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spencer kevin; willis thearon; kauffman john - beginning asp databases

Beginning ASP Databases

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 09/2003
Edizione: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed.


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Microsoft created Active Server Pages (ASP) to sew together a group of technologies for creating modern web sites, which can intelligently interact with the user at the front end and with servers and datastores at the back end. Among these technologies is ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), which allows easy, powerful and robust control of technologies that access datastores. This book explains the theory and practice of using ADO with ASP by presenting numerous examples, exercises, lists of common errors and quizzes. The emphasis is on the author's proven teaching techniques and the presentation of the most commonly used features of ADO in ASP. If you read each chapter and do the exercises you will have a portfolio of several dozen data-intensive web pages of increasing complexity - a fine return on your investment. What Is This Book About? This book explains, demonstrates and applies techniques that lie at the intersection of the two great tools of the Information Age. One tool, the database, is relatively old. The other, the World Wide Web, is quite new. ASP and ADO together provide the ability to combine these two to maximum effect. Even the most computer-illiterate managers realize that business as we know it today could not exist without databases to hold information on customers, orders, inventory, accounts, payroll and every other facet of commercial activity. Many of the great advances in productivity since 1960 have been possible because of the speed and accuracy that databases provide for business information.


Kevin Spencer started programming in C in the early 1990s and wrote a number of shareware programs for DOS, most of which were door programs for BBSs. In the process, he learned to construct relational databases in C, and later worked with Microsoft Visual FoxPro and Access. As Internet database connectivity technologies began to emerge from Microsoft, he learned them as well. He then started his own business, Site Design by TAKempis, which specializes in Internet database application programming with ASP/ADO. Microsoft awarded him with the "Most Valuable Professional" award in 1997. He has written articles about Microsoft FrontPage and ASP/ADO for several online magazines, including ASP Today.

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This book explains, demonstrates and applies techniques that lie at the intersection of the great tools of the Information Age: the databaswe and Internet. By combining these tools you, can create powerful Web pages. In this book, you'll learn how to incorporate database into your ASP applications using ADO, which provides a set of objects through which you can connect to, read from and write to databases.

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