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kittler josef (curatore); nixon mark s. (curatore) - audio-and video-based biometric person authentication

Audio-and Video-Based Biometric Person Authentication 4th International Conference, AVBPA 2003, Guildford, UK, June 9-11, 2003, Proceedings


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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 06/2003
Edizione: 2003



This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Audio-and Video-Based Biometric Person Authentication, AVBPA 2003, held in Guilford, UK in June 2003.

The 39 revised full plenary papers and 72 revised full poster papers were carefully reviewed and selected for presentation. There are topical sections on face; speech; fingerprint; image,video processing, and tracking; general issues; handwriting, signature, and palm; gait; and fusion



Face I.- Robust Face Recognition in the Presence of Clutter.- An Image Preprocessing Algorithm for Illumination Invariant Face Recognition.- Quad Phase Minimum Average Correlation Energy Filters for Reduced Memory Illumination Tolerant Face Authentication.- Component-Based Face Recognition with 3D Morphable Models.- Face II.- A Comparative Study of Automatic Face Verification Algorithms on the BANCA Database.- Assessment of Time Dependency in Face Recognition: An Initial Study.- Constraint Shape Model Using Edge Constraint and Gabor Wavelet Based Search.- Expression-Invariant 3D Face Recognition.- Speech.- Automatic Estimation of a Priori Speaker Dependent Thresholds in Speaker Verification.- A Bayesian Network Approach for Combining Pitch and Reliable Spectral Envelope Features for Robust Speaker Verification.- Cluster-Dependent Feature Transformation for Telephone-Based Speaker Verification.- Searching through a Speech Memory for Text-Independent Speaker Verification.- Poster Session I.- LUT-Based Adaboost for Gender Classification.- Independent Component Analysis and Support Vector Machine for Face Feature Extraction.- Real-Time Emotion Recognition Using Biologically Inspired Models.- A Dual-Factor Authentication System Featuring Speaker Verification and Token Technology.- Wavelet-Based 2-Parameter Regularized Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition.- Face Tracking and Recognition from Stereo Sequence.- Face Recognition System Using Accurate and Rapid Estimation of Facial Position and Scale.- Fingerprint Enhancement Using Oriented Diffusion Filter.- Visual Analysis of the Use of Mixture Covariance Matrices in Face Recognition.- A Face Recognition System Based on Local Feature Analysis.- Face Detection Using an SVM Trained in Eigenfaces Space.- Face Detection and Facial Component Extraction by Wavelet Decomposition and Support Vector Machines.- U-NORM Likelihood Normalization in PIN-Based Speaker Verification Systems.- Facing Position Variability in Minutiae-Based Fingerprint Verification through Multiple References and Score Normalization Techniques.- Iris-Based Personal Authentication Using a Normalized Directional Energy Feature.- An HMM On-line Signature Verification Algorithm.- Automatic Pedestrian Detection and Tracking for Real-Time Video Surveillance.- Visual Features Extracting & Selecting for Lipreading.- An Evaluation of Visual Speech Features for the Tasks of Speech and Speaker Recognition.- Feature Extraction Using a Chaincoded Contour Representation of Fingerprint Images.- Hypotheses-Driven Affine Invariant Localization of Faces in Verification Systems.- Shape Based People Detection for Visual Surveillance Systems.- Real-Time Implementation of Face Recognition Algorithms on DSP Chip.- Robust Face-Tracking Using Skin Color and Facial Shape.- Fingerprint.- Fusion of Statistical and Structural Fingerprint Classifiers.- Learning Features for Fingerprint Classification.- Fingerprint Matching with Registration Pattern Inspection.- Biometric Template Selection: A Case Study in Fingerprints.- Orientation Scanning to Improve Lossless Compression of Fingerprint Images.- Image, Video Processing, Tracking.- A Nonparametric Approach to Face Detection Using Ranklets.- Refining Face Tracking with Integral Projections.- Glasses Removal from Facial Image Using Recursive PCA Reconstruction.- Synthesis of High-Resolution Facial Image Based on Top-Down Learning.- A Comparative Performance Analysis of JPEG 2000 vs. WSQ for Fingerprint Image Compression.- General.- New Shielding Functions to Enhance Privacy and Prevent Misuse of Biometric Templates.- The NIST HumanID Evaluation Framework.- Synthetic Eyes.- Poster Session II.- Maximum-Likelihood Deformation Analysis of Different-Sized Fingerprints.- Dental Biometrics: Human Identification Using Dental Radiographs.- Effect of Window Size and Shift Period in Mel-Warped Cepstral Feature Extraction on GMM-Based Speaker Verification.- Discriminative Face Recognition.- Cross-Channel Histogram Equalisation for Colour Face Recognition.- Open World Face Recognition with Credibility and Confidence Measures.- Enhanced VQ-Based Algorithms for Speech Independent Speaker Identification.- Fingerprint Fusion Based on Minutiae and Ridge for Enrollment.- Face Hallucination and Recognition.- Robust Features for Frontal Face Authentication in Difficult Image Conditions.- Facial Recognition in Video.- Face Authentication Based on Multiple Profiles Extracted from Range Data.- Eliminating Variation of Face Images Using Face Symmetry.- Combining SVM Classifiers for Multiclass Problem: Its Application to Face Recognition.- A Bayesian MCMC On-line Signature Verification.- Illumination Normalization Using Logarithm Transforms for Face Authentication.- Performance Evaluation of Face Recognition Algorithms on the Asian Face Database, KFDB.- Automatic Gait Recognition via Fourier Descriptors of Deformable Objects.- A Study on Performance Evaluation of Fingerprint Sensors.- An Improved Fingerprint Indexing Algorithm Based on the Triplet Approach.- A Supervised Approach in Background Modelling for Visual Surveillance.- Human Recognition on Combining Kinematic and Stationary Features.- Architecture for Synchronous Multiparty Authentication Using Biometrics.- Boosting a Haar-Like Feature Set for Face Verification.- The BANCA Database and Evaluation Protocol.- A Speaker Pruning Algorithm for Real-Time Speaker Identification.- “Poor Man” Vote with M-ary Classifiers. Application to Iris Recognition.- Handwriting, Signature, Palm.- Complete Signal Modeling and Score Normalization for Function-Based Dynamic Signature Verification.- Personal Verification Using Palmprint and Hand Geometry Biometric.- A Set of Novel Features for Writer Identification.- Combining Fingerprint and Hand-Geometry Verification Decisions.- Iris Verification Using Correlation Filters.- Gait.- Gait Analysis for Human Identification.- Performance Analysis of Time-Distance Gait Parameters under Different Speeds.- Novel Temporal Views of Moving Objects for Gait Biometrics.- Gait Shape Estimation for Identification.- Fusion.- Audio-Visual Speaker Identification Based on the Use of Dynamic Audio and Visual Features.- Scalability Analysis of Audio-Visual Person Identity Verification.- A Bayesian Approach to Audio-Visual Speaker Identification.- Multimodal Authentication Using Asynchronous HMMs.- Theoretic Evidence k-Nearest Neighbourhood Classifiers in a Bimodal Biometric Verification System.- Poster Session III.- Combined Face Detection/Recognition System for Smart Rooms.- Capabilities of Biometrics for Authentication in Wireless Devices.- Combining Face and Iris Biometrics for Identity Verification.- Experimental Results on Fusion of Multiple Fingerprint Matchers.- Predicting Large Population Data Cumulative Match Characteristic Performance from Small Population Data.- A Comparative Evaluation of Fusion Strategies for Multimodal Biometric Verification.- Iris Feature Extraction Using Independent Component Analysis.- BIOMET: A Multimodal Person Authentication Database Including Face, Voice, Fingerprint, Hand and Signature Modalities.- Fingerprint Alignment Using Similarity Histogram.- A Novel Method to Extract Features for Iris Recognition System.- Resampling for Face Recognition.- Toward Person Authentication with Point Light Display Using Neural Network Ensembles.- Fingerprint Verification Using Correlation Filters.- On the Correlation of Image Size to System Accuracy in Automatic Fingerprint Identification Systems.- A JC-BioAPI Compliant Smart Card with Biometrics for Secure Access Control.- Comparison of MLP and GMM Classifiers for Face Verification on XM2VTS.- Fast Frontal-View Face Detection Using a Multi-path Decision Tree.- Improved Audio-Visual Speaker Recognition via the Use of a Hybrid Combination Strategy.- Face Recognition Vendor Test 2002 Performance Metrics.- Posed Face Image Synthesis Using Nonlinear Manifold Learning.- Pose for Fusing Infrared and Visible-Sp

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Dimensioni: 235 x 155 mm Ø 1508 gr
Formato: Brossura
Illustration Notes:Bibliographie
Pagine Arabe: 986
Pagine Romane: xvii

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