Nondestructive Characterization Of Materials Iv - Bussière J.F. (Curatore); Green Robert E. (Curatore); Ruud C.O. (Curatore) | Libro Springer 02/1992 -

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bussière j.f. (curatore); green robert e. (curatore); ruud c.o. (curatore) - nondestructive characterization of materials iv

Nondestructive Characterization of Materials IV

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 02/1992
Edizione: 1991


Coatings and Thin Films: Accurate Structural Characterization of ZrN Coatings and Epitaxial GaAs Layers by X Ray Diffraction Using the DOSOPHATEX System (R.Y. Fillitt et al.). Wood, Paper, Concrete, and Ceramics: Nondestructive Evaluation of WoodPast, Present, and Future (R.F. Pellerin et al.0. Polymer, Composite Processing and Process Modeling: Sensor Development and Process COntrol in the Field of Polymer Compounding (H.G> Fritz et al.). Material Characterization and Modeling: In Process Characterization of Gallium Arsenide Crystals by XRay Digital Radiography and Computed Tomagraphy (J.W. Eberhard et al.). Microstructure and Plastic Deformation of Metals: Coercivity Measurement from Analysis of the Tangential Magnetic Field (G. Fillion et al.). Composites: Feature Based Studies on Guided Ultrasonic Wave Modes for Anomaly Estimation in Composite Structures (K. Balasubramaniam et al.). Residual Stresses and Fracture Mechanisms: An Ultrasonic Technique for the Identification of Crack Susceptible Microstructures in NickelCopper Alloy K500 Forgings (M.E. Natishan et al.). Texture and Property Anisotropy: Crystallographic Texture Analysis as a New Method for Material Characterization (J.R. Hirsch). 52 additional articles. Index.


There is a great deal of interest in extending nondestructive technologies beyond the location and identification of cracks and voids. Specifically there is growing interest in the application of nondestructive evaluation (NOEl to the measurement of physical and mechanical properties of materials. The measurement of materials properties is often referred to as materials characterization; thus nondestructive techniques applied to characterization become nondestructive characterization (NDCl. There are a number of meetings, proceedings and journals focused upon nondestructive technologies and the detection and identification of cracks and voids. However, the series of symposia, of which these proceedings represent the fourth, are the only meetings uniquely focused upon nondestructive characterization. Moreover, these symposia are especially concerned with stimulating communication between the materials, mechanical and manufacturing engineer and the NDE technology oriented engineer and scientist. These symposia recognize that it is the welding of these areas of expertise that is necessary for practical development and application of NDC technology to measurements of components for in­ service life time and sensor technology for intelligent processing of materials. These proceedings are from the fourth international symposia and are edited by c.o. Ruud, J. F. Bussiere and R.E. Green, Jr. . The dates, places, etc of the symposia held to date area as follows: Symposia on Nondestructive Methods for TITLE: Material Property Determination DATES: April 6-8, 1983 PLACE: Hershey, PA, USA CHAIRPERSONS: C.O. Ruud and R.E. Green, Jr.

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