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sillitoe roy v. (curatore) - measuring cerebellar function

Measuring Cerebellar Function

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 01/2023
Edizione: 1st ed. 2022


This volume considers the current techniques used by experts to study and measure cerebellar function. The chapters in this book cover topics such as stem cell-based techniques; conditional genetics approaches in model systems; neuronal recordings conducted in vitro and in vivo; and an ever-growing list of behavioral paradigms. This book also provides readers with a guide for how to use tools such as iPSCs and how to address questions using a range of approaches in animal model systems including mouse, rat, zebrafish, and non-human primate. In the Neuromethods series style, the chapters include the kind of detail and key advice from the specialists needed to get successful results in your laboratory.

Cutting-edge and authoritative, Measuring Cerebellar Function is a valuable resource for cerebellar enthusiasts and other scientists interested in learning more about the cerebellum and the technological advances that are currently being employed to unlock brain function and understand animal behavior.


Series Preface…
Table of Contents…
Contributing Authors…

1. Cerebellar Modeling using Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Max J. van Essen, Samuel Nayler, Elizabeth J. Apsley, John Jacob, and Esther B. E. Becker

2. From Cerebellar Genes to Behaviors in Zebrafish
Masahiko Hibi and Takashi Shimizu

3. Silencing the Output of Cerebellar Neurons using Cell Type-Specific Genetic Deletion of Vesicular GABA and Glutamate Transporters
Meike E. van der Heijden, Amanda M. Brown, and Roy V. Sillitoe

4. Mapping Structure-Function Relationships within Cerebellar Circuits
Richard Apps, Charlotte L. Lawrenson, Elena Paci, and Nadia L. Cerminara

5. Designing Behavioral Tasks for Cerebellar Functional Analysis in the Mouse
Court Hull

6. Learning Paradigms and Genetic Tools for the Study of Cerebellum-Dependent Learning and Memory
Akira Katoh

7. Neural Circuit Activity Dependent Chromatin Mechanisms in Cerebellar Motor Learning
Pamela Valnegri, Tomoko Yamada, and Yue Yang

8. In Vitro Voltage Imaging of Subthreshold Activity in Inferior Olive Neurons with ANNINE-6plus
Kevin Dorgans, Bernd Kuhn, and Marylka Yoe Uusisaari

9. Mapping Synaptic Connectivity in the Cerebellar Cortex using RuBi-Glutamate Uncaging
Ludovic Spaeth, Théo Gagneux, Kevin Dorgans, Antoine Valera, Izumi Sugihara, and Philippe Isope

10. Multisite Extracellular Electrode Neuronal Recordings in the Rodent Cerebellar Cortex and Nuclei
Thibault Tarpin, Victor Llobet, Guillaume Dugue, Zuzanna Piwkowska, Andres Varani, Andrei Khilkevich, David DiGregorio, Daniela Popa, and Clement Lena

11. Investigating Cerebrocerebellar Neuronal Interactions in Freely Moving Mice using Multi-Electrode, Multi-Site Recordings
Yu Liu, Brittany L. Correia, Mia B. Fox, and Detlef H. Heck

12. In Vivo Optical Detection of Membrane Potentials in the Cerebellum: Voltage Imaging of Zebrafish
Kanae Hiyoshi, Narumi Fukuda, Asuka Shiraishi, and Sachiko Tsuda

13. Imaging Neuronal Activity in Cerebellar Cortex of Behaving Mice
Mikhail Kislin, Gerard Joey Broussard, Ben Deverett, and Samuel S. H. Wang

14. Measuring Cerebellar Processing and Sensorimotor Functions in Non-Human Primates
Nico A. Flierman, Eric Avila, Chris I. De Zeeuw, and Aleksandra Badura

15. Optogenetics in Complex Model Systems (Non-Human Primate)
Robijanto Soetedjo and Yoshiko Kojima

16. Clinical Assessment of the Cerebellum
Jason S. Gill, Jennifer Deger, and Roy V. Sillitoe

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Neuromethods
Dimensioni: 254 x 178 mm Ø 699 gr
Formato: Brossura
Illustration Notes:XIII, 351 p. 77 illus. in color.
Pagine Arabe: 351
Pagine Romane: xiii

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