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roy-chowdhury amit k. - lie algebraic methods in integrable systems

Lie Algebraic Methods in Integrable Systems

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 06/2017
Edizione: 1° edizione

Note Editore

Over the last thirty years, the subject of nonlinear integrable systems has grown into a full-fledged research topic. In the last decade, Lie algebraic methods have grown in importance to various fields of theoretical research and worked to establish close relations between apparently unrelated systems. The various ideas associated with Lie algebra and Lie groups can be used to form a particularly elegant approach to the properties of nonlinear systems. In this volume, the author exposes the basic techniques of using Lie algebraic concepts to explore the domain of nonlinear integrable systems. His emphasis is not on developing a rigorous mathematical basis, but on using Lie algebraic methods as an effective tool.The book begins by establishing a practical basis in Lie algebra, including discussions of structure Lie, loop, and Virasor groups, quantum tori and Kac-Moody algebras, and gradation. It then offers a detailed discussion of prolongation structure and its representation theory, the orbit approach-for both finite and infinite dimension Lie algebra. The author also presents the modern approach to symmetries of integrable systems, including important new ideas in symmetry analysis, such as gauge transformations, and the "soldering" approach. He then moves to Hamiltonian structure, where he presents the Drinfeld-Sokolov approach, the Lie algebraic approach, Kupershmidt's approach, Hamiltonian reductions and the Gelfand Dikii formula. He concludes his treatment of Lie algebraic methods with a discussion of the classical r-matrix, its use, and its relations to double Lie algebra and the KP equation.


INTRODUCTION,Lax Equation and IST,Conserved Densities and Hamiltonian Structure,Symmetry Aspects,Observations,LIE ALGEBRA,Introduction,Structure Constants and Basis of Lie Algebra,Lie Groups and Lie Algebra,Representation of a Lie Algebra,Cartan-Killing Form,Roots Space Decomposition,Lie Groups: Finite and Infinite Dimensional,Loop Groups,Virasoro Group,Quantum Tori Algebra,Kac-Moody Algebra,Serre's Approach to Kac-Moody Algebra,Gradation,Other Infinite Dimensional Lie Algebras,PROLONGATION THEORY,Introduction,Sectioning of Forms,The KdV Problem,The Method of the Hall Structure,Prolongation in (2+1) Dimension,Method of Pseudopotentials,Prolongation Structure and the Backlund Transformation,Constant Coefficient Ideal,Connections,Morphisms and Prolongation,Principal Prolongation Structure,Prolongations and Isovectors,Vessiot's Approach,Observations,CO-ADJOINT ORBITS,Introduction,The Kac-Moody Algebra,Integrability Theorem: Adler, Kostant, Symes,Superintegrable Systems,Nonlinear Partial Differential Equation,Extended AKS Theorem,Space-Dependent Integrable Equation,The Moment Map,Moment Map in Relation to Integrable Nonlinear Equation,Co-Adjoint Orbit of the Volterra Group,SYMMETRIES OF INTEGRABLE SYSTEMS,Introduction,Lie Point and Lie Backlund Symmetry,Lie Backlund Transformation,Some New Ideas in Symmetry Analysis,Non-Local Symmetries,Observations,HAMILTONIAN STRUCTURE,Introduction,Drinfeld Sokolob Approach,The Lie Algebraic Approach,Example of Hamiltonian Structure and Reduction,Hamiltonian Reduction in (2+1) Dimension,Hamiltonian Reduction of Drinfeld and Sokolov,Kupershmidt's Approach,Gelfand Dikii Formula,Trace Identity and Hamiltonian Structure,Symmetry and Hamiltonian Structure,CLASSICAL r-MATRIX,Introduction,Double Lie Algebra,Classical r-Matrix,The Use of r-Matrix,The r-Matrix and KP Equation


Amit K. Roy-Chowdhury (University of California, Riverside, USA) (Author)

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