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sang david; jones graham - cambridge international as & a level physics workbook with digital access (2 years)

Cambridge International AS & A Level Physics Workbook with Digital Access (2 Years)


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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 03/2020
Edizione: Edizione rivisitata, 2° edizione


Edizione valida per gli esami dal 2022

Note Editore

For first examination from 2022, these resources meet the real needs of the physics classroom. This workbook with digital access is the perfect companion for the coursebook. The resource reinforces learning, promotes application of theory and helps students practise the essential skills of handling data, evaluating information and problem solving. The workbook includes a range of formative exercises, mapped directly onto the coursebook. For each chapter, a range of exercises builds on the topics and concepts that have been introduced. It includes exam command terms throughout to help familiarise students with their appropriate use. Questions include a skills focus that require students to draw graphs or provide workings.


Introduction; How to use this series; How to use this book; 1. Kinematics: describing motion; 2. Accelerated motion; 3. Dynamics: explaining motion; 4. Forces: vectors and moments; 5. Work, energy and power; 6. Momentum and Newton's laws; 7. Matter and materials; 8. Current, potential difference and resistance; 9. Kirchhoff's laws; 10. Resistance and resistivity; 11. Practical circuits; 12. Waves; 13. Superposition of waves; 14. Stationary waves; 15. Atomic structure and particle physics; Practical skills at AS Level; 16. Circular motion; 17. Gravitational fields; 18. Oscillations; 19. Thermal physics; 20. Ideal gases; 21. Uniform electric fields; 22. Coulomb's law; 23. Capacitance; 24. Magnetic fields and electromagnetism; 25. Motion of charged particles; 26. Electromagnetic induction; 27. Alternating currents; 28. Quantum physics; 29. Nuclear physics; 30. Medical imaging; 31. Astronomy and cosmology; Practical skills at AS Level; Glossary; Acknowledgements

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