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zlatev zahari (curatore); san josé roberto (curatore); brandt jørgen (curatore); builtjes peter j.h. (curatore); carmichael gregory (curatore); dimov ivan (curatore); dongarra jack (curatore); van dop h. (curatore); georgiev krassimir (curatore) - large scale computations in air pollution modelling

Large Scale Computations in Air Pollution Modelling

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 03/1999
Edizione: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1999


1. Contents of these proceedings. These proceedings contain most of the papers which were presented at the NATO ARW (Advanced Research Workshop) on "Large Scale Computations in Air Pollution Modelling". The workshop was held, from June 6 to June to, 1998, in Residence Bistritza, a beautiful site near Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, and at the foot of the mountain Vitosha. 2. Participants in the NATO ARW. Scientists from 23 countries in Europe, North America and Asia attended the meeting and participated actively in the discussions. The total number of participants was 57. The main topic of the discussions was the role of the large mathematical models in resolving difficult problems connected with the protection of our environment. 3. Major topics discussed at the workshop. The protection of our environment is one of the most important problems facing modern society. The importance of this problem has steadily increased during the last two-three decades, and environment protection will become even more important in the next century. Reliable and robust control strategies for keeping the pollution caused by harmful chemical compounds under certain safe levels have to be developed and used in a routine way. Large mathematical models, in which all important physical and chemical processes are adequately described, can successfully be used to solve this task.


1. “Parallelalgorithms for some optimization problemsarising in air pollution modeling”.- 2. “Modeling of global and regional transport and transformation of airpollutants”.- 3. “Long-term calculationswith large air pollution models”.- 4. “Parallelnumerical simulation of air pollutionin Southern Italy”.- 5. “Real time predictions of transport, dispersion and deposition from nuclear accidents”.- 6. “Mixing height in coastalareas - experimental results and modelling, A review”.- 7. “On some adaptive numerical methods for linear advectionequations”.- 8. “A paralleliterative scheme for solving the convectiondiffusion equation on distributed memoryprocessors”.- 9. “Data--assimilation and HPCN-examples of the LOTOS-model”.- 10. “Computational challenges ofmodeling interactions between aerosol and gas phase processes in large scale air pollution models”.- 11. “ETEX: a European tracer experiment; observations, dispersion modelling and emergency response”.- 12. “Parallel 4D-variational data assimilatiion for anEulerian chemistry transport model”.- 13. “Approaches for improving the numerical solution of the advection equation”.- 14. “Application of parallel algorithms in an air pollution model”.- 15. “Aerosol modelling within the EURAD Model System: Developments and pplications”.- 16. “Calculation of ozone and other pollutants for summer 1996: The influence of lateral boundary concentrations on ozone levels”.- 17. “Atmospheric mechanisms of admixturestransfer”.- 18. “The varying scale modelingof air pollution transport”.- 19. “Deterioration on historicbuildings due to air pollution and somedifficulties during their restoration works”.- 20. “Modelling of the long-term atmospheric transport of heavymetals over Poland”.- 21. “Pollution transmission in the air”.- 22. “Bayesian heuristic approach (BHA)and applications to optimization of largescale discrete and continuous models”.- 23. “Nonlinear assignmentproblems”.- 24. “Someexperiments in connection with neuraland fuzzy modelling for air pollutionproblems”.- 25. “Advancedoperational air quality forecasting modelsfor urban and regional environments inEurope: Madrid application”.- 26. “Adaptive orthonormal systems”.- 27. “On some flux-type advection schemes for dispersion modelingapplication”.- 28. “A study of sulfurdioxide distribution over í’stanbul, Turkey, and preliminary results of neural networkanalysis”.- 29. “Krylovsubspace methods for the solution of largesystems of ODE’s”.- 30. “The use of 3-D adaptive unstructured meshesin air pollution modeling”.- 31 “Atmospheric environmentalmanagement expert system for an oilfiredpower plant”.- 33.“A collaborative frameworkfor air pollution simulations”.- 33. “Including of surface source in a surface layer parameterization”.- 34. “Conclusions of the NATO ARWon Large Scale Computationsin Air Pollution Modelling”.- List of the participants.- Author index.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: NATO Science Partnership Subseries: 2
Dimensioni: 235 x 155 mm
Formato: Brossura
Illustration Notes:XIII, 392 p.
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