-Induced Checkpointing and Asynchronous Recovery Algorithm for Multithreaded Distributed Systems.- A Parallel Routing Algorithm on 2-Circulant Networks Employing the Hamiltonian Circuit Latin Square.- Parallel Algorithms for the Process of the Biorthogonal Wavelet Transform.- The Subgroup Method for Collective I/O.- Utilizing Dynamic Data Value Localities in Internal Variables.- A Service-Oriented Accounting Architecture on the Grid.- A Genetic Algorithm for Robot Navigation.- A Categorized-Registry Model for Grid Resource Publication and Discovery Using Software Agents.- An Adaptive Load Balancing Approach in Distributed Computing Using Genetic Theory.- Global Stability of Optimization Based Flow Control with Time-Varying Delays.- OITASSF: An Omnipotent Integration Technology for Application System Security Functions.- How to Provide Continuous Services by Mobile Servers in Communication Networks.- A Framework for Price-Based Resource Allocation on the Grid.- RT-Grid: A QoS Oriented Service Grid Framework.- Storage-Aware Harmonic Broadcasting Protocol for Video-on-Demand.- Stochastic DFS for Multiprocessor Scheduling of Cyclic Taskgraphs.- A Novel Rollback Algorithm in Parallel and Distributed System Simulation.- Agent-Mediated Genetic Super-Scheduling in Grid Environments.- Investigating Super Scheduling Algorithms for Grid Computing: A Simulation Approach.- A New Motion Planning Approach Based on Artificial Potential Field in Unknown Environment.- Networking and Architectures.- Physical Frame Timeslot Switching (PFTS) in the Single User-Plane Architecture Network (SUPANET).- Fast Address Configuration for WLAN.- NIC-NET: A Host-Independent Network Solution for High-End Network Servers.- Analysis of TCP/IP Protocol Stack for a Hybrid TCP/IP Offload Engine.- Techniques in Mapping Router-Level Internet Topology from Multiple Vantage Points.- Lossy Link Identification for Multicast Network.- Scalable MPEG-4 Storage Framework with Low Bit-Rate Meta-information.- Micro-communication Element System.- Single User-Plane Architecture Network (SUPANET) and Its QoS Provisioning Mechanisms in Signaling and Management (S&M) Planes.- A Commodity Cluster Using IEEE 1394 Network for Parallel Applications.- Design and Implementation of an Improved Zero-Copy File Transfer Mechanism.- An M-VIA-Based Channel Bonding Mechanism on Gigabit Ethernet.- Soft-Computing-Based Virtual Topology Design Methods in IP/DWDM Optical Internet.- An Analytic Model of Burst Queue at an Edge Optical Burst Switching Node.- Cost-Effective Deflection Routing Algorithm in Optical Burst Switching Networks.- On Concurrent Multi-port Test System for Routers and Its Support Tools.- A Temporal Consensus Model.- Automatically Generalized Ontology System for Peer-to-Peer Networks.- Locabus: A Kernel to Kernel Communication Channel for Cluster Computing.- View-Oriented Parallel Programming and View-Based Consistency.- A Distributed Architecture of the Indirect IP Lookup Scheme for High-Speed Routers.- A Locking Protocol for Distributed File Systems.- Tuning Genetic Algorithms for Real Time Systems Using a Grid.- An In-Order SMT Architecture with Static Resource Partitioning for Consumer Applications.- ShanghaiGrid: Towards Building Shared Information Platform Based on Grid.- A Cost-Optimized Detection System Location Scheme for DDoS Attack.- Dynamically Selecting Distribution Strategies for Web Documents According to Access Pattern.- An Information Sharing Structure of Broadcasting.- Design and Evaluation of a Novel Real-Shared Cache Module for High Performance Parallel Processor Chip.- Using Computing Checkpoints Implement Consistent Low-Cost Non-blocking Coordinated Checkpointing.- The K-Fault-Tolerant Checkpointing Scheme for the Reliable Mobile Agent

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
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