Understanding Game Application Development - S. Durano Vincent Maverick | Libro Apress 12/2018 - HOEPLI.it

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s. durano vincent maverick - understanding game application development

Understanding Game Application Development With Xamarin.Forms and ASP.NET

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 12/2018
Edizione: 1st ed.


Chapter 1:  Introduction

Chapter Goal: An overview of the book and topics to be covered including tools and framework installation guide.

No of pages    15

Sub -Topics

1.      Background

2.      What is a Working Memory?

3.      What You Will Lean

4.      Development Tools Download Resource

5.      Installation Guide

6.      Prerequisites

7.      Five Players, One Goal

Chapter 2:  Getting Started

Chapter Goal: To present game objective, application flow, preparing the workspace and database setup.

No of pages: 20

Sub - Topics  

1.      Game Objective

2.      Application Flow

3.      Creating the Workspace

4.       The Required NuGet Packages

5.      Setting Up a New Database

Chapter 3:  Configure Data Access and API Endpoints

Chapter Goal: To configure data access for handling CRUD operations and as well as defining the necessary API endpoints.

No of pages : 15

Sub - Topics: 

1.      Integrating Entity Framework

2.      Setting Up a Data Access

3.   Implementing CRUD operations

4.   The Web API Endpoints

5.   Enabling CORS

Chapter 4:  Building the Mobile Application with Xamarin.Forms

Chapter Goal: To build a mobile that allow users to register and login into the app. To implement a simple game to test how sharp their memory is and to be able to sync their highest scores/level in real-time in the database.

No of pages: 30

Sub - Topics:

1.      Creating the Mobile App Project

2.      Implementing Platform Specific Services for iOS and Android

3.      Setting Permissions


Chapter 5: Deployment and Installation

Chapter Goal: Deploy and install the mobile app in real device.

No of pages: 10

Sub - Topics:

1.      Android

2.      iOS

3.      Output

Chapter 6: Building a Real-time Leaderboard

Chapter Goal: To provide a website that displays user rankings in real-time using ASP.NET MVC and SignalR.

No of pages: 15

Sub - Topics:

1.      What is ASP.NET MVC?

2.      What is ASP.NET SignalR?

3.      Integrating ASP.NET SignalR

4.      Adding a Middleware

5.      Adding a Hub

6.      Adding an MVC Controller

7.      Adding a View

8.      Output

Chapter 7: Pushing Your Code to GitHub

Chapter Goal: To provide summary of what was learned from all the chapters, source code and other resource references.

No of pages: 13

Sub - Topics:

1.      Github Repository and Source Code

2.      References


Learn to build a simple data-driven mobile game application using the power of Xamarin.Forms, ASP.NET, the Web API, and SignalR with this short book. In it you will build a cross-platform mobile application that targets both iOS and Android, connect your app with your database using Entity Framework, and implement real-time syncing functionality using SignalR. 

Understanding Game Application Development starts by giving you an overview of the development tools, an installation guide, and a list of prerequisites. You will learn how to manage application flow, create your workspace, and set up your database. Next, you will see how to access data for handling CRUD operations and define the necessary API endpoints. Further, you will build a mobile application with Xamarin.Forms, both in iOS and in Android. 

You will also understand the deployment and testing process as well as how to build a real-time leader board using ASP.NET MVC and SignalR. Finally, you will understand how to publish your source code on GitHub from Visual Studio 2017.

What You Will Learn
  • Understand the basic concept and fundamentals of the technologies used for building the applications
  • Set up your development environment
  • Create a SQL database from scratch 
  • Implement a data access layer
  • Define REST service endpoints using the Web API
  • Deploy, test, and debug iOS and Android applications
  • Push your source code to GitHub
Who This Book Is For

.NET developers who want to jump on mobile application development with Xamarin and learn with practical examples.


Vincent works as a senior software engineer in a research and development company, focusing mainly on web and mobile technologies. He is a nine-time Microsoft MVP, three-time C# Corner MVP, CodeProject MVP, Microsoft Influencer, DZone MVB and a regular contributor at CodeProject, CsharpCorner, Microsoft TechNet Wiki, AspSnippets and Xamarin. He also contributes at the official Microsoft ASP.NET community site where he became one of the all-time top answerers with All-Star recognition level (the highest attainable level).

He authored a few e-books for C# Corner: GridView Control Pocket Guide, ASP.NET MVC 5: A Beginner’s Guide and is now working on a new book entitled ASP.NET Core 2: A Beginner’s Guide.

He runs a blog at http://vmsdurano.com, created a few open-source projects that are hosted on Codeplex and GitHub. He also developed VMD.RESTApiResponseWrapper.Core and VMD.RESTApiResponseWrapper.Net NuGet packages.

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Illustration Notes:102 Illustrations, black and white
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