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kim jong-hyun (curatore); lee kangsun (curatore); tanaka satoshi (curatore); park soo-hyun (curatore) - advanced methods, techniques, and applications in modeling and simulation

Advanced Methods, Techniques, and Applications in Modeling and Simulation Asia Simulation Conference 2011, Seoul, Korea, November 2011, Proceedings

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 10/2012
Edizione: 2012


This book is a compilation of research accomplishments in the fields of modeling, simulation, and their applications, as presented at AsiaSim 2011 (Asia Simulation Conference 2011). The conference, held in Seoul, Korea, November 16–18, was organized by ASIASIM (Federation of Asian Simulation Societies), KSS (Korea Society for Simulation), CASS (Chinese Association for System Simulation), and JSST (Japan Society for Simulation Technology). AsiaSim 2011 provided a forum for scientists, academicians, and professionals from the Asia-Pacific region and other parts of the world to share their latest exciting research findings in modeling and simulation methodologies, techniques, and their tools and applications in military, communication network, industry, and general engineering problems.


Distributed Simulation.- Flight Simulation on Tiled Displays with Distributed Computing Scheme.- A Novel Federation Development and Execution Process Based on Collaboration Ontology.- PASENS: Parallel Sensor Network Simulator.- A Study on Measurements System for Evaluating DA-C2’s Effectiveness.- Numerical Simulation.- Modeling and Simulation of the Acoustics of a Steelpan, a Percussion Instrument.- Derivation of 2-D Flow Lines from Water Table Data in Heterogeneous Aquifer by Developing Specific Finite Difference Method Programs.- On a Relationship between Typical Behavior and Initial Conditions of Lagrange’s Top.- Chaotic Modem System Using Nonlinear Map with Simultaneous Volterra Filters.- Modeling Methodology (I).- Research on Maneuver Model of the Parameterized Tank Entity in CGF.- Extended RUSES.- Application of Symbiotic Decision Support to Managed Evacuation Studies Using a Perennial Framework.- Distribution Analysis in Manufacturing 2.0 Using Agent Based Modeling and Simulation.- Modeling and Simulation Framework for Cyber Physical Systems.- Modeling Methodology (II).- Intelligent Agent-Based Mobility Prediction Method Using Velocity Inference.- Research on Global Path Planning of CGF Battlefield Terrain Based on Genetic Algorithms.- Nelder-Mead Method with Local Selection Using Neighborhood and Memory for Optimization via Simulation.- New Advances of the Research on Cloud Simulation.- Development of Simulation Service Platform Based on Cloud Computing for Manufacturing Industry.- Communication Networks and Simulations.- Integrated Real-Time Acoustic Communication System for Controlling of Bio-inspired Underwater Robot.- Application of Pipelining Technique in Concatenated Tomlinson Harashima Precoder for Downlink MIMO Systems.- A Reliable Error Detection Mechanism in Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks.- Distributed Consensus and Mitigating Risk Propagation in Evolutionary Optimized Networks.- A Study on Mobile Cloud Anomaly Detection Model.- Simulation in General Engineering (I).- Study on the Indoor SLAM Using Kinect.- Simulation of Gas Purge Process in City Gas Pipe.- A Simulation Study for Micro Assembly Cell in a Micro Lens Module Industry.- Simulation-Based Study on the Effect of Scan Pitch for Ultrasonic Non-destructive Inspection in Cast Billet with Computerized Tomography.- Simulation in General Engineering (II).- The Study on the Validity of the Conceptual Cost Estimation Model by Using Monte Carlo Simulation.- Improving Electric Vehicle Conversion’s Ride and Handling Performance Using Active Suspension System.- Object-Oriented Simulation for Service Supply Chain.- Power Saving in Wireless LANs by Adapting the Listen Interval.- Simulation in General Engineering (III).- Study on the Artificial Synthesis of Human Voice Using Radial Basis Function Networks.- A Business Entity Correlation Discovery Method between Cloud Services in Cloud Manufacturing System.- Interactive ACO Algorithm toward Practical IEC Application Fields.- Developing a Practical Machine Scheduler for Worker-Involved Systems.- Military Simulation (I).- Battlefield Data Quantization Method for War-Game Optimal Path Generation in Distributed Simulation.- A Methodology for Effectiveness Analysis of Future Weapon System Using a PLAF Based Simulation System.- Simulation-Based SAM (Surface-to-Air Missile) Analysis in OpenSIM (Open Simulation Engine for Interoperable Models).- Evaluating the Effectiveness of Shoot-Look-Shoot Tactics Using Discrete Event Modeling and Simulation.- Military Simulation (II).- Battle Space Model Based on Lattice Gas Automata for Underwater Warfare Simulation.- Stereoscopic 3D Model Viewer with Improved Depth Perception for Battlefield Visualization.- Effectiveness Analysis of Anti-torpedo Warfare Simulation for Evaluating Mix Strategies of Decoys and Jammers.- The Analysis Method of Command and Control Measures of Effectiveness (C2MOE).- Military Simulation (III).- Data Management and Time Synchronization in PlugSim: A DEVS-Based Framework for Interoperation of Simulations.- Generic Simulation Models to Evaluate Integrated Simulation Environment.- A Study on the Requirements for Designing Agent-Based Computer Generated Force.- Study of Multi-agent Based Combat Simulation for Orientation of OODA Loop.- Simulation Methods and Tools.- Clustered Parallel Coordinates with High-Speed k-Means Algorithm and Out-of-Core Feature.- A Bug Reproducing Method for the Debugging of Component-Based Parallel Discrete Event Simulation.- Diagnosis of Flood Risk in South Bay Area Using Hydrology Analysis.- Extendable Simulation Framework for Virtual World Environment Based on the DEVS Formalism.- Simulation and Visualization.- Visualization of Plasma Plume Collisions Using Fused Volume Data.- Tiled Display Visualization System with Multi-touch Control.- Field Approximation Using Piecewise Polynomials for Fast Volume Rendering on GPU.- A New Framework for Visualizing a Time-Varying Unstructured Grid Dataset with PBVR.- Volume-Surface Fused Visualization Applied to Medical Data Based on Particle-Based Rendering.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Proceedings in Information and Communications Technology
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