Beginning Build And Release Management With Tfs 2017 And Vsts - Chandrasekara Chaminda | Libro Apress 06/2017 -

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chandrasekara chaminda - beginning build and release management with tfs 2017 and vsts

Beginning Build and Release Management with TFS 2017 and VSTS Leveraging Continuous Delivery for Your Business

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 06/2017
Edizione: 1st ed.


Chapter 1:  Understanding the Concepts

Chapter Goal: Give the conceptual idea of a deployment pipeline, providing reasoning for adopting recommended practices, while setting up a pipeline, in practical terms. Define what should be assigned to build, and what the job of the release is.
Sub -Topics
1. Introducing Continuous Delivery
2. Build and Release Management with TFS15/VSTS
3. Recommendations for a robust deployment pipeline. 

Chapter 2:  TFS15/VSTS Build/Release Agents – Configuring & Marketplace Extensions

Chapter Goal: Hand on step by step lessons, Walkthroughs in setting up agent for different scenarios.  Each lesson will have below sections for all chapters.
• Lesson Goal
• Prerequisites
• Step by Step Walkthrough
• Summary (including brief conceptual explanation)
Sub - Topics
Lesson 1. Setup Agent Pools and Queues
Lesson 2. Link VSTS to Azure Subscription
Lesson 3. Setup Window Build/Release Agent
Lesson 4. Setup Window Build/Release Agent Untrusted Domain
Lesson 5. Install Extension from Marketplace

Chapter 3:  ASP.Net Web Application Deployment to Azure and IIS

Chapter Goal: Hands on lessons on ASP.Net MVC 05 and ASP.NET Core 1.0 web application build and deployment to Azure and IIS.

Lesson 2. Build ASP.Net Web Applications with TFS Build
Lesson 3. Tokenizing Configurations and Settings with Build
Lesson 4. Deploying to IIS
Lesson 5. Deploying Web Applications to Azure (Classic and Resource Manager)
eploymentsLesson 7. Deployment Tasks – Azure Slot Swap, Slot Settings

Chapter 4: Deployment to other platforms

Chapter Goal: Hands on lessons on ASP.Net Core builds and deployments including Linux. TFS Build/Release usage with Docker

Sub - Topics:  Lessons topics to be decided later. Topics will cover step by step guidance on Setup Build/Release Agent on Linux, ASP.Net Core deployment to Linux and TFS Build/Release usage with Docker.

Chapter 5: Azure SQL and TFS/VSTS Build and Release 

Chapter Goal: Hand on lessons on managing Azure SQL databases with TFS/VSTS release management tasks.

Sub - Topics:  
Lesson 1. Create database Visual Studio project.
Lesson 2. Azure SQL Server and Azure Database Setting up
Lesson 3. Building the Database Project with TFS Build
Lesson 4. TFS Release Management - Azure SQL Database deployments 
Lesson 5. TFS Release Management - Azure SQL Database Backup and Restore.

Chapter 6: Team Services for Azure Service Fabric Deployments

Chapter Goal: Brief introduction to Azure Service Fabric. Hand on lessons on creating ASP.Net Core Application for Azure Service Fabric, get it build and deployed to Azure Service Fabric via TFS15/VSTS Release. 

Sub - Topics: Lessons topics to be decided later.
Chapter 7: Meta-Tasks, Folders, Tags and Build/Release Definition History

Chapter Goal: Introduction to Meta-tasks, Folders, Tags, History usage in build and release. Hands on lessons on using them in build, release definitions.

Sub - Topics: 
Meta-Task Introduction
Lesson 1. Creating a Meta-task and Parameterizing
Lesson 2. Using Meta Task
Lesson 3. Using Folders and Tags
Lesson 4. Using Build Release Definition History and Comments

Chapter 8: Building with External Repositories and other platform builds

Chapter Goal: Hands on lessons on building a solution available in external repositories such as GitHub, and building Java applications.

Sub - Topics: 
Lesson 1. Connecting GitHub and TFS/VSTS
Lesson 2. Building Solutions from GitHub
Lesson 3. Building a Java Application with TFS/VSTS
Chapter 9: Test Automation with Build and Release

Chapter Goal: Overview of test integration capability in build and release. Hands on lessons on unit test integration, functional test integration and load test execution.

Sub - Topics: 
Test Automation Introduction
Lesson 1. Writing Unit tests and Integrating with build
Lesson 2. Writing Coded UI tests and packaging with build
Lesson 3. Running functional tests with TFS15/VSTS release
Lesson 4. Setting up a Test Farm in Azure VMs
Lesson 5. Writing and running XUnit tests with Build
Lesson 6. Running load tests with release management

Chapter 10: Dynamics CRM 2016 /CRMOnline Deployments with TFS/VSTS Release

Chapter Goal: Hands on lessons on Dynamics CRM 2016/ CRMOnline Solution and Data, CRM Customizations source controlling, Build and Deployment with TFS.

Sub - Topics: 
Lesson 1. Introduction Dynamics CRM 2016/ CRMOnline Deployment Challenges
Lesson 2. CRM 2016/ CRMOnline Solution(Customizations) Source Controlling
Lesson 3. Building CRM 2016/ CRMOnline Solution with TFS Build
Lesson 4. Deploying CRM 2016/ CRMOnline Solution with TFS ReleaseLesson 5. Source Control CRM Reference Data
Lesson 6. Deploying CRM Data with TFS Release
Chapter 11: Effective Release Note – with TFS Release

Chapter Goal: Hands on lessons on generating effective release notes while deploying to each target environment. 

Sub - Topics: Topics to be decided later. Topics will cover from properly associating work (Requirements, Bugs, etc) with the submitted changes. Also the scripts and the components required to generate effective release notes for each target environments based on the deploying build and previous deployment done to target.

Chapter 12: Package Management.

Chapter Goal: Hands on lessons on creating feeds for packages, and restore, build and deploying packages. 

Lesson 1. Creating feeds for package management
Lesson 2. Restore packages in builds
Lesson 3. Build packages
Lesson 4. Publish packages with team foundation release

Chapter 13: Extending Build and Release Tasks on your own

Chapter Goal: Hands on lessons on creating an extension to TFS/VSTS build, release. 

Sub - Topics:
Lesson 1. Extension Sample Project
Lesson 2. Writing Build/Release Task
Lesson 3. Packaging the Build/Release Task
Lesson 4. Deploying and using the Build/Release Task


Master build and release management with Team Foundation Service and Visual Studio Team Services to facilitate the continuous delivery of software updates to your development team.

You'll receive detailed, practical guidance on automating website deployments in Azure App Service, database deployments to Azure platform, Micro Services deployments in Azure Service Fabric, and more. Each deployment is structured with the aid of hands-on lessons in a given target environment designed to empower your teams to achieve successful DevOps.

This book provides lessons on how to optimize build release management definitions using capabilities, such as task groups. With the help of practical scenarios, you’ll also learn how to diagnose and fix issues in automated builds and deployments. You’ll see how to enhance the capability of build and release management, using team services/TFS Marketplace extensions and writing your own extensions for any missing functionality via hands-on lessons.

What You Will Learn
  • Automate deployment to Azure platform, including Web App Service, Azure SQL and Azure Service Fabric
  • Test automation integration with builds and deployments
  • Perform Dynamic CRM deployment handling and package management with TFS/VSTS
  • Examine requirement to production delivery traceability in practical terms 
  • Review cross platform build/deployment capabilities of TFS/VSTS. 

Who This Book Is For

Build/Release Engineers, Configuration Managers, Software Developers, Test Automation Engineers, System Engineers, Software Architects and System/Production Support Engineers or anyone who handles and involves in the software delivery process.


Chaminda is a Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio ALM and Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster®. he focuses on and believes in continuous improvement of Software Development Life-cycle. He works as the ALM/DevOps Architect for Navantis IT (Pvt) Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of Toronto, Canada based Navantis Inc.

Chaminda is also an active Microsoft Community Contributor (MCC), well recognized for his contributions in Microsoft forums, TechNet galleries, Wikis, and contributes extensions to Visual Studio Team Services/TFS, in Microsoft Visual Studio marketplace. He also contributes to other open source projects in GitHub. His technical blog is popular among ALM practitioners around the world for quick and descriptive tech guidance.

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Illustration Notes:7 Illustrations, black and white
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