Beginning Javascript And Css Development With Jquery - York Richard | Libro John Wiley & Sons 04/2009 -

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york richard - beginning javascript and css development with jquery

Beginning JavaScript and CSS Development with jQuery With full-color code and illustrations

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 04/2009

Note Editore

jQuery allows you to do more in the world of dynamic web applications, with less code and fewer errors. It reduces the amount of JavaScript programming to only a few lines of code while making your JavaScript more intuitive and attractive to work with. At the same time, jQuery makes it easier to manipulate CSS from JavaScript by allowing you to set style for one or many elements at once.

With this unique, project–oriented book, author Richard York teaches even the most novice of JavaScript users how to quickly get started utilizing the JavaScript jQuery Library to decrease the amount of code that needs to be written and tested. A four–color code syntax highlighting system provides a visual reinforcement and allows you to see the nuts and bolts that comprise each line and section of code. With this helpful guide and hands–on exercises, you'll be able to put jQuery to work for you and avoid having to write code from scratch.

What you will learn from this book

  • How to install and test jQuery
  • Techniques to manipulate content and attributes

  • Ways to filter and map a selection or an array

  • The difference between GET and POST

  • How to easily show, hide, slide, and fade elements with smooth animations and transitions

  • Good practice for jQuery plugin development

  • Methods for making elements draggable

  • Ways to customize sortable lists

  • How to implement and localize a datepicker

Who this book is for

This book is for web designers eager to do more with their web–based applications, but who do not necessarily have much JavaScript experience. Some basic knowledge of XHTML and CSS is necessary.

Wrox Beginning guides are crafted to make learning programming languages and technologies easier than you think, providing a structured, tutorial format that will guide you through all the techniques involved.


1. Introduction to jQuery.

2. Selecting and Filtering.

3. Events.

4. Manipulating Content and Attributes.

5. Arrays and Iteration.

6. CSS.

7. AJAX.

8. Effects.

9. Plugin.

10. Implementing Drag and Drop.

11. Drag and Drop Sorting.

12. Selection by Drawing a Box.

13. Accordion UI.

14. Datepicker.

15. Dialogs.

16. Tabs.

Appendix A. Answers to Exercises.

Appendix B. Selectors Supported By jQuery.

Appendix C. Selecting and Filtering.

Appendix D. Events.

Appendix E. Manipulating Attributes, Content, and Data Caching.

Appendix F. Manipulating Content.

Appendix G. AJAX Methods.

Appendix H. CSS.

Appendix I. Utilities.

Appendix J. Draggables and Droppables.

Appendix K. Sortables.

Appendix L. Selectables.

Appendix M. Effects.

Appendix N. Accordion.

Appendix O. Datepicker.

Appendix P. Dialog.

Appendix Q. Tabs.

Appendix R. Resizables.

Appendix S. Sliders.


Richard York (Indianapolis, IN) is a web application developer. He wrote his first book, Beginning CSS: Cascading Sheets for Web Design, with Wrox in 2004 following that success with the 2nd edition in 2007. Richard began his web development career taking courses at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. Since college, he has continued a self–imposed curriculum, mastering various technologies used in web development including HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. An avid supporter of open source software, he has written an open source webmail application for PHP PEAR and is currently working on an open source PHP library and framework called Hierophant. Richard maintains a personal website at www.richard– where you can learn more about his professional and personal interests.

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