Microorganisms To Combat Pollution - Rosenberg E. (Curatore) | Libro Springer 09/2012 - HOEPLI.it

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rosenberg e. (curatore) - microorganisms to combat pollution

Microorganisms to Combat Pollution

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 09/2012
Edizione: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1993


This volume contains material first presented at an international workshop on the 'Use of Microorganisms to Combat Pollution', held in Israel, May 10--18, 1992. The workshop was sponsored by the Bat-Sheva de Rothschild Foundation for the Advancement of Science and included microbiologists, biochemists and geneticists from universities, environmental agencies and the military. Each of the contributors to this volume is an ack­ nowledged expert on the treatment of one or more types of pollution using microorganisms or their enzymes. This book differs from most published symposia proceedings in the breadth of coverage of each subject. Most of the chapters are divided into three parts: (a) A general presentation of the source and toxicity of the pollutant, (b) a review of the current state-of-the-science on the biodegradation of that pollutant and (c) the authors' unique research experiences on the problem. In several examples, the authors have presented data from both laboratory studies and field trials. Thus, the book contains not only the theoretical background on the biodegradation of pollutants, but also practical experiences in applying this knowledge to solving significant pollution problems.


Preface. A: Genetically Engineered Microorganisms. The environment, microbes and bioremediation: Microbial activities modulated by the environment; D. Daubaras, A.M. Chakrabarty. Molecular methods for environmental monitoring and containment of genetically engineered microorganisms; R.M. Atlas. B: Metals. Mercury biotransformations and their potential for remediation of mercury contamination; T. Barkay, R. Turner, E. Saouter, J. Horn. Interactions of bacteria with cadmium; E.Z. Ron, E. Rosenberg. C: Lignocellulose. The cellulose paradox: pollutant par excellence and/or a reclaimable natural resource? E.Q. Bayer, R. Lamed. Utilization of lignocellulose waste by the edible mushroom Pleurotus; Y. Hadar, Z. Kerem, B. Gorodecki, O. Ardon. Biobleaching of wood pulp; Y. Shoham, E. Rosenberg. Disposal and utilization of lignocellulose; P.M.A. Broda. D: Nitrogen and sulfur. The use of natural bacterial populations for the treatment of sulfur-containing waste water; J.G. Kuenen, L.A. Robertson. Transformations of ammonia and the environmental impact of nitrifying bacteria; A. Abeliovich. E: Halogenated Compounds. Versatility of soil column experiments to study biodegradation of halogenated compounds under environmental conditions; J.R. van der Meer, T.N.P. Bosma, W.P. de Bruin, H. Harms, C. Holliger, H.H.M. Rijnaarts, M.E. Tros, G. Schraa, A.J.B. Zehnder. Bacterial PCB biodegradation; A.W. Boyle, C.J. Silvin, J.P. Hassett, J.P. Nakas, S. Tanenbaum. Biodegradation of haloalkanes; S. Belkin. F: Petroleum. Bioremediation: Experience and follow-up research from the EXXON VALDEZ oil spill; P.H. Pritchard. Bioremediation of petroleum pollution: Overcoming a multiphase problem; E. Rosenberg, R. Legmann, R. Taube, A. Kushmaro, E. Adler, E.A. Ron. Microbial degradation of hydrocarbons; C.E. Cerniglia. G: Military/Industrial Pollution. Biological degradation of explosives and chemical agents; J.E. Walker, D.L. Kaplan. Microbial degradation of pollutants and high salt concentrations; A. Oren, P. Gurevich, M. Azachi, Y. Henis. Index.

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