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reghini arturo - knowledge of the symbol

Knowledge of the symbol

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Lingua: Italiano
Pubblicazione: 01/2022


Arturo Reghini understood not only the distinction between the authentic Western Tradition and its degenerations and contaminations, but also that between the initiatory and traditional Freemasonry of the origins and the modernistic and pseudo-initiatory Freemasonry of his time, devoted to a generic "progress of humanity" at the expense of the personal/individual initiatory elevation of its members. He was determined to give battle to contribute to a return of the free-masonry institution to its most ancient and authentic origins. Arturo Reghini, as a Freemason and as a Pythagorean, was undoubtedly a master of Symbology. And his essayKnowledge of the Symbol, published for the first time in 1927 in the magazineUr, still constitutes a milestone for the study of Symbology and its deeper meanings. An authentic initiate cannot fail to know the secrets of Symbology, because symbols are everywhere around us. We see them, we perceive them in every moment of our life, and they speak to us, they are not mute. We only have to listen to their voice and interpret their messages. The studies of Arturo Reghini can be of great help in this great and infinite journey.

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