Analytical Chemistry From Laboratory To Process Line - Zaikov Gennady E. (Curatore); Haghi A. K. (Curatore) | Libro Apple Academic Press 06/2018 -

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zaikov gennady e. (curatore); haghi a. k. (curatore) - analytical chemistry from laboratory to process line

Analytical Chemistry from Laboratory to Process Line


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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 06/2018
Edizione: 1° edizione

Note Editore

This bookhighlights many of the latest developments and trends in engineering chemistry research and describes the respective tools to characterize and predict properties and behavior of materials. The book provides original, theoretical, and important experimental results which use non-routine methodologies and presents chapters on novel applications of more familiar experimental techniques and analyses of composite problems which indicate the need for new experimental approaches presented. Technical and technological development demands the creation of new materials thatare stronger, more reliable and more durable, i.e. materials with new properties. This volume presents new research that will help lead to new and better materials. Each chapter describes the principle of the respective method as well as the detailed procedures of experiments with examples of actual applications presented. Thus, readers will be able to apply the concepts as described in the book to their own experiments. Experts in each of the areas covered have reviewed the state of the art, thus creating a book that will be useful to readers at all levels in academic, industry, and research institutions. Engineers, polymer scientists, and technicians will find this volume useful in selecting approaches and techniques applicable to characterizing molecular, compositional, rheological, and thermodynamic properties of elastomers and plastics.


Part 1: Applied Chemistry Researsh Notes 1. A Note on Van Der Waals Radii and Atomic Dimensional Characteristics G. A. Korablev, G. S. Valiullina, and G. E. Zaikov 2. A Note on Inorganic Polymers Semiconductor Materials B. S. Alikhadzhieva and Z. S. Khasbulatova 3. A Note on the Influence of Copolymer of Na-Acrylic Acid and Methacrylic Acid Isobutyl Ester on the Physic-Mechanical Properties of Cement Systems M. U. Karimov, A. T. Djalilov, and N. A. Samigov 4. A Note on the Influence of Copolymer of Na-Methacrylic Acid and Methacrylic Acid Isobutyl Ester on the Physic-Mechanical Properties of Cement Systems M. U. Karimov, A. T. Djalilov, and N. A. Samigov 5. A Note on Synthesis of Superplasticizer and Its Influence on the Strength of Cement Paste M. U. Karimov and A. T. Djalilov 6. A Note on Influence of Na-Carboxymethylcellulose on the Physic-Mechanical Properties of Cement Systems M. U. Karimov, G. G. Tukhtaeva, A. A. Kambarova, and A. T. Djalilov 7. A Note on Change of Morphological Features Cellulose in Different Acid-Catalytic Systems Kuvshinova Larisa Alexandrovna and Manahova Tat’yana Nicolaevna 8. A Note on Synthesis and Properties of PBT M. M. Ligidova, T. A. Borukaev, and A. K. Mikitaev 9. A Note on Experimental Data by Piecewise Linear Functions Oshkhunov Muaed Muzafarovich and Dzhankulaeva Madina Amerhanovna Part 2: Composites Technology 10. Composite Electroconductive Materials Based on Polyaniline S. G. Kiseleva, A. V. Orlov, and G. P. Karpacheva 11. Novel Hybrid Metal-Polymer Nanocomposite Magnetic Material Based on Polyphenoxazine and Co-Nanoparticles S. Zh. Ozkan, G. P. Karpacheva, and I. S. Eremeev 12. Use of Microsized Ferrocomposites Particles for Immobilization of Biologically Active Compounds Lubov Kh. Komissarova and Vladimir S. Feofanov 13. The Aggregation Process as Large-Scal Disorder Cause in Nanocomposites Polymer/Organoclay G. V. Kozlov, G. E. Zaikov, and A. K. Mikitaev 14. Nanoporous Polymer/Carbon Nanotube Membrane Filtration: The “How-To” Guide to Computational Methods Arezo Afzali, Shima Maghsoodlou, and Babak Noroozi Part 3: Polymer Chemistry 15. Study of Degradable Polyolefin Compounds T. I. Aksenova, V. V. Ananyev, P. P. Kulikov, and V. D. Tretyakova 16. Production of Synthetic Rubber: A Study on Ecological Safety R. R. Usmanova and G. E. Zaikov 17. Processes of Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) Destruction by High-Speed Impact and Pulse Laser Action: A Comparative Analysis A. M. Kugotova and B. I. Kunizhev 18. Effective Inhibitors Oxidative Degradation for Polyolefins M. M. Murzakanova, T. A. Borukaev, and A. K. Mikitaev 19. Investigation of the Thermal Destruction Process of Aromatic Polyamide and Organic Plastics A. I. Burya, O. A. Naberezhnaya, and N. T. Arlamova 20. Methacrylate Guanidine and Methacryloyl Guanidine Hydrochloride: Synthesis and Polymerization M. R. Menyashev, A. I. Martynenko, N. I. Popova, N. A. Kleshcheva, and N. A. Sivov 21. NMR 1H and 13C Spectra of the 1,1,3-Trimethyl-3-(4-Methyl-Phenyl)Butyl Hydroperoxide in Chloroform: Experimental versus GIAO Calculated Data N. ?. ?urovskij, E. V. Raksha, Yu. V. Berestneva, and G. ?. Zaikov Part 4: Special Topics 22. Rheological Properties of the Irrigation Liquid in the Cleaning Process of Gas Emissions R. R. Usmanova and G. E. Zaikov 23. Rhizospheric Trophic Chain: The Role and Stability in Soil Processes and Ecosystems N. V. Patyka, N. A. Bublyk, T. I. Patyka, and O. I. Kitaev 24. Modeling and Analysis of Stress-Strain State in Multilayer Coatings of Electric Cables at External Loads Dzhankulaeva Madina Amerhanovna 25. Definition of Blood Serum Antioxidant Activity of Patients with Liver Pathology by Two Chemiluminescent Methods N. N. Sazhina, I. N. Popov, and G. Levin


Gennady E. Zaikov, DSc, is Head of the Polymer Division at the N. M. Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia, and Professor at Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology, Russia, as well as Professor at Kazan National Research Technological University, Kazan, Russia. A. K. Haghi, PhD, is the author and editor of 165 books, as well as 1000 published papers in various journals and conference proceedings.

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