Mobile And Personal Satellite Communications 2 - Vatalaro Francesco (Curatore); Ananasso Fulvio (Curatore) | Libro Springer 10/1996 -

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vatalaro francesco (curatore); ananasso fulvio (curatore) - mobile and personal satellite communications 2

Mobile and Personal Satellite Communications 2 Proceedings of the Second European Workshop on Mobile/Personal Satcoms (EMPS ’96)


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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 10/1996
Edizione: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1996


This book of proceedings contains papers for the Second European Workshop on Mobile/Personal Satcoms (EMPS '96), held in Rome, Italy, and hosted by the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche. The EMPS '96 workshop follows the edition of two years ago, and is intended as an occasion for exchange of information and opinions among experts in the fast-growing field of mobile satellite communications. With respect to the first successful edition we only made one main modification. We issued a formal call for papers, instead oflimiting the selection process to invited papers as was in the past: 60 papers were received from 18 countries. Each paper has been reviewed by at least two referees, and then 41 papers were selected by the Workshop Steering Committee (WSC). An invited introductory lecture opens the workshop and is given by Dr. Andrew J. Viterbi, who is also honorary chairman of EMPS '96. Satellite Personal Communications Networks (SPCNs) are now expected to grow very fast, even beyond the most optimistic forecast: their unique feature to establish ex abrupto a world-wide communication fabric is certainly the winning card. Market analyses now indicate that LEO networks already planned to be operational around 1998 even risk being overwhelmed by users request, so that their extensions are already being considered. And, additionally, multimedia SPCNs are also being introduced at higher frequencies to provide broadband services.


Approaching the Shannon Limit: Theorist’s Dream and Practitioner’s Challenge.- 1 System Architectures I.- The L-Band Land Mobile (LLM) Payload: Key Technologies and Test Results.- Antenna Pattern Reconfiguration in the Future Direct Broadcasting Satellite at 22 GHz.- New Highly Miniaturised Multibeam RF Beamforming Networks for Phased Array Antennas Using MMIC and Multilayer Technologies.- ITALSAT F2 and its EMS Payload for Mobile Communications.- Is Terrain Scattering a Significant Contributor to Interference by Personal Communications Satellites ?.- 2 Networks and Mobility Management I.- Providing Appropriate Service Quality to Fixed and Mobile Users in a Non-Geo Satellite-Fixed Cell System.- Inter-Network Signalling Load Analysis for GSM-Satellite Integration.- Mobility Issues for a GEO Multi-Spot Satellite System with OBP Capabilities.- 3 Propagation Channel Characterization and Modelling.- Carrier To Multipath Characterization and Prediction for Mobile Satellite Systems.- Measurement of Propagation Loss into Cars on Satellite Paths at L-Band.- Satellite Channels Modelled by Chaotic Bit Error Generators.- Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) via Archimedes/mediaStar HEO-Satellites.- 4 Systems Architectures II.- Design Aspects of Digital Modems for the Forecoming Demonstrations of Mobile Systems Operating at SHF/EHF.- The Receiver with an Adaptive Array Antenna and Satellite Diversity for Low Earth-Orbital Multiple Satellite Communication Systems.- Mobile and Personal Satellite Communications Experiments with Japan’s Experimental Satellite COMETS.- High-Rate Production and Testing of Spacecrafts and Active Antennas for Mobile/Personal Satcoms.- 5 Network and Mobility Management II.- Handover Requests Queuing in Low Earth Orbit Mobile Satellite Systems.- A Simulation Environment for the Evaluation of Maintainability Strategies in Telecomunication Networks Based on Satellite Constellation.- GSM- Interoperable Mobile Satellite Call Processing Architecture.- Dynamic Transceiver, Carrier and Time-Slot Allocation Strategies for Mobile Satellite Systems.- 6 Modulation and Coding.- High Level Trellis Coding, Equalisation and Diversity for Mobile Communications.- Study on the Application of Turbo Codes in a Satellite System.- Analysis of Improvement due to Interleaving for Data Transmission Over Mobile Satellite Channel with Trellis Coded Modulation System.- On the Interleaver Depth in Concatenated Coding Schemes.- 7 Multiple Access.- How Can Interference-Rejection Receivers Increase the Capacity of CDMA Multi-Beam Satellite Communication Systems?.- Interference Statistics for Multibeam Satellites.- Analysis of a DS-CDMA Return Link for Mobile Satellite Communications.- 8 Ka and EHF Bands Exploitation.- Channel Measurements for EHF-Band Land Mobile Satellite Systems.- ACTS Ka-Band Propagation Measurements in Florida.- Satellite Multimedia Applications through Compact Portable and Mobile Terminals.- Measurements and Analysis on Ka Land Mobile Satellite Channel.- 9 Business and Service Provision I.- IRIDIUM Italia inside the S-PCS Programs.- Satellite System Architectures.- The Integration of Personal Satellite Communication with Terrestrial Cellular: A Business Perspective.- The Globalstar System: A Complement to Terrestrial Mobile Networks.- 10 Business and Service Provision II.- EUTELTRACS — EUTELSAT’s Mobile Communication System Dedicated to the Improvement of Productivity of European Fleet Operators.- Status of the IRIDIUM System: Moving Rapidly Towards Global Wireless Service in 1998.- Network Evolution for Mobile Satellite Services.- The IRIDIUM Program in the European PCN Scenario.- 11 Panel Papers.- The 1995 World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-95) and its Effect on Mobile/Personal Satcoms.- Integration of Satellite PCNs into Terrestrial Networks and the Way towards UMTS.- EMPS ‘96 Contributors.- Author Index.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Dimensioni: 235 x 155 mm Ø 905 gr
Formato: Brossura
Illustration Notes:55 Illustrations, black and white
Pagine Arabe: 582
Pagine Romane: xii

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