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späth peter - beginning java mvc 1.0

Beginning Java MVC 1.0 Model View Controller Development to Build Web, Cloud, and Microservices Applications

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 11/2020
Edizione: 1st ed.


1. About MVC - Model, View, Controller

  * History of MVC

  * MVC in Web Applications

  * MVC for Java

  * Finally, Java MVC (JSR-371)

  * Why MVC

  * Where is Hello World?

2. Prerequisite - Jakarta EE / Java EE

  * The Nature of Java for Enterprise Applications

  * Glassfish, a Free Java Server

  * Using a Preinstalled Java Server

  * Learning Java for Enterprise Applications

  * RESTful Services 

3. Development Workflow

  * Using Gradle as a Build Framework 

  * Using Eclipse as an IDE

  * More About Gradle

  * Developing Using the Console

  * Installing MVC

4. Hello World for Java MVC

  * Starting The Hello World Project

  * The Hello World Model

  * The Hello World View

  * The Hello World Controller

  * Using Gradle to Build Hello World

  * Starting a Jakarta EE Server

  * Deploying and Testing Hello World

5. Start Working With Java MVC

  * Handling User Input From Forms

  * Exception Handling in Java MVC

  * Non-String Post Parameters

6. In-Depth Java MVC

  * The Model

  * The View: JSPs

  * The View: Facelets

  * The Controller

7. In-Depth Java MVC - Part II

  * Injectable Context

  * Persisating State

  * Dealing With Page Fragments

  * Observers

  * Configuration

8. Internationalization

  * Language Resources

  * Adding Localized Messages to the Session

  * Formatting of Data in the View

  * Using JSF for Formatting

  * Localized Data Conversion

9. Java MVC and EJBs

  * About Session EJBs

  * Defining EJBs

  * Accessing EJBs

  * EJB Projects

  * EJBs with Dependencies

  * Asynchronous EJB Invocation

  * Timer EJBs

10. Connecting Java MVC to a Database

  * Abstracting Away Database Access With JPA

  * Setting up a SQL Database

  * Creating a DataSource

  * Preparing the Member Registration Application

  * Adding EclipseLink as ORM

  * Controllers

  * Adding Data Access Objects

  * Updating the View

  * Adding Entities

  * Adding Relations

11. Logging Java MVC Applications

  * System Streams

  * JDK Logging in Glassfish

  * Using JDK Standard Logging For Other Servers

  * Adding Log4j Logging to Your Application

12. A Java MVC Example Application

  * The BooKlubb Database 

  * The BooKlubb Eclipse Project

  * The BooKlubb Infrastructure Classes

  * Configure BooKlubb Database Access

  * The BooKlub Internationalization

  * The BooKlubb Entity Classes

  * BooKlubb Database Access Via DAOs

  * The BooKlubb Model

  * The BooKlubb Controller

  * The BooKlubb View

  * Deploying and Testing BooKlubb


  * Solutions to The Exercises


Get started with using the new Java MVC 1.0 framework for model, view, and controller development for building modern Java-based web, native, and microservices applications. 

Beginning Java MVC teaches you the basics, then dives in to models, views, controllers. Next, you learn data binding, events, application types, view engines, and more. You will be given practical examples along the way to reinforce what you have learned.  Furthermore, you'll work with annotations, internationalization, security, and deployment.  

After reading this book, you'll have the know how to build your first full Java-based MVC application. 

What You Will Learn

  • Discover the Java MVC 1.0 APIs and how to use them
  • Master the Model, View and Controller design pattern
  • Carry out data binding 
  • Write events
  • Work with view engines

Who This Book Is For 

Those new to Java MVC 1.0. Some prior experience with Java programming recommended, especially with JSF or Struts. 


Peter Späth graduated in 2002 as a physicist and soon afterwards became an IT consultant, mainly for Java-related projects. In 2016 he decided to concentrate on writing books, with his main focus set on software development. With two books about graphics and sound processing and two books for Android and Kotlin programming, his new book addresses beginning Jakarta EE developers willing to develop enterprise-level Java applications with Java EE 8.  

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Condizione: Nuovo
Dimensioni: 254 x 178 mm Ø 868 gr
Formato: Brossura
Illustration Notes:37 Illustrations, black and white
Pagine Arabe: 441
Pagine Romane: xviii

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