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rothwell william "bo" - beginning perl programming

Beginning Perl Programming From Novice to Professional

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 07/2019
Edizione: 1st ed.


1: Introduction
2: Scalar Variables
3: Array Variables
4: Associative Array Variables
5: Flow Control
6: Conditional Expressions
7: Basic Input and Output
8: Advanced Input and Output
9: Pattern Matching
10: Perl Utilities
11: File System and Process Control
12: Functions
13: Using Modules
14: Debugging Perl


Perl was originally written by Larry Wall while he was working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labs. Larry is an Internet legend, known not just for Perl, but as the author of the UNIX utilities rn, one of the original Usenet newsreaders, and patch, a tremendously useful tool that takes a list of differences between two files and allows you to turn one into the other. The term patch used for this activity is now widespread. Perl started life as a “glue” language for Larry and his officemates, allowing one to “stick” different tools together by converting between their various data formats. It pulled together the best features of several languages: the powerful regular expressions from sed (the Unix stream editor), the patte- scanning language awk, and a few other languages and utilities. The syntax was further made up out of C, Pascal, Basic, Unix shell languages, English, and maybe a few other elements along the way. While Perl started its life as glue, it is now more often likened to another handy multiuse tool: duct tape. A common statement heard in cyberspace is that Perl is the duct tape that holds the Internet together.


At the impressionable age of 14, William "Bo" Rothwell crossed paths with a TRS-80 Micro Computer System (affectionately known as a “Trash 80”).  Soon after the adults responsible for Bo made the mistake of leaving him alone with the TSR-80.  He immediately dismantled it and held his first computer class, showing his friends what made this “computer thing” work.  Since this experience, Bo’s passion for understanding how computers work and sharing this knowledge with others has resulting in a rewarding career in IT training.  His experience includes Linux, Unix, DevOps tools, and programming languages such as Perl, Python, Tcl, and BASH.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Dimensioni: 254 x 178 mm Ø 434 gr
Formato: Brossura
Illustration Notes:75 Illustrations, black and white
Pagine Arabe: 202
Pagine Romane: xxi

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