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bauer davi pedro - getting started with ethereum

Getting Started with Ethereum A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Blockchain Developer

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 07/2022
Edizione: 1st ed.


Get started with blockchain development with this step-by-step guide. This book takes you all the way from installing requisite software through writing, testing, and deploying smart contracts.

Getting Started with Ethereum delves into technologies most closely associated with Ethereum, such as IPFS, Filecoin, ENS, Chainlink, Truffle, Ganache, OpenZeppelin, Pinata, Fleek, Infura, Metamask, and Opensea. Author Davi Bauer walks you through project creation, how to compile projects and contracts, configure networks, and deploy smart contracts on blockchains. He then covers smart contracts, including deploying and verifying them. This book approaches blockchain in a way that allows you to focus on the topic that most interests you, covering Ethereum-related technologies broadly and not just focusing on Solidity.

This hands-on guide offers a practical rather than conceptual approach get you coding. Upon completing this book, you will be able to confidently develop and deploy smart contracts on blockchains.

Source code can be found at https://github.com/Apress/getting-started-ethereum.

What You Will Learn
  • Understand tokenization of assets, including NFTs, using Ethereum
  • Host censorship-resistant applications using IPFS
  • Deploy on second-layer blockchains using Polygon
  • Deploy smart contracts with multiple technologies around Ethereum

Who Is This Book For
Off-chain developers who want to migrate to on-chain development starting with the Ethereum blockchain and the technologies around it. Prior programming knowledge and conceptual understanding of blockchain is necessary.


? Pre requirements

  ? Install Blockchain Dev Kit Extension on VS Code

    ¦ Installing the extension

  ? Install Truffle

    ¦ Installing Truffle

    ¦ Checking Truffle installation

  ? Install Ganache CLI

    ¦ Installing Ganache

    ¦ Starting Ganache locally

  ? Install Docker


Chapter 1: MetaMask

  ? Install and Setup MetaMask Wallet

    ¦ Installing the wallet

    ¦ Configuring the wallet

    ¦ Accessing your wallet

    ¦ Discovering your wallet address


Chapter 2: Infura

  ? Create an account on Infura

    ¦ Creating a new account

    ¦ Setting up your Infura project


Chapter 3: Solidity

  ? Get started with Solidity project on VS Code

    ¦ Creating a new project

    ¦ Compiling the project

    ¦ Deploying to development Blockchain


Chapter 4: ERC20 Tokens

  ? Write a simple ERC20 token using OpenZeppelin

    ¦ Preparing the environment

    ¦ Writing the contract

    ¦ Setting the Solidity compiler version

    ¦ Compiling the contract

    ¦ Verifying the result

  ? Deploy ERC20 token to ganache development Blockchain

    ¦ Preparing the migration

    ¦ Writing the contract

    ¦ Starting the Blockchain

    ¦ Configuring the Blockchain network

    ¦ Deploying the contract

    ¦ Adding the token to a wallet

  ? Create an ERC20 token with fixed supply

    ¦ Creating the project

    ¦ Writing the contract

    ¦ Starting Ganache development Blockchain

    ¦ Migrating the contract

    ¦ Configuring MetaMask

    ¦ Adding the token

    ¦ Transferring tokens between accounts

  ? Deploy ERC20 token to Testnet using Infura

    ¦ Installing the pre-requirements

    ¦ Setting up your Infura project

    ¦ Setting up your Smart Contract

    ¦ Configuring the private key

    ¦ Deploying the Smart Contract

    ¦ Checking your wallet balance

    ¦ Verifying the Smart Contract on Etherscan

  ? Deploy ERC20 token to Polygon Testnet (Layer 2)

    ¦ Installing the pre-requirements

    ¦ Adding Polygon Mumbai to MetaMask networks

    ¦ Activating the Polygon add-on on Infura

    ¦ Setting up your Infura project

    ¦ Setting up your Smart Contract

    ¦ Con?guring the network (using Matic endpoint)

    ¦ Con?guring the network (using Infura endpoint)

    ¦ Configuring the private key

    ¦ Deploying the Smart Contract

    ¦ Checking your wallet balance

    ¦ Verifying the Smart Contract on Polygan Scan

  ? Deploy ERC20 Token to Polygon Mainnet (Layer 2)

    ¦ Adding Polygon Mainnet to MetaMask networks

    ¦ Con?guring the network (using Infura endpoint)

    ¦ Deploying the Smart Contract

    ¦ Checking your wallet balance

    ¦ Verifying the Smart Contract on polyganscan


Chapter 5: Unit Tests for Smart Contracts

  ? Write Unit Tests for ERC20 Smart Contracts

    ¦ Creating a new unit test file

    ¦ Writing test for the contract total supply

    ¦ Writing test asserting for the contract balance


Chapter 6: ERC721- Non-Fungible Tokens

  ? Create your art NFT using Ganache and OpenZeppelin

    ¦ Creating the project

    ¦ Configuring the wallet

    ¦ Configuring the network

    ¦ Configuring the solidity compiler

    ¦ Configuring the private key

    ¦ Creating the badge image

    ¦ Adding the badge to your local IPFS

    ¦ Pinning the badge to a remote IPFS node

    ¦ Creating the badge metadata

    ¦ Compiling the Smart Contract

    ¦ Migrating the Smart Contract

    ¦ Instantiate the Smart Contract

    ¦ Awarding badge to a wallet

    ¦ Checking badge on Etherscan

    ¦ Adding the NFT token to your wallet

  ? Sell your art NFT on Opensea

    ¦ Connecting to OpenSea

    ¦ Viewing your badge

    ¦ Listing your badge for sale

    ¦ Exploring listing details


Chapter 7: Faucets

  ? Get Test Ether From Faucet on Ropsten Network

    ¦ Accessing the faucet

    ¦ Waiting for the transaction

  ? Get Test Ether From Faucet on Rinkeby Testnet

    ¦ Preparing for funding

    ¦ Funding your wallet

    ¦ Checking your wallet

  ? Get Test MATIC From Faucet on Mumbai Testnet

    ¦ Preparing for funding

    ¦ Funding your wallet

    ¦ Checking your wallet

  ? Get Test MATIC From Faucet on Mainnet

    ¦ Preparing for funding

    ¦ Funding your wallet

    ¦ Checking your wallet


Chapter 8: IPFS - InterPlanetary File System

  ? Create Your IPFS Node

    ¦ Installing the node

    ¦ Configuring the node

    ¦ Testing the node

    ¦ Exploring your IPFS node

  ? Add Files to IPFS

    ¦ Adding the file

    ¦ Viewing the file content on the console

    ¦ Checking the file in the web ui

    ¦ Viewing the file content in the browser

  ? Setup IPFS Browser Extension

    ¦ Installing the browser extension

    ¦ Configuring the node type

    ¦ Starting an external node

    ¦ Importing a file

  ? Pin and Unpin IPFS Files on Local Node

    ¦ Starting your local node

    ¦ Adding file to your node

    ¦ Checking the file was added

    ¦ Verifying your file was pinned

    ¦ Unpinning your file

    ¦ Pinning your file manually

  ? Pin and Unpin Files on Remote Node using Pinata

    ¦ Setting up API Keys on Pinata

    ¦ Setting up Pinata as a remove service on your terminal

    ¦ Adding a new file to your local IPFS node

    ¦ Pinning your file to the remote IPFS node



Davi Pedro Bauer has over 20 years of experience in the IT sector with experience in analysis and systems development. He has been working with agile methods since 2009, where he participated in agile adoption programs in multidisciplinary teams, supporting the implementation of processes and practices such as Scrum and Kanban, as well as the launch of new digital products for web and mobile platforms. Since 2016, he has been studying topics related to Blockchain, such as cryptocurrencies, asset tokenization, smart contracts, and decentralized applications (DApps), and since 2019, he has been working with DevSecOps from code to infrastructure.

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Dimensioni: 235 x 155 mm Ø 238 gr
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