Nonlinear Hyperbolic Problems: Theoretical, Applied, And Computational Aspects - Donato Andrea (Curatore); Oliveri Francesco (Curatore) | Libro Vieweg+Teubner Verlag 01/1993 -

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donato andrea (curatore); oliveri francesco (curatore) - nonlinear hyperbolic problems: theoretical, applied, and computational aspects

Nonlinear Hyperbolic Problems: Theoretical, Applied, and Computational Aspects Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Hyperbolic Problems, Taormina, Italy, April 3 to 8, 1992


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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 01/1993
Edizione: 1993


On spurious difference solutions of discretizations of nonlinear hyperbolic differential equations.- Symmetry analysis for waves in hole enlargement.- Flux formulation using a fully 2D approximate Roe Riemann solver.- Extended thermodynamics of charge carrier transport in semiconductors.- Resonances of Schwarzschild black holes.- Well-posedness of nonlinear hyperbolic problems and the dynamics of compressible fluids.- Numerical viscosity, entropy condition and convergence of finite volume schemes for general multidimensional conservation laws.- Existence of solutions for a class of hyperbolic systems of p conservation laws (p > 3).- Direct solution of two-dimensional scalar conservation laws with Riemann initial data by the GSC method.- A practical hyperbolic problem: the unsteady gas-liquid flow in a pipe.- Stability of shock waves of 3×3 model MHD equations.- Numerical simulation of high frequency scattering waves using exact controllability methods.- Discrete Boltzmann equation with multiple collisions.- The Burgers equation: explicit solutions of an initial boundary value problem.- Hyperbolic problems in kinetic theory.- Convergence of an explicit upwind Van Leer scheme on a triangular mesh for hyperbolic equations.- Large time, weak solutions to reacting Euler equations.- Classes of exact solutions for the discrete Boltzmann models.- On a class of large time-step schemes for conservation laws.- A numerical technique to compute Euler flows at impermeable boundaries based on physical considerations.- Equivalence of referential and spatial field equations in continuum physics.- Weak solutions in rate type dynamic viscoplasticity.- Improved residual smoothing.- Second order evolution equations and progressive waves.- Parallel computer solution of the wave equation.- Numerical solution of a moving boundary hyperbolic problem.- A new multidimensional Euler-scheme.- The influence of a source term, an example: chemically reacting hypersonic flow.- Implicit schemes for P-system equations via Roe’s linearisation.- A reduction approach for determining exact solutions to a hyperbolic nonautonomous model.- Spectral element-FCT method for the compressible Euler equations.- Multi-dimensional Riemann problems for linear hyperbolic systems: Part I.- Multi-dimensional Riemann problems for linear hyperbolic systems: Part II.- A theory of fluid mixing.- Simple Godunov-Type schemes for Lagrangian gas dynamics.- A modified GMRES method for steady state solutions of hyperbolic systems.- Absorbing boundary conditions for Maxwell’s equations.- Shock wave analysis for hyperbolic systems of conservation laws having spatial variability.- A mathematical model of traffic flow on a network of roads.- A generalized lagrangian method for solving the Euler equations.- Parameter identification for a hyperbolic equation modelling chromatography.- Weak discontinuity interaction with shocks and the reductive perturbation method with positive and negative nonlinearity.- Improvements of upwind formulations on unstructured meshes.- Regularity of a scalar Riemann problem in two space dimensions.- Convergence to steady state of solutions of viscous conservation laws.- A conservative front tracking scheme for 1D hyperbolic conservation laws.- Multi-dimensional numerical schemes.- A linear hyperbolic system with stiff source terms.- Energy propagation in linear hyperbolic systems in the presence of dissipation.- Nonlinear evolution of an obliquely propagating hydromagnetic wave.- Two-dimensional boundary layer equations: high resolution capturing methods.- Characteristic Galerkin methods for hyperbolic problems.- The symmetric hyperbolic equations of extended thermodynamics.- Non linear Klein-Gordon equation in Schwarzschild-like metrics.- Galilean quasilinear systems of PDE’s and the substitution principle.- Some asymptotic results concerning a hyperbolic mixed problem in viscoelasticity.- Waves in media with periodic fine structure.- On some exact solutions of hyperbolic Boussinesq equation with dissipation.- Convergence of approximate solutions of the Cauchy problem for a 2×2 nonstrictly hyperbolic system of conservation laws.- Universal principles for balance law systems.- Implicit numerical methods for kinetic equations.- Travelling wave solutions of convection-diffusion systems and nonconservative hyperbolic systems.- The Riemann problem for two-dimensional gas dynamics.- Flux-vector splitting for compressible low Mach number flow.- Application of an E.N.O. scheme to simulate the ion etching process.- Entropy dissipation in finite difference schemes.- The resolution of compressible flow fields by adaptive finite volume methods.- Hyperbolic conservation laws, finite difference schemes and error estimates.- Numerical simulation of high speed reactive flows with adaptive mesh refinement.- A model for pipeline three-phase flows.- The compactness of front-tracking for chromatography electrophoresis and incompressible multiphase flow.- Singular perturbations of first-order hyperbolic systems.- List of Participants.- Conference data.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design
Dimensioni: 235 x 155 mm Ø 937 gr
Formato: Brossura
Pagine Arabe: 612

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