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sloot peter m.a. (curatore); abramson david (curatore); bogdanov alexander v. (curatore); dongarra jack j. (curatore); zomaya albert y. (curatore); gorbachev yuriy e. (curatore) - computational science - iccs 2003

Computational Science - ICCS 2003 International Conference, Melbourne, Australia and St. Petersburg, Russia, June 2-4, 2003. Proceedings, Part II

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 05/2003
Edizione: 2003


The four-volume set LNCS 2657, LNCS 2658, LNCS 2659, and LNCS 2660 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third International Conference on Computational Science, ICCS 2003, held concurrently in Melbourne, Australia and in St. Petersburg, Russia in June 2003.

The four volumes present more than 460 reviewed contributed and invited papers and span the whole range of computational science, from foundational issues in computer science and algorithmic mathematics to advanced applications in virtually all application fields making use of computational techniques. These proceedings give a unique account of recent results in the field.


Workshop on Computational Finance and Economics.- Parallel Computing Method of Valuing for Multi-asset European Option.- A Fuzzy Approach to Portfolio Rebalancing with Transaction Costs.- Mining Investment Venture Rules from Insurance Data Based on Decision Tree.- Market-Based Interest Rates: Deterministic Volatility Case.- Double Auction in Two-Level Markets.- Community Network with Integrated Services.- A Set of Data Mining Models to Classify Credit Cardholder Behavior.- Continuous Time Markov Decision Processes with Expected Discounted Total Rewards.- Core Equivalence in Economy for Modal Logic.- Model on Analysis of Industrial Relation Based on the Binary Relation Theory.- Has Chinese Stock Market Become Efficient? Evidence from a New Approach.- Workshop on Numerical Methods for Structured Systems.- Multi-symplectic Spectral Methods for the Sine-Gordon Equation.- A Survey on Methods for Computing Matrix Exponentials in Numerical Schemes for ODEs.- A Discrete Approach for the Inverse Singular Value Problem in Some Quadratic Group.- Two Step Runge-Kutta-Nyström Methods for Oscillatory Problems Based on Mixed Polynomials.- A Symplectic Lanczos-Type Algorithm to Compute the Eigenvalues of Positive Definite Hamiltonian Matrices.- Applying Stabilization Techniques to Orthogonal Gradient Flows.- Workshop on High-Performance Environmental Computations.- Coupling General Circulation Models on a Meta-computer.- Numerical Simulation of Cloud Dynamics and Microphysics.- Optimal Numerical Realization of the Energy Balance Equation for Wind Wave Models.- Dynamic Modelling of Environment-Industry Systems.- Simulation of Water Exchange in Enclosed Water Bodies.- A Baroclinic Three Dimensional Numerical Model Applied to Coastal Lagoons.- Stochastic Simulation of Inhomogeneous Metocean Fields. Part I: Annual Variability.- Stochastic Simulation of Inhomogeneous Metocean Fields. Part II: Synoptic Variability and Rare Events.- Stochastic Simulation of Inhomogeneous Metocean Fields. Part III: High-Performance Parallel Algorithms.- Workshop on Grid Computing for Computational Science.- Performance Comparison of Process Allocation Schemes Depending upon Resource Availability on Grid Computing Environment.- Efficient Load Balancing by Adaptive Bypasses for the Migration on the Internet.- A Distributed Data Storage Architecture for Event Processing by Using the Globus Grid Toolkit.- Generalization of the Fast Consistency Algorithm to a Grid with Multiple High Demand Zones.- Performance Analysis of a Parallel Application in the GRID.- Workshop on Computational Chemistry and Molecular Dynamics.- Linear Algebra Computation Benchmarks on a Model Grid Platform.- Uniform Access to the Distributed Resources for the Computational Chemistry Using UNICORE.- Common Data Format for Program Sharing and Integration.- A Multiscale Virtual Reality Approach to Chemical Experiments.- Theoretical Analysis on Mechanisms Implied in Hybrid Integrated Circuit Building.- Parallel Models for a Discrete Variable Wavepacket Propagation.- Calculation of Displacement Matrix Elements for Morse Oscillators.- Initial Value Semiclassical Approaches to Reactive and Non Reactive Transition Probabilities.- Theoretical Investigations on the Reactions of C6H5 + and C10H7 + with D2.- Density Functional Investigations on the C-C Bond Formation and Cleavage in Molecular Batteries.- Violation of Covalent Bonding in Fullerenes.- Workshop on Recursive and Adaptive Signal/Image Processing (RASIP).- Jointly Performed Computational Tasks in the Multi-mode System Identification.- Fault Point Detection with the Bank of Competitive Kalman Filters.- On Effective Computation of the Logarithm of the Likelihood Ratio Function for Gaussian Signals.- Developing a Simulation Tool Box in MATLAB and Using It for Non-linear Adaptive Filtering Investigation.- Comparative Analysis of Stochastic Identification Methods and Fault Diagnosis for Multi-mode Discrete Systems.- Computational Expenditure Reduction in Pseudo-Gradient Image Parameter Estimation.- Estimates Conformity Principle in the Problems of Identification.- The ARM-Approach Based Local Modelling of the Gravitational Field.- Workshop on Numerical Methods for Singular Differential and Differential-Algebraic Equations.- The Parameterization Method in Singular Differential-Algebraic Equations.- Development of the Normal Spline Method for Linear Integro-Differential Equations.- To Numerical Solution of Singular Perturbed Equations Transformed to the Best Argument.- The Best Parameterization of Initial Value Problem for Mixed Difference-Differential Equation.- Numerical Solution of Differential-Algebraic Equations by Block Methods.- Generalized Jordan Sets in the Theory of Singular Partial Differential-Operator Equations.- Invariant Manifolds and Grobman-Hartman Theorem for Equations with Degenerate Operator at the Derivative.- Poster Papers.- Modeling of the Potential Energy Surface of Regrouping Reaction in Collinear Three-Atom Collision System Using Nonlinear Optimization.- Workflow for Simulators Based on Finite Element Method.- Parallel Implementation of the DSMC Method Coupled with a Continuum Solution: Simulation of a Lubrication Problem in Magnetic Disc Storage.- Markowitz-Type Heuristics for Computing Jacobian Matrices Efficiently.- Propagation of the Hydraulic Head in an Elastic Pipeline.- Numerical Revelation of the Molecular Structure for Reaction Effective Stimulator or Inhibitor by the Method of Hamiltonean Systematization of Chemical Reaction System Kinetic Models.- Numerical Revelation of Kinetic Significance for Steps and Species in Complex Chemical Reaction Mechanisms by Hamiltonian Systematization Method.- Optimization of Computations in Global Geopotential Field Applications.- Data Assimilation for 2-D Advection-Dispersion Equations.- Mathematical Modelling the Ethnic System.- Simulations for Thermal Analysis of MOSFET IPM Using IMS Substrate.- Dynamic simulations for Thermal Analysis of MOSFET IPM on IMS Substrate.- Correlation between Mutation Pressure, Selection Pressure, and Occurrence of Amino Acids.- Intoducing CEES: Complex Economic Environments Simulator.- Structure of Bilayer Membranes of Gemini Surfactants with Rigid and Flexible Spacers from MD Simulations.- Algorithms for All-Pairs Reliable Quickest Paths.- The Unified Design Methodology for Application Based on XML Schema.- Automatic Recognition of Alzheimer’s Disease Using Genetic Algorithms and Neural Network.- Traffic Characterization of the Web Server Attacks of Worm Viruses.- An Object-Oriented Software Platform for Examination of Algorithms for Image Processing and Compression.- Combined Detector of Locally-Oriented Structures and Corners in Images Based on a Scale-Space Tensor Representation of Local Neighborhoods of Pixels.- Telecommunication Jitter Measurement in the Transmultipexer Systems Method Based on the Wavelet Pattern Correlation.- Self-Organizing Compact Modeling Methodology for High-Speed Passive Electrical Interconnection Structures.- Specification and Automated Recognition of Algorithmic Concepts with ALCOR.- Modelling of Complex Systems Given as a Mealy Machine with Linear Decision Diagrams.- Empirical Evaluation of the Difficulty of Finding a Good Value of k for the Nearest Neighbor.- Replicated Ambient Petri Nets.- Neural Networks for Event Detection from Time Series: A BP Algorithm Approach.- Data Loss Reparation Due to Indeterminate Fine-Grained Parallel Computation.- Measurement Models for Survivability and Competitiveness of Very Large E-marketplace.- Embedded Fuzzy Control System: Application to an Electromechanical System.- A Dynamically Grouped Multi-multicast Stream Scheduling Strategy for Video-on-Demand Systems.- Multilevel System as Multigraph.- Fast Exponentiaion over GF(2m) Based on Cellular Automata.- Interacting Automata for Modelling Distributed Systems.- The Reachability Problem in a Concave Region: A New Context.- Generalized Coordinates for Cellular A

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
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