Handbook Of Nutraceuticals Volume I - Pathak Yashwant Vishnupant (Curatore) | Libro Crc Press 11/2009 - HOEPLI.it

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pathak yashwant vishnupant (curatore) - handbook of nutraceuticals volume i

Handbook of Nutraceuticals Volume I Ingredients, Formulations, and Applications

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Lingua: Inglese

CRC Press

Pubblicazione: 11/2009
Edizione: 1° edizione

Note Editore

As soon as Dr. Stephen DeFelice coined the phrase nutraceutical, product and supplement developers swung into action. Yet among the numerous books available on nutraceuticals, there is none that systematically lists, categorizes, and analyzes nutraceutical extracts and formulations in a pharmacopoeia-like manner. Handbook of Nutraceuticals, Volume 1: Ingredients, Formulations, and Applications lists information on many ingredients used in nutraceuticals, developing their formulations and applications. The book includes contributions from experts with pharmaceutical backgrounds, providing an examination of nutraceuticals from a pharmaceutical perspective. Building a foundation with coverage of historical background, definitions, and challenges, the book offers insight into nutraceutical ingredients from plant, animal, and mineral origin. It then covers the characterization of nutraceuticals’ physicochemical, analytical, pharmacological, and pharmacokinetic classification, followed by information on regulatory requirements. The book highlights applications in cardiovascular disease, bone and joint treatments, diabetes management, weight management, skin health, probiotics and prebiotics, tranquilizing medicinal plants, dietary foods, and more. Interest in new diet regimens and new products for increased health and longevity will continue to grow, giving dietary supplements an increasing amount of cupboard space in most households. With quality of content unsurpassed by many resources, the book discusses the characterization processes for nutraceuticals based on the contributors’ experience in pharmaceuticals. It then explores how those proven techniques may be applied to the development and manufacture of nutraceutical products.


Nutraceuticals of Antiquity, V. Patel, P. Wilson, and R.H. SinghNutraceuticals: Defi nitions, Formulations, and Challenges, Y. PathakPotential Nutraceutical Ingredients from Plant Origin, S. Agrawal and A. ChakrabartiAnimal Origin, R. YendapallyNutraceuticals with Mineral Origin, M.A. Ansong and S.Y. PathakPhysiochemical Characterization of Nutraceuticals, A. KoomerDevelopment of Techniques for Analysis of Nutraceuticals with Specific Reference to Glucosamine and Coenzyme Q10, J. Adams and B. LockwoodPharmacological Characterization of Nutraceuticals, C. PreussBiopharmaceutical and Pharmacokinetic Characterization of Nutraceuticals, C. PreussRegulatory Considerations for Dietary Supplements and Functional cGMPs, M. Witt and Y. PathakNutraceuticals for the Cardiovascular System, H. Tran and K.K. DaughertyNutraceuticals in Diabetes Management, M.L. Ceballos-CoronelCurcumin: A Versatile Nutraceutical and an Inhibitor of Complement, G.J. KotwalProbiotics and Prebiotics as Nutraceuticals, S.Y. Pathak, C. Leet, A. Simon, and Y. PathakNutraceuticals and Weight Management, G.W. PlaNutraceuticals for Bone and Joint Diseases, M. Bodenberg and H. ByrnesSkin Health, R. YendapallyTranquilizing Medicinal Plants: Their CNS Effects and Active Constituents—Our Experience, M. Marder and C. WasowskiDietary Foods, P. MasonAntiviral Nutraceuticals from Pomegranate (Punica granatum) Juice, G.J. KotwalHerbal Remedy: Safe or Not Safe? How to Use Them? H.T. TranNutraceuticals: Reflections, S.L. DeFeliceIndex

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Condizione: Nuovo
Dimensioni: 9.25 x 6.125 in Ø 1.55 lb
Formato: Copertina rigida
Illustration Notes:32 b/w images and 27 tables
Pagine Arabe: 400

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