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williams kim (curatore); caparrini sandro (curatore) - discovering the principles of mechanics 1600-1800

Discovering the Principles of Mechanics 1600-1800 Essays by David Speiser


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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 09/2008
Edizione: 2008


Kim Williams invited me to publish a selection of conferences which I had presented at various occasions during my stay at the UCL and elsewhere. She selected some papers which refer to topics on the history of science, especially on the history of mechanics. My occupation with the history of science began through the mathematician Andreas Speiser, my uncle, at the time the General Editor of the Opera Omnia of Leonhard Euler, who invited me to edit volume III, 5 of the Opera, containing Euler’s work on physical optics. I accepted this offer with great pride and indeed, the task gave me much pleasure and satisfaction. Of all the scientists with whom I entered into contact, aside from Andreas Speiser, I must mention especially Alexandre Koyré. I had the great fortune to meet him at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton where we were both guests during the same period. Koyré also introduced me into questions dealing with philosophy of science, an important field, though one that plays a minor role in this present volume. Later I was invited more and more often to give lectures concerning a given subject, or one I working on at the moment.


Foreword.- Introduction.- The Beginning of the Theory of Elasticity from Galileo to Jacob Bernoulli.- The Second New Science in Galileo's Discorsi.- Huygens's Horologium Oscillatorium and Newton's Principia.- Newton’s Principia.- The Science of Mechanics in the Eighteenth Century.- The Discovery of Rigid Body Dynamics.- Johann Bernoulli’s Work on the Theory of Gravitation and the Weight of the Atmosphere.- The Kepler Problem from Newton to John Bernoulli.- Daniel Bernoulli.- Leonhard Euler: Mathematician, Physicist, Engineer.- The Principle of Relativity in Euler’s Works.- Euler, the Principle of Relativity and the Fundamentals of Classical Mechanics.- Euler’s Anleitungen zur Naturlehre.- Euler’s Work in Physical Optics.- Euler’s Writings on Optics, Elasticity and Magnetism.- The Distance of the Fixed Stars and the Riddle of the Sun's Radiation.- Johann Heinrich Lambert.- Pierre Louis Moreau de Maupertuis.- Editors’s Notes.- References.- Illustration Credits.- Index of Names.- Index of Subjects

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