Electrical Power System Protection - Christopoulos C.; Wright A. | Libro Springer 06/1999 - HOEPLI.it

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christopoulos c.; wright a. - electrical power system protection

Electrical Power System Protection


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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 06/1999
Edizione: 2nd ed. 1999


Preface to the Second Edition. Preface to the First Edition. List of Symbols. 1. Fuses. 2. Current Transformers. 3. Voltage Transformers. 4. Overcurrent and Earth Fault Protection. 5. Current-Differential Protective Schemes. 6. The Protection of Transformers. 7. The Protection of Rotating Machines. 8. The Protection of Busbars. 9. The Protection of Overhead Lines and Cables by Current-Differential Schemes. 10. Interlock and Phase-Comparison Schemes for the Protection of Overhead Lines. 11. Distance-Type Protective Schemes for Overhead Lines and Cables. 12. Ultra-High-Speed Schemes for the Protection of Long Transmission Lines. 13. Digital Communications. 14. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Protection. 15. New Relaying Concepts. Appendix A: The Testing and Application of Power-System Protective Equipment. Appendix B: Percentage and Per-Unit Quantities. Appendix C: Transformation of Three-Phase Quantities. Appendix D: The Determination of Power-System Behaviour Using Symmetrical Components. Concluding Remarks. Index.


The death of Professor Arthur Wright in the summer of 1996 deprived me of a friend and a colleague whose judgement and experience shaped this book. I pay tribute to his contributions to protection and electrical engineering education. In the five years since the first edition appeared, many developments have taken place and it is now necessary to update the book. The use of digital communications and advanced signal processing techniques is now widespread and several fully numeric relays are available from manu­ facturers. Two new Chapters 13 and 14 have been added to introduce readers to these concepts and associated techniques. Artificial intelligence is making its impact in all engineering applications and power system protection is no exception. Expert systems, fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks, adaptive and integrated protection, synchronized measurements using the global positioning system, genetic algorithms, flexible a.c. transmission systems, are some of the techniques considered in connection with protection. Although many of these techniques have not yet found major application in protection, it is nevertheless essential for the educated protection engineer to have a basic understanding of the underlying principles and methodology so that he, or she, can evaluate their suitability for new relaying problems and applications. Chapter 15 was therefore added to guide readers through this developing area. I have also added some new material in other chapters to reflect changes over the past years.

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