World Vegetables: Principles, Production And Nutritive Values - Rubatzky Vincent E.; Yamaguchi Mas | Libro Springer 07/1997 -

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rubatzky vincent e.; yamaguchi mas - world vegetables: principles, production and nutritive values

World Vegetables: Principles, Production and Nutritive Values


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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 07/1997
Edizione: 2nd ed. 1997


Introduction. Vegetables and the World's Food Supply. Origin and Evolution of Vegetables. Vegetable Classification. Importance of Vegetables for Human Nutrition. Toxic Substances and Some Folk and Medicinal Uses of Vegetables. Vegetable Growing Principles. Environmental Factors Influencing Vegetable Growth. Climate Control for Vegetable Production During Off Seasons and During Adverse Conditions. World Vegetables. A Global View of Vegetable Usage. Vegetables Consisting of Starchy Roots, Tubers and Fruits. White or Irish Potato. Sweet Potato. Cassava. Yam. Taro, Tannia and Other Edible Aroids. Additional Underground Starchy Vegetables. Sweet Corn Plantain, Starchy Bananas, Breadfruit, and Jackfruit. Vegetables Consisting of Succulent Roots, Bulbs, Leaves, and Fruits, Onions and Other Alliums. Lettuce and Other Composite Vegetables. Cole Crops and Other Crucifiers. Carrot, Celery and Other Vegetable Apiaceae. Beans. Other Vegetable Legumes. Tomato, Pepper, Eggplant and Additional Solanaceous Vegetables. Melons, Cucumbers, Squashes, and Other Cucurbit Species. Spinach, Beet, and Other Vegetable Chenopodiaceae. Additional Succulent Vegetables. Mushrooms. Aquatic Vegetables. Herbs and Spices. Appendixes. Glossary. Index


Completely revised and updated, this wide-ranging, comprehensive treatise examines the many different aspects of vegetables from an international perspective. This logically organized text, filled with numerous illustrations, photographs, and tables, begins with and easy-to-read introduction to such topics as: the current role of vegetables as a world food crop, the origin and classification of vegetables, vegetables in human nutrition, and plant toxicants and folklore concerning vegetables. Background material on the basic principles for growing crops and production under adverse conditions are also featured in this section. Much of the material covered in the book focuses on the major and minor vegetables, their origin, taxonomy, botany, physiology, production and post harvest handling, and composition and use. In addition, current world production statistics are provided for many vegetable crops as well as listings of important diseases, insects, and other pest for many family groups. New features of this edition include: Three new chapters covering mushrooms, aquatic vegetables, and herbs and spices, several appendix tables listing vegetables according to family, genus, species, nutritive value, and recommended storage conditions for many vegetables . The introductory chapter offers an excellent background of the role of vegetables for the beginning and advanced students, both in the U.S. and worldwide. The chapters following provide extension professionals, professors, agricultural agencies, commercial growers, and processing and seed industry personnel with a better understanding of individual vegetable species.

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