Immuno-Psychiatry - Berk Michael (Curatore); Leboyer Marion (Curatore); Sommer Iris E. (Curatore) | Libro Springer 08/2021 -

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berk michael (curatore); leboyer marion (curatore); sommer iris e. (curatore) - immuno-psychiatry

Immuno-Psychiatry Facts and Prospects

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 08/2021
Edizione: 1st ed. 2021


This book presents a thorough and critical review of current knowledge on the role of immunology in major psychiatric disorders and its potential applications. The opening chapters offer general information on the immune influence of the brain to provide readers with a better understanding of the end of immune privilege. The book then examines possible underlying mechanisms leading to psychiatric disorders, from early infections to pro-inflammatory markers, stress, and immune genetic background, linking etiology and psychiatry. The third section describes each disorder (ie autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression…) with an overview of underlying immune dysfunctions. Lastly, the authors discuss the innovative immune-therapies that may result from the discovery of immune system biomarkers and their associated mechanisms. A better understanding of the role of the immune system in psychiatric disorders makes it possible to identify stratification biomarkers, to explain underlying mechanisms, and to develop innovative, efficient, targeted treatment strategies and management. As such, the book is of value to clinicians, mental health professionals, mental health researchers, immunologists, industry practitioners, and various stakeholders in the mental health field.


1. Overview of immune influence on the brain

The end of immune privilege                                                   Louveau A , US

Cytokines as brain signalling pathways                                 Michael Maes/Brian Leonard

Immune system and neurodevelopment                           Michal  Schwartz, Israel

Role of microglia in brain development                                               Beth Stevens, US

Brain antigens and antibodies                                                  Laurent Groc, France

Complement and Major Histocompatibility Complex involvment in the brain    Cai Song             

Brain blood barrier                                                                                        Gerwyn Morris

Brain imaging to explore immune activation in the brain              Lyliane Nasib, Utrecht, NL


2. Immune mechanisms and pathways leading to psychiatric disorders


Perinatal infections in psychiatric disorders                                       Alan Brown, US

Auto-immune disorders as risk factors                                                Michael Benros, Den

Role of cytokines in the psychiatric disorders                                    Nicolas Glaichenhaus, France

Stress as a mediator of inflammation                                                   Carmine Pariante, UK

Role of Oxidative stress                                                                              Ana Andreazza, Canada

Role of Endogenous retrovirus                 in psychiatry                                     Hervé Perron, France

Immuno-genetic background                                                                  Ryad Tamouza, France

Gene-environment interactions                                                                            Rudolf  Uher

Gut to the brain                                                                                             John Cryan, UK

The complement pathway in the risk for schizophrenia                               Aswin Sekar, US


3. Immune dysfunctions and psychiatric disorders

Is Autism Spectrum Disorder related to immune dysfunction    Van de Water, US

Inflammation and immunity in Schizophrenia                                   Bob Yolken, US

Dysimmunity and Bipolar disorder                                                         Hemmo Drexhage, NL

Immune dysfunction and Major depressive disorder                    Robert Dantzer, US

Immune dysfunction  and OCD                                                         &n


Michael Berk is an NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow at Deakin University, where he heads the IMPACT institute. He is listed by Thompson Reuters as amongst the world’s most influential scientific minds (2015-2020) and was awarded the Brain & Behaviour (NARSAD) Colvin Award for Mood Disorders in 2015, the Victoria Prize for life sciences in 2019 and the International Society for Bipolar Disorders Bob Post award for mentorship in 2020. He is past president of the International Society for Bipolar Disorders and the Australasian Society for Bipolar and Depressive Disorders. His major interests are in the discovery and implementation of novel therapies.

Marion Leboyer M.D., Ph.D. is Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Paris Est Créteil (UPEC) in France. She is Head of the University-affiliated Department of Psychiatry and Addiction, DMU IMPACT (Hôpitaux Universitaires Mondor, Assistance-Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris) and runs the “Translational Neuro Psychiatry” laboratory which is part of the Mondor Institute for Biomedical Research (Inserm U955). Since 2007, she has been the Executive Director of the non profit foundation, “Fondation FondaMental”, created by the French Ministry of Research. She is President of the ECNP Immuno-psychiatry TWG. She is listed as a highly cited researcher in 2020.

Iris Sommer MD, PhD is a Professor of Psychiatry working at the Biomedical and Psychiatry Departments of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) in the Netherlands. She is an expert in psychotic disorders and leads several trials aiming to improve treatment in this patient group. She is an associate editor of Lancet Psychiatry and Psychological Medicine, and a board member of ECNP and SIRS. She is a founding member of the International Consortium of Hallucination Research and initiated the Gordon Research Conference cycle on cognitive dysfunction in brain disorders together with Prof. Linda Lam from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In 2021, she was elected member of the Royal Holland Academy of Science.

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