Unveiling Wealth - Bartelmus Peter (Curatore) | Libro Springer 08/2002 - HOEPLI.it

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bartelmus peter (curatore) - unveiling wealth

Unveiling Wealth On Money, Quality of Life and Sustainability

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 08/2002
Edizione: 2002


Does money blur perspectives for a better life?
Lifting the money veil from our yardsticks of progress, income and wealth, reveals the trade-offs of economic growth. The book presents new indicators of the social, economic and ecological impacts of our lifestyles and production techniques. The indicators help to identify those responsible for these impacts and account for their accountability in terms of environmental and other ("social") costs.
Sustainable development is to bring about long-term prosperity without undermining its natural foundation. For the assessment of the opaque concept we need both, physical impact measures and environmentally modified ("green") indicators of income, capital and output.
Peter Bartelmus opens the dialogue between frequently hostile camps of economists and environmentalists, data producers and users, and scientists and policy makers. Together, they may steer us towards a sustainable future.


Foreword; E.U. von Weizsäcker. Preface. I: Introductory Statements by the Executive Director of UNEP. Unveiled wealth takes environmental cost into account; K. Töpfer. II: New Indicators of Sustainability. Unveiling wealth - accounting for sustainability; P. Bartelmus. Discussion. III: Which Indicators, and for What? On expectations and efforts - some introductory observations; U.E. Simomis. Indicators for sustainable development - a systems analysis approach; H. Bossel. Economic, ecological and social indicators; P. Klemmer. Acquisition and numerical hocus-pocus - profits and costs are misleading targets and indicators; A. Gahrmann. The debate about sustainability in industry; W. Brühl. Indicators of sustainable employment; G. Bosch. Discussion. IV: The Physical Basis of the Economy. Dematerialisation and energy efficiency - the message of ecoindicators; P. Hennicke. Material flow analysis - unveiling the physical basis of economies; S. Bringezu. Emergy accounting; H.W. Odum. V: Assessment and Policy Analysis. Assessment of sustainability in growth and development - approaches and policy applications; R. Repetto. Questions and Answers. How can sustainability become a measure of success in politics? H. Ziegler. Economic growth models and the role of physical resources; R.U. Ayres, B. Warr. Post-fossil development patterns in the North; W. Sachs. Outlook: From paradigm to policy; P. Bartelmus. Notes. The Authors. Index.

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