Architectural, Energy And Information Engineering - Sung Wen-Pei (Curatore); Chen Ran (Curatore) | Libro Crc Press 12/2015 -

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sung wen-pei (curatore); chen ran (curatore) - architectural, energy and information engineering

Architectural, Energy and Information Engineering Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Architectural, Energy and Information Engineering (AEIE 2015), Xiamen, China, May 19-20, 2015


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Lingua: Inglese

CRC Press

Pubblicazione: 12/2015
Edizione: 1° edizione

Note Editore

This proceedings volume brings together selected peer-reviewed papers presented at the 2015 International Conference on Architectural, Energy and Information Engineering(AEIE 2015), held July 15-16, 2015 in Hong Kong, China. The proceedings are divided into two parts, Architectural, Energy and Environmental Engineering and Information Engineering and Its Applications. Topics covered include Civil Engineering, Architectural Science, Energy Engineering, Environmental Science and Information Engineering among others. This volume will be of interest to a global audience of academic researchers, industry professionals and policy-makers active in various fields of engineering.


Architectural, energy and environmental engineering Research status and development analysis on contemporary concreteD. Yang, T.L. Yang, H. Chen & L.X. SunA natural ventilation acoustic noise purification windowX.B. Tuo, Y.K. Ji, H.J. Li, Z.Y. Chen, D. Liu, K. Dong, C.B. Zhou, Z.Y. Yan & L.K. ZhangResearch on influence factors of Ce-HZSM-5 molecular sieve material prepared by cation exchangeC.Q. Yang, Y.M. Wang, G.S. Lin & L.G. WuApplication of Infiltration Model into urban planningX.D. Hu, M.G. Liu & W.H. WangEvaluation on rock bedded slope stability for Huangshan surface mineH. Ran & W.G. LiPreparation of CuInS2 thin films by chemical bath depositionH. Liu, J. Li & K.G. LiuEnrichment law of low-rank Coalbed Methane of Hunchun BasinY.Z. WangExperimental study on frozen-heave influence factors for graded gravel in surface layer of passenger dedicated lineK.Y. Han, Y. Liu, Y. Xie & T. JiaoThe rise of china and the decline of the US in Central Asia: Energy and economic cooperation in the new geopolitical contextY.N. Ding, L. Peng & G.Y. WangThe myth or reality of U.S. energy independence: A literature review of Obama’s energy security policy Y.N. Ding, L. Peng & J. ShiWestern debate on China’s quest for foreign energy: Mercantilism or Liberalism? Y.N. Ding, L. Peng & B. WangApplication of the distributed energy system in a data center in Beijing Y. ZhaoExperiment study for preparation of soluble potassium through thermal reaction of potassium feldspar, calcium sulfate & calcium oxideC.Q. Yang & J.P. XiaAn exploration of the water poverty index in Kinmen T.T. Chen & C. LuEmission characteristics of waste cooking oil biodiesel and butanol blends with diesel from a diesel engine exhaust P.M. Yang, Y.C. Lin, S.R. Jhang, S.C. Chen, Y.C. Lin, K.C. Lin & T.Y. WuDevelopment of wind power in Taiwan and the communication for control and monitoring of offshore wind turbine Y.W. Lin, Y.H. Wu, C.C. Chen & J.L. DongProcessing behavior of electrodes made with addition of nanopowder S.V. MakarovCosmogenic mechanisms of earthquakes M.S. Hlystunov & Zh.G. MogiljukPreviously unknown regularities of extreme wind load formation Zh.G. Mogiljuk, M.S. Hlystunov & V.I. ProkopievA QoS collecting model based on an automated reporting method J. Li, G.Sh. Wu & X.Y. ZouExperimental investigation of combustion characteristic of a hybrid hydrogen–gasoline engine under the idle driving condition S.R. Jhang, Y.C. Lin, K.S. Chen, P.M. Yang, S.C. Chen, Y.C. Lin, K.C. Lin & C.B. ChenStudy on cluster supply chain mode in the mechanical manufacturing industry C. Li & J. LiThe simulation calculation of micro hybrid vehicle based on refine H. Wang, L.H. Gao, M. Yang, Y. Hou & J. WangKey technology of offshore wind power and its development tendency S.L. ZhongNational sustainability evaluation model S.L. ZhongComparative analysis of transcritical CO2 two-stage cycles Y.F. Liu, Y.Z. Rong & G.Y. JinThermodynamic analysis of different CO2 cascade refrigeration cycles Y.F. Liu, M.X. Zhao, Y.Z. Rong & G.Y. JinA low-carbon city power energy optimization configuration structure Y.P. Li & W. XuThe preliminary exploration for city entrance landscape planning based on semiotics: An example of east entrance planning of weinan city J.Z. Zhou, Q.H. Hou & Y. HuMultiple scales trend analysis of marine water quality of recent ten years in Tianjin nearshore district M.C. Li, Q. Si & Y. WangSynthesis of SiO2 aerogel using coal gangue at an ambient pressure J.M. Zhu & H.W. CaiThe study of acute toxicity of perfluorooctanoic acid on Zebra fish W.C. Zhao, Q. Li, F. Xiao, G.L. Song, Y. Lu, H.B. Yang & C.X. LiaoAttitude and heading reference of UAVs with adaptive SO (3) complementary filter based on fuzzy logic J.Y. Zhai & X.J. DuStudy on the analysis method of Imazamox in water Q. Li, F. Xiao, G.L. Song, X.J. Xu, W. He & W.C. ZhaoStudy on optimization design for the diaphragm wall of a subway station X.C. Liu, X.Z. Sui & J.J. LiEnvironmental assessment of biochar for security applications F. Yang, H.Y. Guo, D.L. Su, Z.Q. Cheng & S.H. LiaoEffects of operating conditions on the performance of the Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Y. Zhou, Y. Guan, J. Wang & D. YuThe method of building digital core based on adaptive model H.F. Xia, H.Y. Qiao, X. Lai & M. XuAn experimental study on the mechanical performance of an overhead floor system C.G. Wang, Y.L. Zheng, G.C. Li & D.C. WangStudy on the performance of purlins with new connections in steel sloping roof C.G. Wang, Y. Bai, G.C. Li & X. WangThe finite element analysis of cold-formed steel stud walls under compression C.G. Wang & Q.Q. LiuResearch on the simulation analysis of rib concrete pouring sequence of V-type rigid continuous beam combination arch bridge Y.Y. Fan & Z.Q. LiMeasurement of trichlopyr residual in soil F. Xiao, Q. Li, G.L. Song, T.Y. Nie, B.N. Wang, Y.L. Chen & Y. ZhangClogging of the subsurface infiltration system Y.L. Duan, X.C. Ji, Y.Y. Yu & Y.H. LiMicrositing of a container roof mounted wind turbine using the neutral equilibrium atmospheric boundary layer Q. Wang, J.W. Wang & Y.L. HouThe application of the matrix in the Subsurface Wastewater Infiltration System S.M. Wang, X. Wang & H. WangThe research status of RDB of composite beams in negative moment region Z.N. Zhang & Z.Z. ZhangTenability analysis in a tobacco workshop in case of fire with a 2-layer zone model J.L. Niu & L. YiComparison of the reinjection of sandstone reservoir geothermal used water between Xi’an and Xianyang Z.Y. Ma & Y. MengEffect of Na2O dosage and SiO2/Na2O ratio on the properties of Alkali-Activated Fly Ash geopolymers M.C. Chi & R. HuangB-spline curve approximation to planar data points based on dominant points Z.Z. Lin, S.H. Shu & Y. DingSafety prediction research on building demolition work L. Jiao, T.J. Zhang, Q.X. Shi & Y.L. ZhengThe adiabatic temperature rise and the early strength of concrete mixed with mineral admixture X.G. Zhang, R.J. Huang, S.J. Lou, D.C. Liu & P. XuPrediction of corrosion induced cracking-time relationship of reinforced concrete by considering initial defects X.G. Zhang, M.H. Li, F. Xing, P. Xu & L.F. ChenThe early temperature stress and cracking resistance of mixed fly ash and slag powder concrete X.G. Zhang, D.C. Liu, S.J. Lou, R.J. Huang & P. XuResearch and application of clay stabilizer used for water injection in the Jidong oil field L. LiStudy on foamy oil flow in heavy oil recovery by natural gas huff and puff J.H. Li, Y. Sun & C. YangResearch on the solar cell arrangement and its effect on the photovoltaic protected agriculture systems in the Hainan tropical region Z.W. Ge & X.F. JiangEffect of MICP on the properties of the cement paste X.L. Yuan, Y.Z. Peng, D.M. Liu & Q.S. ZhuAnalysis of the combined capture of CO2 and SO2 using aqueous ammonia J.F. Zhang, F.Q. Li, H. Liu, J.Y. Liu & H.G. JiIntegrated topographical and inclinometric procedures for long term monitoring of complex civil structures C. Balletti, G. Boscato, V. Buttolo, F. Guerra & S. RussoResearch on road traffic congestion in Shanghai based on the system dynamics theory Y.P. WangStudy on prediction model of Ningdong coal chemical gasification coal calorific value and industrial analysis G.R. Qiao, H.W. Cai, A.N. Zhou & F.S. YangExperimental study on the effect of double pipe wall thickness on the instantaneous air source heat pump water heater S.Y. YinDesign of the simple household solar heating systems L. LiuStudy on viscoelastic modulus of heat-resistant polymer solution T.P. Chen, Q.H. Hu & R.J. CuiResearch on the factors influencing flow resistance of plate heat exchanger W. Rao, X. Xiao, J.Q. Gao & L. ZhangStudy on chromium-free iridescent passivator for zinc coating L. Shi, J.Y. Ye & S.N. WangStudy on the galvanized chromium-fre

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